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the cursed, the curious, the lovelorn

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me: cole/dusk | lizard lady introvert extraordinaire | 3-3-3, no word count or strict activity requirements | discord: yarndragon#4618

The Basics: Ian - Cursed human male.
The Genre: Supernatural

The Idea: I need a place that can work with his backstory. Tweaking to some extent is fine, so long as it can be similar enough to not completely alter the character. In his current incarnation he was cursed by Aphrodite due to drunkenly running over one of her swans (which was actually a person) and can no longer feel those fuzzy warm feelings of joy and love. IDK who exactly curses him. I would like to also write a romance with him, because that sounds like a fantastic trash fire.

- - - - - - - -

The Basics: Aster, mostly normal human female.
The Genre: Anything Modernish & Supernaturalish

The Idea: Aster is an accountant by day and a paranormal investigator by night. Anywhere where she could potentially fall into the truth (ghosts, witches, idc) would be loads of fun. And have some friends on her team. Maybe a (least) favorite skeptic.

- - - - - - - -

The Basics: Of the human persuasion.
The Genre: Something with Nobility?

The Idea: I want to play some part of a "love triangle". Or maybe 2. My idea has gone all fuzzy now ;__; On one side I wanted to play a mistress (or misteress? lol) to some fella. And/or the long suffering wife of a philandering dude.

- - - - - - - -

Notes: Not the faster poster, but I do my best! Good at brainstorming and head canons. Will ask for plots. Feel free to reply here, DM, or Discord me. ** If your site requires that I be constantly in the discord chat to get plots, we are not a good match.

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