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Witchy Metal Singer

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Looking for a supernatural site that, on a scale from light and fluffy to dark and brooding, is somewhere in the silvery-gray range. I like conflict and I like drama, but I don't want the only focus of the site to be a war between supernatural factions, or supes and hunters. I like character conflict that doesn't involve the monstrous aspect at all, but that derives from more basic character conflict.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Human
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I can't get into supernatural fandoms, I'm sorry. Even if you can jump in without the knowledge, I'll just feel like an imposter. Also not looking for anything with humans, his being a witch (as well as the presence of other creatures to fill out the band, like vamps and werewolves) is integral to my vision.


Character Home Search Information

I'm looking for a home for the frontman of a supernatural hard rock/metal band. The idea for the band itself, which would generally go up in a wanted ad, is that my character Rook used to be the co-frontman of a band with his friend Kip, but a series of dramatic events got him pushed out of the fronting role and into playing rhythm guitar, while Kip took all the credit. After Rook got in a horrible car crash, he busted his arm so badly that he couldn't play guitar again. He quit Kip's band, settled down in the city with the hospital he was taken to, and eventually started up a new group, where every member is a different supernatural creature -- i.e. a vampire on lead guitar, a cocky shapeshifter on bass, a timid werewolf on rhythm.


Oh yeah, and Rook can communicate with the dead. Specifically, the old rhythm guitarist of his first band, who feels really bad about dying and leaving Rook out to dry.


I'm looking for a supernatural RP that caters to this idea, both by allowing my character to be a medium and by giving me the flexibility to explore plots with his new group.

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Guest Tia


I know a site that you can so have him in. I would've said mine but its a Charmed site so that's out of the question. However, this site here is brand new and they allow witches and stuff. He can so fit in! On there, they call the vampires "Nephilim" but its still vampires, they just go by that cause they think they're Kings LOL but yeah.  It's a small town so I'm sure they'd allow rock stars there too.

 Here's the link: https://tttyg.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx



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Hey there!  
Dark Motives might work for you. The site itself is a hidden supernatural world. We have witch craft (any species can LEARN magic, but it does require time to build up the points to buy magic for other species. Humans start with it for free), and various other species. We have a good active member base, and are rather friendly. 

Check it out 🙂http://darkmotives.jcink.net/

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Thought I would give it a shot, but if you are looking for a place for your character This Side of Darkness might work for you. I am 100% flexible in working with members to help their ideas fit on the board. The guides are merely there as starting points but I am opened to working with members that might have a different vision in terms of lore. While there are some bigger plots going on,  a lot of what I am hoping for are more of the character interactions and stories between characters. The bigger plots are sort of in the background, but it's a character driven board for the post part. The characters are what steer the plot and direction of the board. A small town is only as interesting as their town people right? Check us out if you want!


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I think you should consider looking at Sinsomnia if you haven't already found a home for this character. You should be able to make him a medium if anything (I don't know if witches can hold that power or not 100%). 


We currently have a fresh meat promotion going on where you can get a character that normally costs points for free! Come make a big swing with us over on Sinsomnia and say goodbye to your sleep!




starter guide + plots + wanted ads  + discord  + link backs




- 150 word count

- 18+ site

- JCINK premium 

- Friendly community 

- Multiple species to choose from 

- No character limit 

- Staff, group, and member run events

- Awards system 

- Store for character growth, special member made species, and site extras

- LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming 

- Diverse character and member base

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Hey River! I don't know if you're still looking, but if you are, gosh I think I have the perfect site for you.


Passing Strange is a modern urban supernatural RP with that exact mix of silvery gray you described. There's conflict between supernaturals, but also just good old fashioned conflict that happens as a result of juicy character drama. 


He'd be what we call a psychic, and he could absolutely have necromancy. We have several actual metal fans on site who I have a sense would love love love to pick up some band mates to RP with you as well.


Vampires and weres don't always get along perfectly (who does!) but this means good fun character conflict. I'd love to see Rook on site and hope you'll check us out!

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