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20/20 Vision

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Horror & Supernatural



    Medieval Magic 

    Slice of Life

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Fandom see below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:



    School & College


Detailed Search Information

► Social atmosphere.


►Creative energy.

► Challenge me.

► 3/3/3.

► Novella style? Please. 

► I do best in free form settings.

► Chill vibes.

► GIVE ME THEM UPRIGHT, SLOBBERY, BIPEDAL WEREWOLVES ( If we're doing that supernatural stuff).

► ESKETIT !!!!




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Hey there @Eulogy. You might like Cineri. Medieval fantasy, open/sandbox world of its own setting, plenty of lore to get involved with if you're into the extra nerding out stuff. We're a chill little group of people but we like to get our characters up to shenanigans. Feel free to hit me up on discord too at docleenie#8841 :]


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This may or may not be up your alley. It's not slobbering bipedal werewolves, sorry, and we're no word count but communicate with your writing partner sort of site so you know what you're each comfortable with. It's new and just me and my co-admin at the moment.

The Directory link is here:


Alternatively, if you're open to just a Dystopia with mutants/supernatural elements I can recommend:



If you're into Historical Westerns then this may be up your alley:



Or Rome era historical this one may be up your alley:


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Heyyyyy! Well I have two sites to offer you, and they both have their own unique things to them:

First up there is: 

Supernatural (and yes Lycan's have that upright bipedal forms as do hybrids) AU modern day where the world has found out about the sups and no one is quite sure how to handle things. We have plenty of races (Lycan, Dragon, Gryphon, Pheonix to name a few) and a growing magic/skills system that lets you grow through RP and create new and unique powers for your characters.

Game #2:

Futuristic Sci-fi Cyber punk space magic with a twist of fight to the death gladiatorial games... in space. We recently did a total revamp to try and lure in new people (basically been up for a couple of days now) We're looking for unique, interesting, cool plot driven characters that want to help shape the world, or break the world, or I dunno... terrifying space monkey anyone? Come.. stop in.. chat a while. We don't bite... much

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Hi there, would love to invite you to check out our little community over at L'Appel du Vide. 


We're a 333, no word count, contemporary supernatural site set in Paris.  The Discord is usually fairly active, though with classes resuming it's been a bit quieter. However we do have daily posts etc. 


While we have no word count, most of us write relatively long posts ; many of us try to match if possible. 


We have werewolves onsite, they're not quite *slobbering* but they do have some animalistic qualities in human shape. 


Happy to hear from you if you're curious! 



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So while our born werewolves/turned werewolves don't do that whole standing up thing, some of our hybrids and our very rare race of werewolves (who are more magically turned) do. 


I have to say i think we tick all of your boxes, but doesn't every admin say that? I do think that you should take a look, poke around and see if we are something that might tickle your fancy. 



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Come get your kicks over on Sinsomnia! We are more certainly 3/3/3 and are supernatural based. Great community and great plotlines!





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