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A nice day to roleplay

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Horror & Supernatural, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Romance (a big sucker), fantasy, original worlds, supernatural (not the tv show), plot heavy

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Human, School & College, Science Fiction, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Slice-of-life, non-fantasy/supernatural, no plot


Detailed Search Information

Hello everyone! My name is zombiequeenkai. You could call me Zombie, Queen, or Kai if you guys want a nickname for me. I'm a long time roleplayer. I've been roleplaying for about... many years now. I've been around the block in different roleplay communities from tinierme, deviantart, f-list, and random roleplay forums. I roleplay as a hobby and as a stress reliever from school (I'm in college). That being said, I am a busy college student with a social life (surprisingly). So I won't be able to reply every single hour or day. But I will be at least able to reply once a week and if luck has it, more.


I have lots of cravings for roleplays but to save everyone time, I'm going to set up a "Roleplay Forecast" that I'll change every so often when my craving change.


Note: All plots are located in the comments section and neatly organized. 


Roleplay Forecast


Plot Craving-


~Not-So Holy Maiden~

(This plot’s theme based on fate grand order/fate series and other gacha sort of games. By no means is this a cemented plot. More than anything, it’s half-baked. I’m more than open to hear alternatives to this sort of theme. I just want to do a whole “Summoner X Summoned vs. battle royal BS” idea. If you got something better, by all means. I’m listening. ALSO. I couldn’t decide if I want a reverse harem or male yandere theme for this too. I can swing either way or both tbh.)

Every century, seven maidens are randomly chosen as candidates, by the universe (aka lottery), to have the chance in becoming the Holy Maiden. These girls compete against each other to prove that they are holier than the other. The last maiden standing becomes the chosen Holy Maiden with the mission to reseal the ancient fallen god from rising once again. To prove who is holier, each maiden summons their own protector and feeds them their magic. The one who has more potent magic has the stronger protector, hence the winner.

Holy Maidens are pure, innocent, and kind-hearted girls. In their own rights, each maiden has the ability to be the Holy Maiden. Yet after centuries of peaceful tradition and good sportsmanship, the universe oddly chose a girl who didn’t properly fit the requirements. Kai is rather crude, blunt, and not a shed of lady-like elegance within her. She’s boy crazy, selfish, slightly narcissistic, and emotionally stunted for the role of a saint. Why did the universe chose someone like her?


~The Marriage Spell Mishap~
(Note: This is a Reverse Harem plot)
Onyx and the guys all broke into a dungeon to steal an important artifact. As they fight one another and struggle to grab the artifact, they accidentally set of a spell trap. It transported the artifact to a safe location while randomly setting off a spell to distract the intruders. Turns out the spell was a marriage spell that force this group to be bound to one another. Now they have to figure out how to break the spell... or not. (Note: I do have more technical, world building info on this idea but this summarize the entire point of this. I should also mention that only Onyx can be played for this idea.)


~The Conquest ~
(Note: This is a Reverse Harem plot)
It’s a cruel, dog eat dog world out there. Where kingdoms fought among each other for power and control. Thankfully, for the guys, they don’t have to worry about that. They lived a life of luxury within the royal harem. Everyday, they would eat expensive food and wear extravagant clothing. All they have to do is entertain the King/Queen (up to you). One day, their peaceful lives were turned upside down when the kingdom was conquered by a “barbaric” tribe. As per the rules of conquest, everything that once belonged to the King/Queen now belongs to the leader of the tribe. They expected to be treated as dogs by the new ruler but to their surprise, Onyx  just… let them go. At first, they were thankful for this but soon they realized they had nowhere else to go. They grew up to be part of the royal harem and had no real skills. The only thing they had out there in the real world is prostitution. Now they must try to get on Onyx’s good side or end up on the street. (Note: Again, I should also mention that only Onyx can be played for this idea.)


~Mirror World ~
(Note: this is a reverse harem plot)
While preparing herself for school, Alex was shocked to find that there was a strange woman looking back at her in her mirror. Not being able to do anything, the strange woman reached out and grab Alex and drag her into the mirror. To Alex’s horror, the two switched places and watched as the other woman break the mirror from the other side. Frightened, Alex looks around to see that she’s in a much more darker and harsher world than where she’s originally from. Crime is the law and anarchy is the government. And the only way to survive is to travel in groups. Fortunately or unfortunately, Alex was swept into one of the traveling groups, the guys, and now being dragged along for the ride. Now she must try to find a way out or die trying.


Aspect/Theme Craving-
Reverse Harem
Gacha (really craving)

Pairing Craving-
(Note: The ** means the role I want to play as)
God X *Demon*
*Person* X Incubus
*Hero(ine)* X Prince


(Note: Work in Progress in posting all my characters here. We can just talk if my characters aren't posted yet.)
Onyx Stone
Alex Bells
Kai Corcuera
Kura Fujioka


- No switching roles
- I expect the same amount of effort in responses that I give you. The same goes vise verse, if you give a longer response, I will return it too. If you're curious about my average length, I could do an average of 500 words or more.

- I don't mind mature roleplays. Please discuss with me before hand tho

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Hey-o. Not sure I can satisfy any of those specific plots, but in generalities, you can have a reverse harem plot as long as our lore is kept to, and we do have soulmates. We can also possibly satisfy your incubus craving if you'd be satisfied with pairing up with an amoral fae with similar powers/nature rather than anything close to rl demons/theology, and I can definitely provide heroine/prince plots (I'm sure the Crown Prince's younger brother could stand to be rescued now and again....)


Seven Pillars is an original world medieval-ish fantasy, mature stuff is allowed but not the focus, small community. We're not rapid-fire, but I do my best to reply within a week to everything.

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Reverse Harem, Soulmates, and even some of those pairings, with some slightly editing regarding races and it would all work pretty well within our world. 


We are a modern supernatural fantasy based in Wellington, New Zealand. We have the traditional species of vampires and werewolves, but also lion and tigers and hyena as well. Along with faerie (lots of different types), as well as humans with witches and psychics and those who raise the dead. We introduced shapeshifters, merfolk, bears and swans recently and it's been a lot of fun.

  • ✔ We are a 3-3-3 so, there are elements of sex, violence and everything between that, I wouldn't say one happens more than the other and the bulk of our threads are always about plot development with fun and some messaging, like phone calls as well.

    ✔ We are a no word count, so you post what you need not what you think you need or to match another post or anything like that. It's not about giving you a target but rather letting you feel the character, the moment and above all having fun.

    ✔ There are no activity checks you need to reply too etc., just a background one with the staff checking on the date of the last post. As long as you can handle one post a month, unless you have a leadership role, then you will be fine. 

    ✔ We don't have an app; we do have a profile that you fill out, that's all. So, as much/little as you want with some expectations like explaining a special ability or telling us strength and weakness. That is all. We view these as introductions that can - and should - develop over time as you get to know your character. That being said, if you want to go into detail, it has space for that, things like their spirit animal, their good and bad traits, and space for extra little details that might not fit in elsewhere, it's designed to be flexible.

    ✔ We don't have any lack of one or the other per se regarding species but we do spotlight specific ones, which you can see here: Walkthrough as part of the guide, and making one gives you some extra moni (site currency) to make use of in purchasing any extras you might like. 

    ✔ There are plenty of wanted ads as well, you can see them all here and see what might take your fancy, there are always more going up. 

    ✔ What we also have is an immersive welcoming community, who love meeting new people, have no shame in throwing out plot ideas, threads etc. In fact, alongside open threads, we support new members with EVENTS - immediate storylines you can get involved with - as well as people who will help with guiding you through the whole process.  EVENTS are basically happenings and such that impact the story and these are set up either by groups or by members if you are interested in doing that. Everyone gets the chance to be involved or just post up a reaction, it's up to you.

I hope this interests you can you check us out! In the meantime, GOOD LUCK on your search. 

site rules // the guidebook // requests // advertising

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