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  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Human
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Detailed Search Information

Requested Genre or Fandom: leaning toward real-life, but if I find a good supernatural, I'll go with it
Max Word Count: 0-300

What I want: my current game is more of a sandbox -- so super-laid back, good discord community is a plus,


What I do not want: activity checks, post recs , overly complicated apps, large amounts of lore,


Other information: Been looking at a lot of site ads, so something under the radar might be helpful...

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There are currently positions open for those that are willing to stay with us and fill them. We're welcoming writers to come and join us. We are 18+.


We have started back up after the holidays.


Adding 2 new races in the next couple of months.


There's plenty of room for character growth and an open forum wide story for any to join in on. 


We are usually found in Discord and have a cbox.


Come join us and see what your Resolution will be.

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I'll throw mine out there, don't see why not.

We are R.A.N.T. R.A.N.T is a new site, I just re-launched this month and looking for members. There is a ad and linkage in my signature. We are a modern alternate universe site where an eclipse has awakened powers in everyday people. Our characters live in day and night cycles, due to the world discovering powers. Starting from birth (most) civilians are implanted with a chip that wakes them during the day and puts them sleep at night. The day cycle is for law-abiding civilians whereas the night cycle is used as a form of punishment. During the night, or being in the nightcycle powers are weakened and there is also no law.  That is pretty much the entire lore of the site, day and night. There are also other member groups, folks who fall into the in-between category and a policing group as well. We are LGBT+ friendly, no word count, short application, have a new discord and no activity checks. Our powers/abilities are regulated through a point system. Points can be used for power progression, buying in-game items and more. Points are earned per post as well as site events, thread roulettes and writing prompts bi-weekly. 


if you like what hear come check us out 😉 

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So not sure what sort of supernatural rpg would be your cup of tea, but I'll throw Prowl on the off chance that modern fantasy is your jam.


Prowl is a 3/3/3 rated rpg running on jcink premium with no word count requirements. We are a laid back community of RPers that active on both our site and our discord. We do not run activity checks instead we do sweeps every other month so you don't have to do anything. Our activity requirements are super lax too, only requiring 1 post every 3 weeks. Though many of us post more often than this, we find that the lax activity rules decreases pressure to post.  We use a shipper application process, which actually allows us to plot much more easily, but is also easy to complete as well.


If you have any questions please let me know, and I hope you find the site that fits what you are looking for!

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Come check out Harken! 


We're very new, and growing so it's a chance to get in on the ground floor. Lore is simple, easy to follow and there's plenty of room for great stories!

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We Are Bulletproof might be what you're looking for~ We're a modern supernatural game set in a small fictional town in Oregon. No activity checks, no word counts, and light lore. In fact, we're pretty much hand wavy about most things, so there can be off-shoots of different species (like different kinds of vampires with different abilities, etc). We also do not have apps. We have profiles, but you can fill them as you like and when you like. Once you make a character, you can just jump right in immediately. 

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Hey, Liannis! Are you still looking for a supernatural RPG?

 I have a witchcraft RPG set in modern day NY with a 3/3/3 rating and an active Discord. 



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Hello @Liannis! If you're still looking for a place to write, A Better Place ticks some of your boxes! We have no word count, activity checks, and we even don't have any applications to fuss over! We're not outright horror or supernatural, being a cyberpunk forum, but the nature of the world the game is set in does have some pretty strong horror elements in the realm of body modification and human atrocities, and there is also a heavy virtual presence in which anything at all can happen! 


home | rules&plot | plots | wanted | advertising

A Better place™ is a new cyberpunk rpg set in the futuristic city of vertical#1 and inside the endless possibilities of the virtual. Here, everything you own belongs to someone else, including the destiny of your immortal soul.

  • Small but active community
    Plots are coming off the ground and new posts are being written every day.
  • Character driven story through member-led site-wide plots
    Decide where the story is going by putting your characters in front of site-wide storylines!
  • No application, no word-count
    Develop your characters through roleplaying or create your own bio. Tell us everything about them or keep some things a secret. You decide!
  • Humans, Augmented Humans, AI
    Your imagination is the limit.
    All kinds of open wanteds and canon roles!

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On the chance you are still searching - because I know sometimes takes forever to find a perfect fit - S.W.A.G. might suit your horror and human (we call them Normies) needs. I wouldn't consider S.W.A.G. supernatural though.


Basically, right about this time, there was this mad scientist who set roots in the southern parts of present-day Manhattan. An arguably brilliant man doing brilliant things for all the wrong reasons. For you see he was not only brilliant but crazy - and the government was only more than happy to seek personal seedy gain from it. So instead of doing what they trumped up their cause of curing cancer to be, they began their first testing on animals with the ultimate goal to create super soldiers. Their focus? The alteration of genetics, S.W.A.G... Spurred by the success in animal testing, a bit of a rush was put on human testing and the easiest test subjects to obtain under the radar without much fuss? Criminals sitting on death row and the homeless people of Manhattan - because who was going to miss them? Things were going great for S.W.A.G. until the first of a few dramatic events involving groups of escaped test subjects of both the human and animal varieties. The entire nation zeroed in on the lab and the mad scientist identified as Dr. Saturn. The attention was most assuredly unwelcome and events threatening to shut down the lab overshadowed the government's attempts to sweep the incidents under the rug.  Then the explosion happened... The part of the city affected was isolated and following a tense series of events involving whether or not to let Manhattan remain standing. For aside from the sheer disaster and destruction of the explosion, something else altered the future of the lives of many in a big, unstable, genetically altered kind of way. It was during this time of discovering that more than half the population possessed things no better described as powers or mutations, that Jupiter was born in the years that followed. Now, the year is 2030 and things are as shady as ever. 


And that is the best on-the-fly summary I can give you. 😛 

We are certainly relaxed with activity, we aren't going to spend time keeping tabs on anyone. We don't do word counts, not even a little. We love being able to read the content of the site so our fonts are larger than the mainstream rpg without glaring colors. We request real fc only but having one is optional. We are a pg13 site with the mission to build an adult community, most of us so far seem to be quite a few years over 20.


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