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Antagonist Specialist Seeking New Home

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  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human
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Detailed Search Information

Hello everyone!

I am Edgemoor, and I am 36 years old. My passion in life is writing and I am currently seeking a board or writing partner(s) that will allow me to write fluidly and without the fear of OOC interference. 


My characters have minds of their own and don't care what we think or want. They have their own lives to run and will respond accordongly,  depending on who or where or what they are interacting with.


Character development and world building are two of my favorite elements of writing with a group of like minded individuals. I hope to find that here.


My characters tend to be big, cranky men with solid hearts, though a few of them have no hearts at all. I love playing antagonists far more than protagonists, so if you're in search of a heavy duty villain, I'm yours. 

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I'd like to offer you two possible sites. For the first it's called Metro: Beyond and it always has room for a villain. There currently aren't any posted and I recommend that you talk with Dragon about possible plot potential with one if you develop it but in the apocalypse kind people are a lot rarer especially when all you want to do is survive.




For the other it's a little less on the gritty side but there is potential for plenty of villains including in our conspiracy plot or this awesome wanted ad.


I'm sure there are other opportunities here too. I know that I have a potential for more. This one is The Network. It's a Moderish Supernatural Sci-Fi technically set in the future but basically it's like today with some more technology but mostly more science.


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Hi Edgemoor!  


I wanted to present to you our site, Eleutheria.  Currently we are in need of quite a few antagonists on site and would love to present a few for your perusal.  We are a historical Greece site with a bit of a mythological twist in that the Greek Pantheon is in play.  We have 4 major kindoms; 3 of which have high ranking, not-so-nice male "villians" (or are they just misunderstood??) who need some awesome players.  

Feel free to check us out on the link below.  A few you may want to look at are Methodius of Florakis, Daimon of Tavoularis and Elatos of Vlahakis.  Phaidros of Karalis may also be a good option, though he's more strong willed and determined than villainous.  We'd love to have you!  



Eleutheria Home | Lore | Site Canons |  Advertising | Want ads

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I love me a good villain!


My site Seven Pillars is new, so you'd be getting in on the ground floor and potentially helping shape the course of in-game history, depending on whether you like politically Machiavellian types or not. We also have a few places that our world lore still has gaps, so world-building is definitely something I hope my players can help with. We don't have any villains specifically in our canons list, but that doesn't mean one of them can't end up at odds with the others - we certainly have some who are likely to be scheming polititians, and some who would prefer to cut through political nonsense with a sharp sword. More than that, we would love some original villains, and whatever character you bring us I am certain we can find somewhere in our plotlines that they can shine. I personally have a few characters who would probably fit right in with yours (gruff, burly, soft squishy center buried well out of sight) and a few who could easily provide interesting conflict.

We are a completely original medieval magic world, with humans, goblinoids, fae, shifters, and elves all available for play, and currently offering a number of sign-up bonuses.




Unlimited Character Count ☀ Personalized Plots ☀ LGBT+ Friendly


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You sound like you would be a perfect fit for ViD we love the bad guys and world building and characters who do their own thing what else do you need?



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Hello Edgemoor!


I think there is a possibility I might have suggested this on a different site because your name is very familiar, but if not, we have some fun storylines on Royals & Rebels requiring some real villains.  We have a few much wanted canons with some good twisted storylines, but we could certainly do with some OC villains as well if that's your  preference.  (In case you are interested, one of your villains is a highly ambitious bastard of the king who spends his time hunting down his half-siblings for his father and has just found out he's fathered a son to his lover and younger sister of his object of infatuation that he would like to see destroyed, and another of the king's bastards who is in a twisted love affair with one of his half-sisters, trying to use his half-sister's step-daughter to destroy the king's torturer who happens to be married to his lover).  


Anyway, we really love some good villainy on R&R.  We have two main kingdoms.  One in which a rebellion is going on (with some shades of gray about it all so any character could really fit either as a royalist or a rebel) and across the sea, a kingdom where a mad king has set himself up as a god, fathered hundreds of bastards who are vying for the throne.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Feel free to message or stop by the site or site's discord!  I have linked our directory listing as well as our want ads since that lists the two chars I mentioned if you care to check them out ❤️








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Hey there!


I won't spend a lot of time talking up the site or its plots and the like. I think, from reading what you are searching for it would be better to tell you about our member base and how we do our plotting. We are a pretty new site but already have a thriving community of writers. I have not seen a single character being made that didn't already have plots and threads talked about by other members. Normally all you have to do is put up a thought you have for a character and you have other members suggesting a character of theirs that could be connected and finding fun and interesting ways to play them together. I think that you should come check us out on Midnight and see what we have to offer ^.^ 



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i have a supernatural horror site which has an opening for a lot of cranky people and antagonistic types as well! it's modern day (2019) and is set in the town of camden, maine and there is going to be a supernatural civil war brewing as well as room for minor plots and such as well. if you're interested, give us a look! (i don't know how to make a pretty link like everyone else did rip.)



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I am so late to this party, but I’d love to submit The Ericourt for your consideration. We’re looking to fill various male roles in leadership positions and they all have the potential to be as hard-hearted/villainous as you’d like! We’re working on fleshing out Wanteds, but if you’re interested, drop by our Discord and we can talk your ear off about the possibilities



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Hello! I wonder if you'd like to give Battle Cry a try. Despite all the PINK, it's actually got quite the grim-dark story and we just opened. We could use those delicious, delicious villains and we also aren't the type of site that stamps on creativity. So we thought we might just be a good fit. You didn't say whether animanga style was okay or if you prefer RL faces, so I apologize if this is way off base. We are fantasy based and while we have a bit of pokemon mixed in, you'd be surprised by how we implement it. Come by and give us a shot! I'd love to see some real baddies!



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