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Canon/OC and Inbetween!

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Walking Dead/Fear The walking Dead universe, Marvel Universe, DC universe, Law and Order, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Dukes of Hazzard, Pretty Little Liars, 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Historical
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:


Detailed Search Information

Seeking Fandom group RP:

- Marvel
- DC
- Fear The Walking Dead/The Walking dead universe
- NCIS(Any series)
- Law and Order(Any Series)
- Criminal Minds
- Supernatural
- Charmed


- Horror/Apocalyptic Survival
- Modern Realistic
- Sci-Fi
- Fantasy
- Sci-Fantasy(Combination of Science Fiction and Fantasy)


- Original
- Eberron
- Faerun
- Greyhawk
- Rifts
- Dead Reign
- Beyond The Supernatural
- Homebrew Meshes

OOC Crap:

- Time Zone: Eastern Standard
- Friendly, I don't bite or atleast not to hard... well not at first!
- Name: Alexa, People Call me, Lexi, Alex, Lexus, Lexa, Any will do! I'm a fat kid in a skinny bitches body so don't call me late for food damn it!
- 21 years Roleplay Experience
- Dice Systems or Free Form Both are acceptable
- Be Social, That is sort of the point behind places like this right?
- Don't be rude, to me or anyone. That is just unattractive, unappealing, and blatantly pointless. It takes more effort to be a dick or a bitch than to be nice and respectful!

All the other Shit!:
- I already have a multitude of Characters in my headspace as well as typed up in one place or another I can use.
- Story Smut Ratio, 50%/50% is the lowest ratio I'll go
- Don't be afraid to ask about Taboo or darker elements I may surprise you!
- Will possibly compromise for the right set up story/genre etc and do One on Ones as long as it is a DM/GM/Narrator controlled/ran Roleplay!

Anyway guys I hope this works as an acceptable Interest/Coordination Post! Hope to hear from yall! Rawr!!!! Imma muthafuckin Dinosaur!

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Heyo Muthafuckin Dinosaur!


Heheh. I think I might have a place that can let all your lovelies fly. Between the Lines is a panfandom RPG set on a fantasy world and accept characters of any type from any source, be that any canon you can think of, fandom based OC's, and even completely original characters. The setting itself is mostly original with a few fandom based locations having been sucked in, but no fandom knowledge is necessary. (Though it's certainly welcomed!)


We have no word count and are 3-3-3 and 18+. We also happen to currently have two sitewide plots going on (a body swap and a maze of death) that allow for characters who would never ever have interacted to be thrown together and get started connecting.

If that sounds good to you, we'd love to have you come take a peek.



Thousands of years ago, in the face of mass extinction, the mystical people of Earth came together and created a place where they could be safe from human persecution. For the first time in history, the races ignored their differences and pooled their magic to create a magical utopia: an entire planet of various ecosystems where all creatures from werewolves to unicorns could be safe from humanity. They named their new world, Haven.

Time passed, people grew, and alliances changed. Without a common enemy, the species grew bitter and selfish. As they split apart, the cohesion of their perfect world shattered. The paths that had once allowed so many mystical beings sanctuary reopened and started sucking people in. At first, it was just someone here, a building there, but as the hole widened, entire races, whole cities, and many of the people within them were ripped from their timelines and realities dropped into Haven. With new people of all races arriving daily, tensions are at an all-time high.

The question now is:


Who will YOU be in Haven?

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I have added a few characters I adore playing in my character list on here. My Black Widow will be edited to add detail and in depth char need to know! Once I have some time! But some of my others are fully fleshed out and ready to go lmao

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Hey Alexa!


Okay I have no idea if our genre is of interest to you but you have such a long list anyway I figure I'll give it a go. Also, it sounds like you'll really fit in with our community. We're a bunch of writers who love to socialise with each other and we are all of the same opinion that it's better to be nice than to make the stupid effort of being a dick. We have our own site doctrines that basically keep everyone to a certain code of conduct. Our plots are all detailed, intricate and great fun! We do allow smut and we do allow mature or taboo content but we make a point to say it has to be story worthy or character developing rather than just smut for smut's sake, you know?


If you think you might be interested in an original historical drama (set in the ancient world - think Troy and Ben-Hur and Rome and such) with a touch of fantasy (the Gods walk amongst us occasionally 😛 ) then please check our the rest of our ad below...






Firstly - we're Aeipathy: an original historical roleplay set in the ancient world. We started out in Greece and have now expanded into Africa! We're mainly a nobility and house politics site but we also encourage members of all different classes and ranks of life - we currently have merchants, crafters, physicians, performers, priestesses, prostitutes, gladiators, servants, slaves and pirates. We also have 20 Royal Houses and 17 Noble Houses in which you can choose a Canon (the royals) or a Wanted (the nobles). We're super open to originals too. So, we're really flexible!


As far as our world goes, we're set in in two different realms (which are based on real ancient empires) which each have three kingdoms (which are fictional versions of real cities or places). In Greece we have: Athenia, Colchis and Taengea, while in Africa we offer: Bedoa, Egypt and Judea. Each kingdom has its own houses, culture, political and military ideals and religious beliefs. Because they're fictional, we're open to tonnes of innovation and exciting ideas so while we have a lot of lore, we're always eager to add to it to bring more people and their characters into our world!


✔ Mature writers
✔ 3-3-3 content but not required
✔ Intermediate +
✔ Super active!
✔ Real-life face claims
✔ Weekly events
✔ Weekly member challenges
✔ Different plot types: Global Plots, Events, Quests, Provincial Stories and Curve Balls
✔ Monthly blow outs for our anniversary
✔ Open, welcoming and super inclusive community
✔ Canons available
✔ Wanteds available
✔ Originals also encouraged
✔ House politics / court intrigue
✔ Build your own House and world
✔ Realm and kingdom expansion in the future
✔ 24 Hour staff team
✔ Super supportive plot development in order to include everyone
✔ Smut allowed so long as it's plot driving
✔ People of all walks of life welcome, from slaves to pirates to merchants to royals


If you're interested in seeing more of us, please don't hesitate to come check us out! You can also jump on our Discord and say hi! No pressure to join, no obligations! We're just interested in saying hi and seeing what you're looking for in a roleplay and whether we might me that interest? 😄




Aeipathy is a literate-advanced historical roleplay established in June 2018.
We offer a diverse and exciting roleplay, based in the ancient world of the
Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, with a political and wartime intrigue flair.
Our world is rich in detail and set to expand across countries and continents,
as our membership grows. We offer a friendly, warm environment with
eager writers and new friends. And we can't wait to meet you!



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Alexa! What a pleasure it is to meet you! I hope this finds doing well! 


I'm Alisa, I own Radioactive. I want to extend an invite to this story. 


Radioactive is moving towards a dystopian Marvel/DC world. We are our own universe, which allows both canon and original characters.  We are comicverse but we only stick to the character origin story. Our timeline has been built up to make sure that members have a general idea of most characters ages, and what has happened on the site. We have multiple resources to help you understand our world as well.



Never again. 

There is something to be said about a common thread to all superheroes. That thread is a vow.  That breath would be about preventing the pain in another that they have felt.  That desire, act of will, has gone too far. 

Lana Lang and Magneto did whatever it took to make sure that memory of the fallen was never forgotten. On October 9th, 2020 Ra's al Ghul struck LA with a Hydrogen Bomb. Among the dead is Lois Lane. It's time. To fight back. It's time to forge a new and better path. With the death of Lana Lang, Superman saw one path. On the Ides of March,  he took over the United States Government, split it with Magneto.  

You have a choice.  
1. Stand with Superman or Magneto. 
2. Live within the Neutral Zones, survival first. 
3. Try to save Superman. 
4. Fight back. 
5. Live within the Regime or Brotherhood and do nothing.

Choose wisely.  Your choice can alter human history.

Radioactive is a no word count site, that is based on Marvel/ DC comics.  Set on Earth 313, we are a completely alternative universe. The comic knowledge anyone needs is what resource sites can give you on a canon's origin. After that, the story is yours. 

Avenge the fallen, may their memory guide you.


I hope to see you soon.  You are more than welcome to join the discord. 

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