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Give Me Something Real

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Human, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Real Life/Slice of Life

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, School & College, Science Fiction, Fandom see below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:




Detailed Search Information

Preferred Word Count: None or low
Preferred Violence Content: Free-for-all
Preferred Sexual Content: Free-for-all
Preferred Level: Doesn’t matter

Looking for:

  • Something slice of lifey. I think I have a preference for big city or multiple location over “small town”. I have a variety of characters and character ideas to play around with based on the site I choose, but at the moment I have the hankering to dust off a 'modern royalty' character of mine so somewhere that has a place for him would be fantastic. I enjoy sandboxy, plot driven, and site events as well as places where the member base really gets the chance to participate in the world building – something that mixes all of those would be the sweet spot.
  • No/short app – I want to be able to really figure out my character(s) through play rather than having to know everything down to their blood type right away.
  • Lax, low pressure activity rules – some times I can do posts every day, sometimes I can’t post more than a few times a month, so I need a place that accounts for that and where I won’t be punished for those times I have to be slow (either by loss of characters or lack of threading opportunities).
  • Fun, friendly and active OOC community with a discord server.
  • LGBT+ friendly, both for characters AND players
  • Diversity in characters – I want a place where the characters are diverse in sexuality, race, gender, age, background, etc. I often enjoy playing older and/or less conventionally attractive characters and I want to know that I will have just as much playing and plotting potential with those characters as I will the Hollywood A-lister faced characters.
  • A place where members like to pick up each other’s want ads and/or create connected characters would be awesome.
  • A place where at least some of the member base is 30+, I hate always feeling like the RP grandma.

Not Looking for: High word counts, long applications, strict activity checks, gender ratios, +/- FC rules (I’d like the option of using age appropriate images for faces with long careers or using faces from old Hollywood), Anime or Manga Fcs. No strictly university or high school focused sites, if there is a school of some type on the site that gets a lot of play, that’s fine, I just want a place with more options of play than that. Also not interested in anything Historical or Fandom related.
Willing to look at other sites not listed?: Not at this time.

Other notes: I hope all of this doesn’t make me come off as too picky or high maintenance – I’m actually pretty low key and laid back I swear – I just don’t often find myself zeroing in this much on what I’m looking for so I figured I’d take advantage of it this time.

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