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I Play Boys, Catch Me

  • Actively Searching


Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human, School & College, Science Fiction, Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I will RP in these fandoms:

    • Avatar: The Last Airbender (NOT Korra)
    • Bleach
    • Sailor Moon (probably)
    • Harry Potter
    • Pokemon
    • Shin Megami Tensei (I have only played IMAGINE so I probably don't know enough about anything else, I may be a noob for a while)
    • If it really really truly does not require canon knowledge I may be willing to look at other things

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    The horror, not the supernatural.


Detailed Search Information

Hello, I play male characters a lot and my sites are all slow right now, so maybe I can use one? Idk. I guess. This is supposed to be where I quit RP but let's try just this one extra time. I'm a finicky person, and I have no idea what I want, so let's start with what I don't want and some things to know, and go from there.

  • I don't do activity checks. I'm developing my own software and writing three stories at once, mama ain't got time for that.
  • Or word counts. ... in a weird twist of fate, I don't like getting one-liners though. Better be one damn good one-liner. Ba-dum-TSH.
  • Or apps, for the most part. If they're small, I may overlook that annoyance. (Fun story, I usually do bios anyway if they're not required. It's the required part that bugs me.)
  • Honestly, the less micro-manage-y and strict your site is, the more likely I am to join it. I also don't really like sites that are built with children in mind. I cuss a lot, am terrible at self-censorship, and prefer to have the option to do non-SFW threads if they make sense to write out. I won't coat your site in smut, but if a plot naturally progresses to that point I want to decide for myself whether we fade to black or not. Not a deal-breaker, just something to keep in mind. I also don't... really want to play with kids, so, yeah.
  • I am annoying when I get comfortable.
  • But first of all, I have serious social anxiety. And I mean it. I will sit around and I will be quiet for an extended period of time (probably weeks) before I start talking. Once I do, you won't be able to get me to shut up. Like I said, I'm annoying when I'm comfortable. I'll be posting and plotting probably, but I won't be active OOC. What you do and how you react to my lurky ways can make or break my staying on your site and trust me, 500 posts a month at my peak says you want me to stay.
  • I will probably be turned away from your site if there are too many hoops to jump through (you know, 300 claims to do after acceptance type stuff).
  • I play a good number of non-white characters. You'll get Latinx's and Asians and probably some black people eventually, even if the first one is not it. I also play almost everything on the LGBTQIA spectrum, and I do mean the L and T.
  • I'd sorta like to play one of my ice skaters, like, in his proper ice skater form, so a site I can do that on would be rad.
  • I have early onset arthritis. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to work around this, and unfortunately when doing my posts with Dragon, it will often make mistakes and I won't necessarily catch them. I'm a linguist (give me a word or a name and I can break its etymology down for you probably), I don't need people jumping down my throat because Dragon mixed up site and sight.
  • I also am half blind. I cannot read your grey text on grey backgrounds at 10pt Calibri, and tbh, neither can you really, and you will regret that eventually, love your eyes.
  • I prefer dark themes. At least as an option. Bright, stark white gives me a headache to stare at for long periods of time.
  • Gonna just come out and say I'm neuro-divergent. Wording is not my strong suit. I'm also kind of more of an event. I occur. Feel free to tell me to Chill (tm).
  • Finally, I'm epileptic. Too many moving gifs, or ones that are flashy, jerky, choppy, or otherwise not smooth are just not kosher.


Some face-claims I use and would like open:

  • Liam Hemsworth (usually a necromancer bad-boy with a heart of gold and a penchant for using sarcasm to hide his pain)
  • Lucky Blue Smith (usually an impossibly old Roman vampire that runs a vampire coven slash mafia with a penchant for being right - he's clairvoyant)
  • Jordun Love (normally a street racing genie with a drinking problem that works as a bounty hunter)
  • Keiynan Lonsdale (Captain Buddha(tm))
  • Shemar Moore (usually a police officer that speaks only two languages fluently, English and Sarcasm)

I have some other ones but they are usually very rare to find. Obviously these and the characters they're for typically skew supernatural-y, but I can adjust them to fit almost anything. I also draw my own characters so sites that require drawn media are fine too. I prefer real life/live action because, gbh, I'm lazy. It's 2021, I ain't finna argue with lineart.


Think your site's The One? Hit me. Don't be too upset if I never show up to the party. In fact, assume I won't. It's easier that way. I really am that dang picky.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Hey Arceus,


I wanted to float Darkly Ever After in your direction, because I think we hit most of the points that you're looking for. If you have any questions about the site, then please don't hesitate to reach out via PM. You can also pop into the Site Discord and we'll be happy to chat with you and answer questions there too. I'll address your points individually, but let me give you a bit of an overview of the site first...


Darkly Ever After is a fantasy rpg set in a world where gods and magic are real, but so too are monsters. A fog, the symbol of something ancient and powerful, has been flooding the cosmos. It's made its way to Elysium, where its survivors gather to make their final stand. You are welcome to play as a character from any of the six inner planes, but either willingly or by force you've been brought to Elysium for safety as most other planes are now uninhabitable. We have seven playable species: Angels, Demons, Elves, Gifted, Humans, Mages, and Shifters.

  • We don't do activity checks traditionally speaking, but we do check activity as staff. Our requirements are low (2 posts/month) unless you're taking a character with a lot of power.
  • We don't have any word count, though everyone on site does post more than simple one-liners so no need to worry about those.
  • Unfortunately, we do have an application that is required. It's a profile based application and acceptance is needed to begin roleplaying. I apologise if this is a dealbreaker.
  • We're 18+ and Jcink Premium so threads that are NSFW, cussing, and all that fun stuff is allowed, just be reasonable about it and don't coat the site in smut and we're all good.
  • If you're a lurky kinda person, that's cool. We do tend to engage people when they're online so just comment on it if someone does that and everyone's pretty cool about just letting people chill.
  • We don't have a tonne of hoops to jump through. I would advise, in this case, staying away from Gifted as a species though as they have a lot more up-front stuff to do.
  • LGBTQ+, POC, White, Cis, it doesn't matter to us what your character is, what matters to us is what plots we can forge with them, so bring who you want and have muse to bring, and we'll figure out plots for them along the way.
  • We have a dark skin, most fonts are 10pt or higher (and largely Helvetica), we have no flashy gifs on site at all really, and most of our fonts are off-white but not super grey (I cannot see white on grey very easily so I have to mute them slightly).
  • Thank you 1

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Hello Arceus!

Based on your descriptions, I think Hou Tian would possibly be a good fit! We're an Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra site. We're kind of unique in that you can think of us as a 2-in-1. Our Aangverse and Korraverse are completely separate timelines, so if you wanted to play in just the Avatar: The Last Airbender setting and never do anything with the Legend of Korra setting, that would be totally fine! Our Aangverse is set 10 years after the end of the Hundred Year War and we allow both canons and OCs. If you have questions feel free to ask on our Discord, everyone is very friendly and would be excited to see a new face.


  • Our activity sweeps happen once in a blue moon just to tidy things up. There are no posting requirements for this. As long as we know you're present and accounted for, that's what matters to us.
  • We do not have a word count -- so feel free to make your posts as long or short as you'd like!
  • We like to see that the character is well-rounded and fleshed out, so we do require applications, but we're not overly nit-picky about our applications. We never decline and are always open to helping however we can to make apps as easy as possible! We have a few required basics we want to see on the application somewhere, but there is no mandatory app format for us.
  • Hou Tian is a JCink Premium site and 18+ only. Swearing, drugs, smut, you name it -- just have fun and keep in mind that we are a story-focused site first and foremost
  • We have all kinds of personalities in our community, some are more lurky than others. You're free to chill or engage as much (or as little) as you'd like. 
  • We do not have face claims and use artwork with the artists' permission, or drawn by ourselves or fellows on the site. So that cuts down on a lot of the claims work 😄 
  • We're open to characters being any/all ethnic origins, gender identities, and orientations. We only ask you keep the lore of the Avatar universe in mind.
  • Your ice skater sounds like a good opportunity for a waterbender to me 😉 (we have a 1:1 bender:nonbender ratio -- so for every bender on your roster you will need a nonbender before you can create another bender)
  • We're an intermediate level rp, but no one is policing grammar and spelling. We've even had people rp with us who had English as a second language in the past. As long as you're doing your best, that's all that matters to us.
  • We have multiple skin options. Our default is a dark skin with a 12pt font for posts (some of the other fonts around the site are a bit smaller and some are a bit bigger), but if you need posts to be a larger font, be sure to let your rp partners know. Folks in our community would be more than happy to accommodate for your circumstances to make things more comfortable.
  • For the most part our site does not have gifs or flashy images. Our background on the dark skin has a sky bison gif, but the gif will go away after a minute or so. However, we do also have 2 skin options for members that have no gifs in the skin.
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