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    percy jackson or pacific rim (au, pre-canon, post-canon, based on, whatever), or a site where original characters from those fandoms would fit in

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    anything that's not what i said above


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hey there! i'm jax and i'm looking for a site. i don't want proboards but self-hosted is fine. i don't like sites that are chatbox only, don't use trigger warnings, and/or don't allow apps or threads to be reused. typically i respond to threads within a week and talk daily in the discord. my characters are a variety of ethnicities, ages, species, and sexualities. i'm really not picky as to where i go, the thing that matters to me most is the community and how accepting and friendly it is. let's be honest with ourselves and not post sites where queer or poc characters will get fetishized, exoticized, and/or less threads than straight white characters. i'm queer and poc myself and that's a pretty good way to get me to leave. you get a cookie for replying! 

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Hi Jaxx! Would you be interested in joining a small contingent of beta-players for a site still in pre-launch? We have all our information put together, just need to finish up characters and start getting threads on the ground, and we'd love to have a few folks in place and ready to RP before we do our grand opening.


Other than the "not-quite-open" status, I think Glitter and Gold has what you're looking for. Diversity and inclusivity are important values to myself and my partner both IC and OOC, and we've deliberately structured the lore to provide spaces for diversity of race, gender, age, and sexuality no matter your character species preferences. We are not rigid on how players structure trigger-warnings, but that's not because we disallow them, just because we expect our members to be thoughtful and communicative with one another and negotiate boundaries in the way that works best for them.


Come check it out if you like - we have a Discord so you'd be free to chill with us while we finish cleaning things up and get ready to make that final push. :)

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Hey Jaxx!! Re-Bye is now open to non-animated fandoms and a whole bunch of us love Percy Jackson!! I know we might not be what you expected, but why not check us out anyway? ❤️ 

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Hi there! between the Lines is a Panfandom RPG set on a fantasy world. We allow all fandoms and have a quick, easy app process. Most apps are reviewed within 24 hours of completion. We have no word count and flexible activity rules. We’d love love love to see some Percy Jackson characters.


We do weekly activities OOC  as a group and currently have two optional IC site-wide events that will throw characters into deliciously confusing and active situations they’d never get the chance to experience back home.


if that sounds good to you, we welcome you to come take a look.



Thousands of years ago, in the face of mass extinction, the mystical people of Earth came together and created a place where they could be safe from human persecution. For the first time in history, the races ignored their differences and pooled their magic to create a magical utopia: an entire planet of various ecosystems where all creatures from werewolves to unicorns could be safe from humanity. They named their new world, Haven.

Time passed, people grew, and alliances changed. Without a common enemy, the species grew bitter and selfish. As they split apart, the cohesion of their perfect world shattered. The paths that had once allowed so many mystical beings sanctuary reopened and started sucking people in. At first, it was just someone here, a building there, but as the hole widened, entire races, whole cities, and many of the people within them were ripped from their timelines and realities dropped into Haven. With new people of all races arriving daily, tensions are at an all-time high.

The question now is:

Who will YOU be on HAVEN?[/align]

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Hello there!


Black Sun Rising is a supernatural plot-centric forum about modern witchcraft in New York City. Loosely based on the Secret Circle, we have elements of the WoD: Sorcerer, The Magicians, the Dresden Files and a good dose of personal horror. 


 - No word count, grammar checks, post matching, etc

 - Diverse characters, from all walks of life including LGBTQ and POC

 - Rated 3-3-3, but we place a strong emphasis on communicating with your partner on their preferences regarding mature content.  This way we get around TW's.

 - Mature modern day urban fantasy, with an overall plot but player-based initiatives


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further, please don't hesitate to PM me here or message me on Discord (Mandie#5622).



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