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  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
  • A Supernatural Sci-Fi site
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It's nostalgia time

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    Dragonriders of Pern

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    Pretty much anything else right now.   


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Dragonriders of Pern was my main rp jam for literally YEARS and I've just been bitten by the bug again.  I really, really miss it, so I thought I'd take a look around and see what's available. 😄  But I do have a few Absolute Dealbreakers. 


-Site must be 18+. I don't really feel comfortable writing with underage people anymore.

-No sexuality based Impressions. I don't mind if there's IC-views on this----it makes for great conflict and we wouldn't have stories without conflict---- but there must be some OOC understanding that a queer woman COULD Impress a Gold, just as an example.

-I don't mind gender-based Impressions as long as transgender characters are treated fairly (ie, if a cisgender woman can Impress a Gold, a transgender woman should have the same opportunity).  Again, I don't mind if there's IC bias against it, so long as there's OOC understanding.



I don't particularly care about the time period or if Thread is falling or not.  Canon vs non-canon isn't particularly relevant either.   I don't care if your site has only the original colors or several dozen colors. 

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Hello! May I extend an invitation to join us over on Frozen Pern! Unfortunately, we're not 18+ since we don't have Jcink Premium but we'd be happy to have you!


Frozen Pern: Twin Pass Weyr *Currently under construction!*

Frozen Pern is a Pern like no other.

The Northern Continent has turned to ice and snow.

Winter has become all but unbearable with spring and summer being a brief respite. Dragonkin have lost their ability to between, and dragons have lost the ability to chew firestone and thus breathe fire. There are threats in both the north and the south; wild beasts called whurs and wild felines who’s attacks are growing more and more each day. Whers have gained a new purpose as well; whersled teams are used to transport supplies to the few holds that remain.

The Whurs have no fear of dragons, and have attacked and killed many, from the newly hatched to the Senior Queen of Twin Pass Weyr, Gold Arath. The red backed whur, known as "Red Helmet", and his pack wreak havoc upon the Northern Continent, killing many and the Weyrs of the Northern Continent declare him as the continent's "public enemy number one" as he starts forming alliances with other pack leaders.

Most recently, a bronze of Southern Weyr descent has caught Silver Aniuth of Twin Pass, the new Senior Queen. She has laid a clutch of 27 eggs, including a queen egg. The threat of the whurs has only grown, and it appears that Red Helmet, is building some sort of a fortress as Searchriders scour the globe for candidates for the upcoming Hatching.

Join now, and become a part of Frozen Pern from the very beginning.

What We Need:

Site Construction Progress (Percentages are a rough estimate)

Staff (It takes a village to run a Pern RP!)
Candidates (Silver Anuith of Twin Pass Weyr has laid her clutch! Candidates highly needed!)
All dragonkin colors are available for creation as well as many high ranking positions!

What We Offer:
A unique Post Thread world full of danger and beauty!
A community of worldbuilders who want to expand on the source material!
Come chat with us on our Discord server! You're Invited

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