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It's nostalgia time

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    Dragonriders of Pern

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    Pretty much anything else right now.   


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Dragonriders of Pern was my main rp jam for literally YEARS and I've just been bitten by the bug again.  I really, really miss it, so I thought I'd take a look around and see what's available. 😄  But I do have a few Absolute Dealbreakers. 


-Site must be 18+. I don't really feel comfortable writing with underage people anymore.

-No sexuality based Impressions. I don't mind if there's IC-views on this----it makes for great conflict and we wouldn't have stories without conflict---- but there must be some OOC understanding that a queer woman COULD Impress a Gold, just as an example.

-I don't mind gender-based Impressions as long as transgender characters are treated fairly (ie, if a cisgender woman can Impress a Gold, a transgender woman should have the same opportunity).  Again, I don't mind if there's IC bias against it, so long as there's OOC understanding.



I don't particularly care about the time period or if Thread is falling or not.  Canon vs non-canon isn't particularly relevant either.   I don't care if your site has only the original colors or several dozen colors. 

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