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So basically, trying to search for a new site has been kind of a hassle. I was hoping to find something modern fantasy/supernatural style or thereabouts without all the coded racism per species, too much strange emphasis on #aesthetic when in terms of cultures and things of that nature. I don't think it's really asking for a lot, but I have seen a LOT of sites in my search who have shapeshifters and tote them as sk*nw*lkers which is incredibly insensitive, just as one of many examples. There is also a lot of fetishism regarding different races and cultures and I don't think that is difficult at all to be inclusive without being weird about it. The site doesn't specifically need to have shifters, but the ability would be kind of neat if that is included with the rest of the more important elements.  

In addition to this, I was hoping to find one with a relatively active member base. It doesn't have to be a really huge community or everyone posting every waking moment, but it's hard to get into a site that isn't very engaging with the people behind the characters. I'm not trying to nitpick every single creative decision, but it would be nice to just have a forum to relax on with some people and vibe and write some things as this current year allows for. I'm pretty open to a lot of different ideas if they hit on the other points but have a different genre as well! 

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I'm part of a site that might work with what you're looking for? Depending on what you think about semi-realistic wolves XD. 


Side note I never even knew that stuff you mentioned was an issue! I...don't rp in many sites outside of like 2 that I've been with for a while lol (well more like 1 now cuz holidays are nuts)

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I came from wolf roleplay originally! I am definitely down to give it a look c: 

Yeah, it's actually quite a common theme which is actually pretty disrespectful. It's also highly likely Native Americans wouldn't go anywhere near a site that has them because of the cultural significance so it can exclude them from being able to write there. I feel it's not very talked about but definitely should be! 

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I think Passing Strange might be a fantastic fit for you. We aren't here for the a e s t h e t i c (unless you count general goobiness as an aesthetic, then we're crushing it).


Our character base is diverse, and species aren't tied to any particular culture or ethnicity or any kind of appropriated nonsense. (Guh-rossss.) We have weres/shifters, vampires, psychics, and of course everyone's favorite humans.


We are wild active, averaging a couple hundred posts a day, maybe 150 on our slow days.  Relax, vibe, and write is definitely our deal. If you're still looking, give us a quick eyeball and I think we might be exactly what you're looking for!

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