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looking for a new forum

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  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Preferred Genres: Modern Fantasy, Modern Supernatural, Sci-Fi

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  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Historical
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Looking for new forums, discord groups, or rp partners!

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Hi there Chrome! We're a relaxed forum that is Modern Fantasy with our own lore. We write on the forum but we do have a Discord where we plot and hang out. We'd love for you to give us a look over and see if we're what you're looking for.




Things were peaceful until the church, Our Light of Hope, arrived in San Francisco. Most of humanity remains in the dark, but the Church has begun exposing the things that go bump in the night.  And they don’t seem to be alone in exposing the things in the shadows.


Now, young vampires are dying from an unknown cause. Werewolves and faerie have started to go missing. The supernatural world may be exposed and are now vulnerable which has caused fighting and chaos among the races. Is it the church or has a new adversary stepped onto the stage?


The world is changing. What will be your Resolution?

What We Offer:

•••18+ setting

•••1 yr active

•••Friendly and helpful staff and members

•••Freedom in creativity

•••LBGT Friendly


•••Relaxed rules and atmosphere

•••Active Discord Server

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Hi Chrome [:  hope you're well. Since you've got science fiction listed as something you like, I thought I'd put up a link to our site. It's a brand new modern day cyberpunk au. All the relevant links are below, and if you're interested, there's a link to our discord on the main page of our site. Hope to see you around ^_^
RulesPlotLoreSite CanonsNew Member Guide

The year is 2019; in the streets of Miami, physical augmentations are now commonplace, currency is no longer a matter of paper but connection, and insentient androids occupy many of the low-skill jobs previously carried out by lower societal classes. Robots have been a fact of life for decades, and protests that androids might turn out to be more than just a sophisticated extension of these have largely been dismissed as fear mongering and conspiracy theories.

In the aftermath of the 2018 break-ins at Vector Labs however, this is about to change. Experimental tech has gone missing from Vector Labs and is now popping up all over town. Rumors are circulating that their delayed C-09 line is not so much unfinished as gone.

Liquid Skies is a brand new mature (3-3-3), intermediate, no word count cyberpunk roleplay set in an alternate modern-day Miami. Players enter as either humans or androids in a world where the lines between the two are rapidly blurring, eking out a means of existence either as morally flexible Vector Labs affiliates, chaotic Know-Nothings of the criminal underground, or unaffiliated bystanders trying not to get caught in the crossfire.

Edited by slowsadmariachi

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I think you'll love Metro: Beyond!! 


MB is a Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic Sci-Fi survival Horror with heavy supernatural elements - mutants, anomalies, ghosts and human threats combine with a brutal world setting to make for a fast paced and flexible RP experience. 




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Hey there!

I run a sci-fi rp on jcink that takes place on a colony ship on it way to a new planet.


Here's our directory link. I hope you come check us out!



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Altered States is a supernatural, myths and legends, Gods and mortals tale set in modern times. In our world, the supernaturals have been 'out' in the world for only five years. Society struggles with this new idea the things that go bump in the night are real, and magic rules the day.


From mages to dragons and almost everything in between, we have designed a system that allows you to personalize and grow your character through RP and interactions with our world. We're still new, and growing and looking for quality writers that want to help develop this world and storylines. 

- 18+ Community. Premium Site.

- NO AC, or posting schedules.

- Community driven events and plots that let everyone play an important role.

- Interesting Races.

- Open world of magic that you can help define and develop.

- Pretty awesome people to write with.


Come stop by, say Hi! See if we're that perfect spot for you!



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Hi there Chrome!


I have a modern fantasy/supernatural forum with a heavy dose of eldritch (and they ought to be horrible).


Hope you find what you're looking for 😄



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@Chrome i wonder if Virtue in Darkness would tickle your fancy. We are new, about a month old and just coming out of our soft opening now im back of my holiday. We are always looking to welcome in new members and now is the perfect time to get involved. 




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Hello Chrome! I'd like to extend an invitation to Frozen Pern!


Frozen Pern: Twin Pass Weyr *Currently under construction!*

Frozen Pern is a Pern like no other.

The Northern Continent has turned to ice and snow.

Winter has become all but unbearable with spring and summer being a brief respite. Dragonkin have lost their ability to between, and dragons have lost the ability to chew firestone and thus breathe fire. There are threats in both the north and the south; wild beasts called whurs and wild felines who’s attacks are growing more and more each day. Whers have gained a new purpose as well; whersled teams are used to transport supplies to the few holds that remain.

The Whurs have no fear of dragons, and have attacked and killed many, from the newly hatched to the Senior Queen of Twin Pass Weyr, Gold Arath. The red backed whur, known as "Red Helmet", and his pack wreak havoc upon the Northern Continent, killing many and the Weyrs of the Northern Continent declare him as the continent's "public enemy number one" as he starts forming alliances with other pack leaders.

Most recently, a bronze of Southern Weyr descent has caught Silver Aniuth of Twin Pass, the new Senior Queen. She has laid a clutch of 27 eggs, including a queen egg. The threat of the whurs has only grown, and it appears that Red Helmet, is building some sort of a fortress as Searchriders scour the globe for candidates for the upcoming Hatching.

Join now, and become a part of Frozen Pern from the very beginning.

What We Need:

Site Construction Progress (Percentages are a rough estimate)

Staff (It takes a village to run a Pern RP!)
Candidates (Silver Anuith of Twin Pass Weyr has laid her clutch! Candidates highly needed!)
All dragonkin colors are available for creation as well as many high ranking positions!

What We Offer:
A unique Post Thread world full of danger and beauty!
A community of worldbuilders who want to expand on the source material!
Come chat with us on our Discord server! You're Invited

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Hello there!

I don't know if you were still looking but I wanted to showcase our site, Sangre Noir! It is set in an original modern, supernatural setting where the whole story is set in a sandbox fashion!

The site is set for 3-3-3, anything that you are comfortable with you can play (with a few understandable no-no's)! We have a great many species for you to peruse and an expansive lore to look over!

We try to be as relaxed and creative as possible as this site has been around since 2013 but we recently re-opened and re-vamped the entire lore as well as species! We'd love to have you drop in on our discord or PM one of us as our Guidebook is open to everyone to peruse!


"Supernatural beings have always existed among us. 
We were just too ignorant and blind to see the truth.
It was always right in front of our eyes."

They have remained hidden in the shadows and in plain sight, ever watchful and deciding to play God, the nemesis, the friend or the lover. They have been the creators or the executioners; sinners and saints. But now that their own conflict (both in our world and in their alternate realm) has concluded, the representatives of their races have decided it is time to reveal themselves to the world of us ignorant humans. The times have finally caught up with the supernatural races and the decision to assimilate into human society is at hand. But will the others of their species just sit idly by and let it happen? Or will they do all they can to stop it? What will us humans, as a collective, do in response to this? Will we accept it or rise up against it with all of our strength?

So come and join us. 
Do you have what it takes to survive in this world of darkness? 
In this world of Black Blood?

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Hi there! I have something that you might be interested in!

Have you ever considered a crossover site made of Riverdale and The chilling adventures of Sabrina? If so then we are your site!

We don't have a wc, very chill activity and many, many, many canons still opened, among them Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead or Ambrose, the weird sisters or even Harvey.

We're small and open to all plots.

We'd love to have you so please give us a look?

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I understand that this may not be what you're looking for, but on the off-chance you are. We just opened Wizarding Wireless Networks and have several canons who would have connections pre-existing if that's something you're interested in, and original characters are always welcome!  We have no word count requirement--though we do recommend you try to at least match your writing partner in length, if you can, out of courtesy. And since we're so new your presence could really help shape the community into one that you enjoy being part of!


General Plot: It is the year 2069, well after the Trio's time at Hogwarts, they are now but legends and a new feud is about to begin.The Avery, Burke, and Rosier families are each seeking to fill the void left in the dark wizarding community by the absence of Voldemort. Can the Ministry and the rest of the wizarding world rise up to stop them? Or will a new period of darkness reign once again in the wizarding world?


Canon Information:  http://wizardingwirelessnetworks.com/index.php?/topic/171-canon-character-rules-and-availability/


If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

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Wanted to toss this site your way if you happen to still be looking! We are looking for those interested in joining a supernatural sandbox shaped by the characters/plots of our members.  We are flexible on working with members joining and the lore/mythos that they want to use for various creatures. Check us out if you happen to still be searching!


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We currently have a fresh meat promotion going on where you can get a character that normally costs points for free! Come make a big swing with us over on Sinsomnia and say goodbye to your sleep!



S t a r t e r G u i d e & P l o t & W a n t e d   A d s & D i s c o r d & L i n k B a c k



- 150 word count

- 18+ site

- JCINK premium 

- Friendly community 

- Multiple species to choose from 

- No character limit 

- Staff, group, and member run events

- Awards system 

- Store for character growth, special member made species, and site extras

- LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming 

- Diverse character and member base


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We are a modern supernatural fantasy based in Wellington, New Zealand. We have the traditional species of vampires and werewolves, but also lion and tigers and hyena as well. Along with faerie (lots of different types), as well as humans with witches and psychics and those who raise the dead. We introduced shapeshifters, merfolk, bears and swans recently and it's been a lot of fun.

  • ✔ We are a 3-3-3 so, there are elements of sex, violence and everything between that, I wouldn't say one happens more than the other and the bulk of our threads are always about plot development with fun and some messaging, like phone calls as well.

    ✔ We are a no word count, so you post what you need not what you think you need or to match another post or anything like that. It's not about giving you a target but rather letting you feel the character, the moment and above all having fun.

    ✔ There are no activity checks you need to reply too etc., just a background one with the staff checking on the date of the last post. As long as you can handle one post a month, unless you have a leadership role, then you will be fine. 

    ✔ We don't have an app; we do have a profile that you fill out, that's all. So, as much/little as you want with some expectations like explaining a special ability or telling us strength and weakness. That is all. We view these as introductions that can - and should - develop over time as you get to know your character. That being said, if you want to go into detail, it has space for that, things like their spirit animal, their good and bad traits, and space for extra little details that might not fit in elsewhere, it's designed to be flexible.

    ✔ We don't have any lack of one or the other per se regarding species but we do spotlight specific ones, which you can see here: Walkthrough as part of the guide, and making one gives you some extra moni (site currency) to make use of in purchasing any extras you might like. 

    ✔ There are plenty of wanted ads as well, you can see them all here and see what might take your fancy, there are always more going up. 

    ✔ What we also have is an immersive welcoming community, who love meeting new people, have no shame in throwing out plot ideas, threads etc. Trust me, it will not be hard for you to find and be offered threads and have lots going on, basically as much/little as you want. 

    ✔ Alongside open threads, we support new members with EVENTS - immediate storylines you can get involved with - as well as people who will help with guiding you through the whole process.  EVENTS are basically happenings and such that impact the story and these are set up either by groups or by members if you are interested in doing that. Everyone gets the chance to be involved or just post up a reaction, it's up to you.

I hope this interests you can you check us out! In the meantime, GOOD LUCK on your search. 

site rules // the guidebook // requests // advertising
Edited by Renya

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