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  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural
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I've been RPing for a long time, and I'm looking to delve back into it and writing on a full time basis. That said, I prefer RPs of a darker nature. Please DM me for more info or if you've got something I might be interested in.

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@Morrigan Actually.... yes. I haven't done post apocalyptic in a while, but I love reading that genre in books. It wouldn't hurt for me to try to write it/learn more of it. 😄

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Awesome! Then I'm going to recommend the site Metro: Beyond. It's a Post WW3 Apocalyptic site based in the Russian subway/metro system. It's been just over 20 years since the bombs fell and decimated the city Moscow above. Everyone does what they need to to eat and survive.



At the bottom of the listing there are some wanted ads. Feel free to pop into the discord and poke me if you have any questions.

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Hi @Grimscythe! Based on your preference list you might like my site Cineri - it's a medieval fantasy world with plenty of opportunity for all sorts of shenanigans, and lord knows darker plots take place in the world too. Come check us out or hit me up privately if you think you'd be interested :] 


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You might like Messiah!

Tl;dr we're grown adults that do grown-adult things and let everyone handle themselves and their own stuff. Messiah's world-lore is designed to change, but because of how entwined with everyone's story the lore is, your best bet is to change it over time, rather than trying to do it retroactively. We love questions, absolutely ask questions if you have them. I happen to be looking for a buddy for it if you're interested, absolutely hmu. Most of the site power runs on the houses system. There are plenty of houses to join and some family roles available to take if you're interested, or you can adopt an existing, NPC house, or create one of your own, but if you want to get to the top you'll have to work at it.


We're entering phase two of the plot, where House Essair and allies are readying to leave Dalmasca. The loss will cripple the nation's economy and agriculture, and make bouncing back from it very difficult (not impossible, just difficult). It'll be a wild ride, no matter what happens, and there are still more surprises on the horizon. (We're mostly original but if you know real world history, you can find the influences.)

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Mundane Fantasy is a multi genre roleplay site with a little bit of something for everyone. Members create their own roleplays in their desired genres and share character plots amongst one another. We are new and accepting all forms and levels of writing.


Website | Guidebook | Introduce yourself

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And here I am - putting this in the right place this time.... 


Hi @Grimscythe We met in Discord a few days ago so you know about The Chronicles of Aereth already. Unfortunately, we won't officially re-open until mid-to-late September due to a total lore rewrite and setting up the new forum site.


Aereth is set in an different universe where Earth mythology (some of it) is real. It's timeframe and industrial development would parallel the medieval / renaissance periods (swords and sorcery, no guns, etc.).  It's a classic good vs. evil setting.


If interested, you are welcome to join our Discord (hit me up for invite) and the site and get in on the development discussions. 😉

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