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Looking for stat/resource based RPGs!

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    Genre...really doesn't matter! I like animal RPs, medieval magic, sci-fi, post-apoc, and a smattering of fandoms like Dragonriders of Pern, Pokemon, Warrior Cats, etc! I just really need some sort of structure as opposed to freeform- it helps me feel more comfortable in a place where I don't know anyone, because I can work on something on my own until I feel brave enough to interact with people more heavily.

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I'm looking for stat-based RPGs, TTRPGS, anything that's crunchier than your average RP forum. I like things where I don't have to decide the plot in advance before writing with a person, I can let random chance decide my fate, and work toward a goal instead of just sort of meandering towards it and picking it up.

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You might get along well on our site! We run site-wide Hunger Games every few months - it's very much along the lines of what you're looking for - certainly with random chance deciding your character's fate. We use a roll system for fights, characters have differing HP and defence which we calculate throughout the pregames process. It is very goal orientated throughout since of course, the end objective for most tributes is to survive! 

Of course we also have out-of-games RP going on too throughout the districts, including rebel plots etc. if you ever fancy branching out! 

You can have a chat to us all on our discord
You can browse Against the odds here

Or read our rules for the games itself here (these are due to have a overhaul before the next games, so there will be some changes)


Let me know if there's any interest or if I can answer any questions 🙂 We are a lovely friendly bunch!

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