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Hello everyone... or Woof! whichever you prefer,

I generally like writing, I can certainly fill out apps but generally don't find it as enjoyable. Face Claims are hard to decide on!  Signatures and graphics required??? expect the bare minimum. 


When posting, I typically go 300-500, but have been known to do shorter when back and forth dialog would be more fun than long monologues which don't leave much room for interaction. Also, I have written entire threads on my own when the story strikes me. In return, I mostly just ask for something that I can reply to. I enjoy a quality interaction compared to a properly formed word-smithing. I typically have maybe 2 nights a week to really dedicate to replies. I work, commute, and raise 2 little ones. Getting to sit down is a luxury, let alone thinking about something. 


I like the supernatural concepts because who doesn't want a little magic in the world. If science fiction is the theme, that is just a little "magic" compared to today's daily drudgery. I am pretty flexible if the site lures me in with a good story. I don't specifically shy away from any styles or themes of writing and am willing to happily write anywhere within the typical 3 3 3 mindset., this can be paired back if needed for the sites.


I look forward to any suggestions!

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We might be right up your alley. We have a relaxed setting where we enjoy writing. We have a simple app process and templates (and the like) are strictly voluntary. We do have diverse writers and enjoy helping others and telling tales. As far as posting we have many that write as good as they get. Hope you give us a look over.

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I think you might like Give No Quarter. We're a fantasy site with pirates! We're PG 13, have a fairly simple app, and templates and such are totally optional. Thanks for checking us out!

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I have started looking over your lore. I really like your concept, just putting my mind toward a character and making sure I have some time to devote. As mentioned above, I don't always have tons of free time to myself so I am just worried about over-extending right off. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Come check out Seven Pillars. We're an original world medievalish high magic fantasy site, face claims optional. (We do ask for a unique avatar and image for the character roster, but if you're struggling to find something I'm happy to help). No minimum length on  the app, and we totally understand busy schedules, though I personally (and thus all NPCs as well as my own characters) always try to reply within a week.

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We are a modern supernatural fantasy based in Wellington, New Zealand. We have the traditional species of vampires and werewolves, but also lion and tigers and hyena as well. Along with faerie (lots of different types), as well as humans with witches and psychics and those who raise the dead. We introduced shapeshifters, merfolk, bears and swans recently and it's been a lot of fun.

  • ✔ We are a 3-3-3 so, there are elements of sex, violence and everything between that, I wouldn't say one happens more than the other and the bulk of our threads are always about plot development with fun and some messaging, like phone calls as well.

    ✔ We are a no word count, so you post what you need not what you think you need or to match another post or anything like that. It's not about giving you a target but rather letting you feel the character, the moment and above all having fun.

    ✔ There are no activity checks you need to reply too etc., just a background one with the staff checking on the date of the last post. As long as you can handle one post a month, unless you have a leadership role, then you will be fine. 

    ✔ We don't have an app; we do have a profile that you fill out, that's all. So, as much/little as you want with some expectations like explaining a special ability or telling us strength and weakness. That is all. We view these as introductions that can - and should - develop over time as you get to know your character. That being said, if you want to go into detail, it has space for that, things like their spirit animal, their good and bad traits, and space for extra little details that might not fit in elsewhere, it's designed to be flexible.

    ✔ We don't have any lack of one or the other per se regarding species but we do spotlight specific ones, which you can see here: Walkthrough as part of the guide, and making one gives you some extra moni (site currency) to make use of in purchasing any extras you might like. 

    ✔ There are plenty of wanted ads as well, you can see them all here and see what might take your fancy, there are always more going up. 

    ✔ What we also have is an immersive welcoming community, who love meeting new people, have no shame in throwing out plot ideas, threads etc. In fact, alongside open threads, we support new members with EVENTS - immediate storylines you can get involved with - as well as people who will help with guiding you through the whole process.  EVENTS are basically happenings and such that impact the story and these are set up either by groups or by members if you are interested in doing that. Everyone gets the chance to be involved or just post up a reaction, it's up to you.

I hope this interests you can you check us out! In the meantime, GOOD LUCK on your search. 

site rules // the guidebook // requests // advertising

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If it's a chilled out but plot heavy community you're looking for I suggest Irenic Institute. It's modern day supernatural spies, with a healthy dose of agents with light scifi tech solving ancient supernatural mysteries and fighting monsters. Loads of room to develop and explore all kinds of characters. 


Good luck with your search!

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