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Need to get out of my funk

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Star Trek, Vampires, Dystopias, Dredd, DC Comics, Fables, Warcraft (Movie only), Handmaid's tale

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Historical, Human, School & College, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Twilight, Medieval magic


Edited by Morrigan

Detailed Search Information

I'm looking for something inspiring that really motivates me to make some new stories. I feel like lately I've just been in a creative slump and I'm trying to get out of it this means I'll consider some of my unwanted genres but you will have to sell it.


Must Haves:

No word count

Good rules

Interesting plot or setting.

I would love some wanted ads that have 2 or more IC connections if there are any.


Otherwise just pitch it at me sexy!!

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Hi Morrigan,


I would love to invite you to check out L'Appel du Vide.  We're a supernatural, contemporary RPG (Jcink Premium) set in Paris.  We're tiny but motivated and we *will* plot with you and come up with exciting things.  We're also dedicated to creating a friendly community where writing is a common pleasure and adventures are had!  The game has opportunities for political intrigue, action, romance, and magical high-jinks! 


While we do have canon listings and lore creatures (humans, vampires, weres, witches, fae and shapeshifters) , there is also the possibility to expand into other creatures and create things of your own (be it organizations, businesses, etc). So check us out!  Our Discord server is here, and there's generally someone around to welcome you. 


Hope to see you soon! 


Jeri, from 


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Hiya Morrigan. I'm not sure if Panfandom is up your alley, but we'd love, love, love to have some more DC and DC based characters and I for one would definitely squee to see some Star Trek characters (Canon or OC) running around. Dredd would definitely be interesting in our setting and I can just picture the confusion of trying to adapt to a less than technologically based society. I'd imagine a vampire would flourish with such a diverse food source and Warcraft based characters would fit right in.


We have several factions to join that offer characters connections with multiple characters at once. Currently, CHarles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr are looking for peeps to join their little tude with one another/others on the planet (yes, I know not strictly DC, but would love a mix of characters for these factions), while Kara Danvers is recruiting people for a superhero faction. 


-No word count


-JCINK Premium

-Relaxed activity rules

-Fast and flexible app process (most characters are up and running the same day)




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We're a little bit unique in terms of both are setting and lore, we are a futuristic science-fantasy but we aren't in the far off future but rather a little bit ahead. We combine aspects of small-town interactions and wider reaching plots and we encourage our members to be as involved or not as they wish.


So, if you want to concentrate on your own group dynamics, one on one and/or reach out into the world of complex politics and even rebellions, that's all welcome here!


Ideally, I would encourage you to come on over, check out our Discord and start to feel welcome and settled in. As for wanted ads with multi connections? Well, it's something of a passion for us and if we don't have an exact one you're looking for don't worry you are going to fine that our members love plotting. No one is left around for long and everyone is made to feel included with whatever they want to do and explore. 


All that is left is the ad, but I really do hope that you will come and check us out! If we're not a fit for you, then the best of luck in your search!




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Hello Morrigan!


I see one of your preferred genres is Science Fiction. I run a colony ship sci-fi RP set in the far future. The site takes place on a ship that is over 250 years old. It's on its way to a new planet, but it won't reach its destination for another 250-or-so years. There's a lot of political tensions on the ship and there are different factions for any type of character. It's strictly humans-only at this point in time, but I like to think of this site as a dynamic one where we, the members, can take it anywhere we want. Another cool thing about this ship is that it's not just a dreary rust bucket. It's actually a smaller version of Earth. It carries fauna and flora with it through the stars. Some people think that the health of the ship (its soil and climate and machinery) is deteriorating. What if they never make it to their new home?


If that interests you, come check us out! https://seaofstardust.jcink.net


We use a profile application. We don't have a word count or activity check. We are roughly 4 months old and growing! Hope to see you there.

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