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not all who wander are lost

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I particularly love the supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy corner of the roleplay world, and Marvel and Harry Potter. But I'll look at any site that doesn't fit into the "not looking for" section below. 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Historical, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    No Proboards. No sites focused on or heavily featuring sexual themes or content. No historical, animal-only, school-centric, or Dragonriders of Pern sites. No sites more than five years old. Trigger warnings must be enforced on all parts of the site and Discord. No homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or similar themes OOC or as a major part of the setting IC. Do not post here if your site's community is one that talks or jokes about how much they hate men or how men are awful. 

    Now, I am usually a pretty easygoing and friendly person who keeps things light. This is the one serious part of my search. I am a genderfluid trans man. So, I repeat, do not post here if your site's community is one that talks or jokes about how much they hate men or how men are awful. I want to weed out places like that right here and now. Because yes, you are joking about how much you hate me and how awful I am. And that's not fun for me, for obvious reasons.


Detailed Search Information

Hey there! I'm Jax and I'm looking for a site. Hm, how about I tell you a little about me? I'm in my early twenties and I go by they/them pronouns. I've been roleplaying about seven years now and writing on my own about twice as long. I like to talk and make friends with people! So an active and friendly OOC community is important to me. But I do prefer smaller communities over bigger ones. Other than that, I'm pretty open. Profile app, shipper app, Jcink, self-hosted, fandom, original, it all goes. I have very few hard restrictions, as mentioned above, but they are hard restrictions. So don't post saying "I know you said you didn't want x, but-". 


I usually post a couple times a week, around 400 words per post. I would prefer that to be the average speed and length. And that most writers are around a 'literate' level. Basically I like multi-paragraph posts, containing few grammar or spelling errors, that move the thread along. I also like to have more than one character and I prefer to have short cooldowns between them. I don't mind caps as long as I can make at least three or four before I'm cut off or have to use points or whatever. 

Speaking of characters, I like to write queer POC characters in open or poly ships. Most of them are some kind of morally grey or chaotic good/neutral temperament. So I'd greatly appreciate it if you have characters like that already on your site! Especially if they're canons or wanteds. I love taking ads and getting my character right into the middle of things right off the bat. 

And I love sites where I can play different races/species. Sandbox is my jam! Or anywhere the lore is made so that members can play around with it a little. I can't say strict-vs-flexible is going to be a tipping point in me choosing a site, although I am less likely to join fandom sites if I don't know the fandom. And I've never been particularly fond of real life sites. But I'm very open to expanding my horizons! 

I also like medium or dark skins. Or at least sites that won't be making me shriek “my eyes, they burn!” like Gollum with glasses. Speaking of glasses, I like sites that have at least 12pt font and good contrast. Aka sites that are readable. I also really like being able to tab/hide chat and if there aren't a bunch of hovers or gifs. I am easily distractible. And I have slow internet. 

I think that's way too long dear god all! I'd love if you told me a little bit about your site and why you think I'd like it instead of just dropping your ad in. I like knowing that you took the time to read and you think I'll genuinely enjoy being on your site. Anything goes that wasn't described in my "not looking for" paragraph, so go forth and advertise your sites to me! Here's a cookie for your trouble.

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User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Hello Jax! Built to Fall might be up your ally. We are a very friendly community that's open to all. We have many species to choose from and even more that will be coming as the story progresses. Just about anyone can get in on the action if they so choose.  We've almost been open for three months and we are getting a new skin soon. We'd love to see you around.




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Hi Jax! Loved reading your ad. Not sure how you feel about multi-genre sites where you create your own plot, but just in case you may be interested I'd like to offer Umbra Roleplaying as an option for you. 


A few points you may appreciate!

  • As we're multi-genre, we allow our members to write almost anything they like. This means that you can write precisely the genres you're interested in and avoid any you don't find particularly appealing.
  • We are LGBTQ+ friendly as the owner (i.e. me) is gender fluid and pansexual. We offer not just MxM, MxF and FxF pairings but also cater to Non-Binary characters, romantic pairings, etc. 
  • We have a variety of themes for you to choose from (most of the dark as our name is Umbra and not having a dark theme wouldn't make sense), and we are adding more this week for our users to help provide some variety to their browsing experience.
  • We have a strict zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, which is clearly outlined in our Site Rules.
  • We have been open for a little over a month and currently only have 40 members, but those members are incredibly friendly and active. We are slowly but successfully building our community and have passionate base eager to see our site succeed. 
  • We currently do not have a site chat, but whenever we do plan on implementing it (which won't be for a while), it will be via Discord so it will not affect the browsing capabilities for those who have slower Internet or are just not interested in site-wide chats. 
  • We are very big on listening to our members and integrating their suggestions/requests for the forum. Although we cannot promise to appease every single request, so far we have done a lot to tend to our members' needs to make the site enjoyable for everyone.

To be upfront, the one downside to multi-genre sites is that you as the member have to work a little harder to find/create your own plots, but you are given complete freedom to shape those plots precisely how you please, whether that be through 1x1 roleplays or group roleplays. 


If you're interested, please feel free to check out Umbra and say hello

Edited by Nevermind

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Hey Jax!


I run a sci-fi site that takes place on a colony ship on its way to a new planet. We are incredibly LGBTQIA-friendly, and I specifically mention in the lore that things like transphobia and homophobia are really out of style. I don't want that type of stuff on my site. The community is friendly. We have multiple active members, but I will say the discord can get quiet sometimes. But people are usually lurking. So truthfully, we could use someone who loves to chat and keeps things light.


We do have lots of canons available and they are all open gender/open face so you can take the basic premise we lay out of the character and really make it your own. We only have humans available to play, but your human can be technologically advanced. We allow a wide range of cybernetics, and we really encourage members to go where their imagination takes them. Side note: people with cybernetics are sometimes discriminated against. You can get more details in the lore.


The site has been open for almost 5 months now. We have multiple wanted ads available as well as the canons I mentioned above. We're currently running our first major event: Deceleration Day, where the ships hits its halfway mark and begins to slow down (they still go like over 200 years to go to get there though). The ship isn't just a metal box to fly people through space in. It's filled with biomes that mimic those on Earth. There are lakes, and wilds, and tiny towns throughout.


Hm... what else. We don't have a character limit, and most people post multiple paragraphs. 


I hope you're interested and feel free to join our discord or you can message me if you have any questions!

Here's the directory link!


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Hiya, I think you would like Irenic for a couple of reasons.


1. we are a modern mixture of scifi and fantasy  where humans are going against lovecraftian horrors.

2. we tend to have at least three to five paragraphs per post

3.  We place an emphasis of the irenic institute being a multi cultural hub collecting agents from around the world

4. we are lgbtia+ as a community and don't tolerate hate

5.   Many of our characters are morally grey. 

6. I have a feeling you would like the immortals wanted  ads we have.

7. we dont have character caps

8. we are a small community

9. our site has a dark skin option 

my discord tag is Frey#1630 if you want to discuss things with me in private first



We are a mature, literate roleplay set in modern-day London. Irenic agents wage a covert war against supernatural beings threatening to subjugate humanity. Blending science fiction, occult horror and spy thrillers, the Irenic Institute is a relaxed collaborative community always ready to welcome new recruits. Everyone has a say in where the story goes. Members are encouraged to contribute to the site lore with creatures, organizations and magical artefacts of their own. Characters are given the space and freedom to live and grow, exploring new depths.

Two Years Old - Profile Application
No Word Counts - No Activity Checks
Premium Board - Mature Community
LGBTQIA Friendly




Edited by Frey

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Hey There!!


Ad Astra may be the fit for you! We are a sci-fi sandbox RPG with the ability to add to the lore. We have 3 different species (and a chance to make your own if you'd wish). There are also many wanted ads open, too! We have an easy guide to read within less than 15 minutes to get the gist. So you don't need to read TONS of lore. I'll drop our ad. We'd love to see ya there!



Ad Astra, to the stars. The year is 2525, Earth is no more and humans have expanded beyond SOL. Are you ready to write your own story? Fly among the stars or explore the many new worlds Ad Astra has to offer!


HOME | Guidebook | 

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Hey there. I am an admin on a Harry Potter site that we moved to a new board, and we are looking for more active authors. We are LGBT friendly and are in the process of incorporating new species such as Fae and Merpeople. We'd love for you to check out the site. 



Edited by Kara

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Hey there, Jax! We're a Harry Potter AU. I realize you weren't too keen on school-focused roleplays, but we do offer positions for characters that are completely unrelated to the school! There can be mature content, but the board isn't based around it in any way at all; it's sectioned off into its own subforums so you don't have to see any of it if you don't want to. We're still really new and finding our member base!




  • Mature Community
  • Site Discord
  • No Site-wide narrative arch to get bogged down in
  • Mini Site Plots to throw your character into if you wish
  • Events monthly
  • Be a student, professor, or someone not affiliated with the university at all!
  • Many popular playbys still open
  • No formal activity checks
  • lore base to throw yourself into, or a quick-start guide if you're not a lore junkie
  • Live on-campus for a more canon feel, or off-campus for a more unique experience
Edited by OvalDoughnut

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We just opened Wizarding Wireless Networks and have several canons available who would have connections pre-existing.  We have no word count requirement--though we do recommend you try to at least match your writing partner in length, if you can, out of courtesy. And since we're so new your presence could really help shape the community into one that you enjoy being part of!


General Plot: It is the year 2069, well after the Trio's time at Hogwarts, they are now but legends and a new feud is about to begin.The Avery, Burke, and Rosier families are each seeking to fill the void left in the dark wizarding community by the absence of Voldemort. Can the Ministry and the rest of the wizarding world rise up to stop them? Or will a new period of darkness reign once again in the wizarding world?


Canon Information:  http://wizardingwirelessnetworks.com/index.php?/topic/171-canon-character-rules-and-availability/


There are even some creature types available in limited quantity (the count will reset every year though, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to create more and more as time goes on). 


We hope you'll come check us out!

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Guest Tia


Hey Jaxx, well I hope I can count mine. I run a Charmed site that I had closed for a year due to some issues that was going on, but it's back. I allow pocs and those from LGBT community. I have a freeform section on the profile but also a shipper so you can plot out your characters and such! Plus, I made sure it has font so you can read and stuff. Plus its starting to come around too. I have some wanted ads up and a small amount of canons (since I wanted to go small this time.) I hope you come by!

here's the link: http://thepoweroftwo.jcink.net


feel free to come on the cbox or discord!

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