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If you've ever played on Mizahar or Standing Trials, I was wondering if there's anything else similar to that: an overarching and persisting world, points to use to progress your PCs, ideally a magic system, etc. I've been searching around and there isn't anything I can readily find, but I thought I might try this way as well! 

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Hey there!


So, I hit two out of three of your request!


I am the admin of Black Sun Rising (no relation to the book series), a witchcraft RPG set in modern day NYC. Modern Day Supernatural Fantasy/Horror with a 3/3/3 rating. We do use a magic system, taken from World of Darkness: Sorcerer and an overall progressive, cooperative plot.  Characters earn more magic as they go, allowing for growth and can also get custom magick in the form of "rituals". 


Take a look, and see if this fits what you are looking for!


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JD Hart

Posted (edited)

Hey Bingo!


Okay so we don't have magic and our character progression is done within character and through writing rather than a specific points or stats system. But if you're looking for a long term roleplay where characters are written in a lot of detail - ergo you don't just jump around you actually build up the character and give them a full and detailed story with lots of progression, then we might be a good fit? We're a historical drama site so we have the sort of aesthetic you're looking for I think - we're a more sword and sandal than elves and dwarfs - but we play almost like a development game. We're all writing the same story, our characters all intertwined, rather than lots of little tales...


I don't know if this meets enough of your criteria but, if it does, this is our ad....






Firstly - we're Aeipathy: an original historical roleplay set in the ancient world. We started out in Greece and have now expanded into Africa! We're mainly a nobility and house politics site but we also encourage members of all different classes and ranks of life - we currently have merchants, crafters, physicians, performers, priestesses, prostitutes, gladiators, servants, slaves and pirates. We also have 20 Royal Houses and 17 Noble Houses in which you can choose a Canon (the royals) or a Wanted (the nobles). We're super open to originals too. So, we're really flexible!


As far as our world goes, we're set in in two different realms (which are based on real ancient empires) which each have three kingdoms (which are fictional versions of real cities or places). In Greece we have: Athenia, Colchis and Taengea, while in Africa we offer: Bedoa, Egypt and Judea. Each kingdom has its own houses, culture, political and military ideals and religious beliefs. Because they're fictional, we're open to tonnes of innovation and exciting ideas so while we have a lot of lore, we're always eager to add to it to bring more people and their characters into our world!


✔ Mature writers
✔ 3-3-3 content but not required
✔ Intermediate +
✔ Super active!
✔ Real-life face claims
✔ Weekly events
✔ Weekly member challenges
✔ Different plot types: Global Plots, Events, Quests, Provincial Stories and Curve Balls
✔ Monthly blow outs for our anniversary
✔ Open, welcoming and super inclusive community
✔ Canons available
✔ Wanteds available
✔ Originals also encouraged
✔ House politics / court intrigue
✔ Build your own House and world
✔ Realm and kingdom expansion in the future
✔ 24 Hour staff team
✔ Super supportive plot development in order to include everyone
✔ Smut allowed so long as it's plot driving
✔ People of all walks of life welcome, from slaves to pirates to merchants to royals


If you're interested in seeing more of us, please don't hesitate to come check us out! You can also jump on our Discord and say hi! No pressure to join, no obligations! We're just interested in saying hi and seeing what you're looking for in a roleplay and whether we might me that interest? 😄




Aeipathy is a literate-advanced historical roleplay established in June 2018.
We offer a diverse and exciting roleplay, based in the ancient world of the
Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, with a political and wartime intrigue flair.
Our world is rich in detail and set to expand across countries and continents,
as our membership grows. We offer a friendly, warm environment with
eager writers and new friends. And we can't wait to meet you!



Edited by JD Hart

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