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If you've ever played on Mizahar or Standing Trials, I was wondering if there's anything else similar to that: an overarching and persisting world, points to use to progress your PCs, ideally a magic system, etc. I've been searching around and there isn't anything I can readily find, but I thought I might try this way as well! 

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Hey there!


So, I hit two out of three of your request!


I am the admin of Black Sun Rising (no relation to the book series), a witchcraft RPG set in modern day NYC. Modern Day Supernatural Fantasy/Horror with a 3/3/3 rating. We do use a magic system, taken from World of Darkness: Sorcerer and an overall progressive, cooperative plot.  Characters earn more magic as they go, allowing for growth and can also get custom magick in the form of "rituals". 


Take a look, and see if this fits what you are looking for!


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