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Seeking a New Home

  • Initiative Activity

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  • Actively Searching


Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Animals, Horror & Supernatural, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    high fantasy,
    modern fantasy,
    supernatural beings,
    sandbox world

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Historical, School & College, Fandom see below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    all fandoms


Detailed Search Information

Preferred Word Count: free for all

Preferred Violence Content: 2-3

Preferred Sexual Content: 0-2

Preferred Language Content: 2-3

Preferred Writing Level: I write in multiple paragraphs, but sometimes I can make a post with only one. I tend to shy away from novellas per post. I’d like a place that’s chill about the occasional spelling or grammar mistake, and doesn’t expect word count/level matching.



I'm looking for an easy-going place with as much freedom to do my own thing and use my own systems as possible while still maintaining a unified world. I'm looking for a place that doesn't have rules that tell how a person should play or organize their threads and participation.


Looking for:

  • A place where I can make/play my own species or lore without having to go through an acceptance process, as I have characters I’ll probably want to port over without tweaking.
  • Steady pace, not super active so much as predictable activity levels.
  • A unified setting, all the places where the plot happens belong to the same world or universe
  • Light or low amount of need-to-know lore.
  • Player-centered plot,
  • open thread culture
  • True liquid time. (time can flow differently for different characters, characters are not locked into a specific date or season to rp around)
  • Forum with Discord-enabled chat.
  • Or Discord-based rp
  • Or art-based rp

Turn Offs:

Most of the time, any one of these is all I need to drive me away from considering a site further even when I’m seriously interested in the site’s content.

  • Account per character :: I don’t mind if others use this, but I need the option for account per player.
  • Any form of applications before play mandate :: I need the freedom to play before writing bios, and to go bioless if I want
  • Mandatory Faceclaims :: I draw my characters instead.
  • Word counts, activity requirements, activity checks etc :: this is a hobby, I can’t promise activity like that
  • Limited anything :: species, powers, plots, even if you say something like I must pick from only these breeds of dragon, or I have to buy that power I’m out.
  • Jcink :: I’ve seen a total of one, maybe two jcink sites that I’ve been able to tolerate looking at and that was because at least the one was modded to look like an smf form I had known. Most of the time the way Jcink sites are made to look hurts my eyes. (Invision that isn't jcink is usually fine tho)
  • Trigger warnings/Politically Correct Culture :: these are a red flag of a culture that wont mesh well with me
  • A huge ton of boards. I’ve seen sites where their boards get very specific, narrowing down to a general store, or a person’s home. That’s overwhelming to look at, and to figure out where
    to start. Minimal is better for me.
  • Heavy sexual, romantic or kinky themes of any sort.

Willing to look at sites that don’t match well?:

I can look, but I may not seriously consider joining unless it has something that really sells me over.


Character Examples::

There is no guarantee I’ll bring these characters over, however, if one or more of them can fit on your site as-is, then it’ may be a good litmus test.



A human castaway who has developed lizard and shark traits including, the classic shark fin, some scales, a tail, gills, and enhanced-regeneration from wounds, due to the supernatural properties of the island he grew up on. He ranges from feral to awkward when interacting with people in modern settings depending on how long he has had to acclimate himself to society, but gets along well with animals, especially reptiles.



A small skunk-like creature I got off an adoptables site by the name of a frutisal. she has has wings, but is an awkward flier, along with sporting thick color-changing/glowing fur, and pale eyes. She has the intelligence level of a young child, and has been through so much in her past, that she really needs a stable home and serious therapy. She has several quirks that can make her go from harmless to a ragefit quite quickly otherwise. She is capable of some magic, including telekinisis, and sound manipulation. She would be quite comfortable as a witch’s familiar or in an animal group.



A personified concept of a black hole created by a mage in a time and place lost to memory. Has a history of being always hungry, but wants to explore other things than satisfying his appetite. Sem usually looks like a small brownish skinned boy with light hair and a tendency to not wear clothes, but he also takes other forms ranging from monsterous to gummi-bear-esque. He has an interest in void-based magic and can travel through the void. His personality can bounce between mature for his appearance and very childlike.



Nephilim: Half angel half human, This 20 year old hails from a modern to slightly futuristic-modern world. His powers are light-energy based and include being able to manipulate that energy into solid shapes, enhanced physiology, flight and healing. He is of the defender archetype and shines(literally) best when he has someone or something to protect. He would prefer to live a normal life over being hunted by humans or fighting off corrupted supernaturals, but is used to the latter.

A fallen angel tainted by the void, which almost killed him before gradually restoring him to a powerful being. As an eldritch entity Shemhazai defies reality with his very presence, rendering him almost unable to interact with the world as we know it unless he tunes himself down into a humanly-understandable state of being. He feeds off identity, and things people trust in such as their faith in technology by making it not work for a time. He still has his angelic conditioning to follow orders, and is best kept on a leash and busy in order to keep him restrained enough for the settings he finds himself in.

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