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shockingly, my cat didn't try to threadjack me this time

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Human, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Horror & Supernatural - I just want to note that while I do like dark atmospheres and all, I'm not looking for something where the horror is like, the main thing at all times (for instance I like Vampire: the Masquerade (the PC game), but you can't pay me to play Outlast). Does that make sense? But I do really enjoy the vibe of V:tM.


    Human - I haven't really done much in the way of this genre before and I am trying to not box myself in with what I'm used to, so I've no clue what this actually means for me so yeah. That's me being helpful.


    Science Fiction - More like futuristic, advanced techonology but not hard Sci-Fi. Sorry.


    Fandom - I think I generally just mean mature Harry Potter with this one. And mature as in focusing on adulthood, not as in focusing on the bow chica wow wow, although I have no problem with it being there, I just don't want it as the main thing. That said, I am open to other fandoms provided that it's easy enough to get into without needing to read tons of lore (I do have more fandoms I enjoy, I'm just blanking right now) and that they have something to do with what I've already mentioned (so, anything Game of Thrones would be a no because I'm not looking for that kind of fantasy right now).

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Historical
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:


Detailed Search Information

I took a break from RP and everything related to it to give myself a bit of time to see if I missed it.


As you might be able to tell, I did! That said I am going to try and broaden my horizons a little and try out both genres and characters that I haven't necessarily tried before.


That being said, there's a few things I don't do and that I'm not going to change;

  • no word counts (that includes suggestions, post matching or anything related to it, I'm not an RPer that can be very descriptive for a whole thread (the first post or scene changes are one thing, but I don't describe my characters hair colour in every post) so I like being able to just, respond, without having to type out the life story of the potted plant that's slowly dying in the corner).
  • activity - I suspect I can probably post weekly without issue BUT RL happens, work happens and things don't always work out. So I don't want very restrictive activity requirements, especially if I decide to take on more characters (example: I can probably post with several characters/all a month, but not necessarily every one of them each week).
  • required post templates - anything that makes posting from mobile a hassle is a no-no. If it's automatic or I just have to add a thing before and after the post, I'll consider it. But, I prefer not having to deal with it.
  • no character caps/no low character caps - if I like it somewhere, I'll probably want to explore more aspects of the world/site and/or take on wanted characters. I don't run a the sight of a character cap. Unless it's like, you have to have 150 post on all accounts etc.


Anyway, thank you for reading through this and for any and all suggestions ❤️ I live in Norway so I'm not always going to be around at the same time as US people, which is fine, unless your site is very rapid-fire focused because that's generally not the greatest mix.


Also, I do tend to site-stalk and take my time, so if you see me around on and off that's just how I roll 🙂

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Hi Vildea, I have a newly opened site that could interest you. Dulce Bellum is set in a cozy seaside town filled with mysteries and secrets. Our society is matriarchal, with witches dominating society and running the military. We don’t have word counts, none at all, post what you want. Please don’t write us a paragraph about the dead plant in the corner (unless you decide you want to). We have relaxed activity requirements of only 2 IC posts per month. Obviously, we’d love as much activity as you can manage but we’re adults and life can get away from us all sometimes. We do have required bbcode templates, of which the most simple is so it’s pretty easy even mobile. Hopefully we’re tempting enough that you’ll consider us with them! And we also have no character caps. Please make as many characters as you can keep active. Hope you’ll consider us and good luck on your search!


PS. I just posted my directory link so it may take a little bit for it to show up!




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Hi Vildea! 


I currently run a Riddle Era Harry Potter site based in the 1950s. All of our characters are 18+ and we have a nice group of characters that are 30+ (and everything in between). We don't have a word count; we prefer our members to write however much they are comfortable with.  Our activity checks are at the beginning of every on-site month, which is typically 2-3 months in real time. The requirements for the AC are usually one active thread per character during that on site month- completed threads, posts in events, and OWLs all count toward the requirement. However, we are very lenient with activity. We are all adults and we all have lives outside of RP, so if something comes up and it's going to take a while for someone to get back into the swing of things- all they have to do is let me know and their characters will be safe in any upcoming AC. 


We also don't have required post templates. It doesn't matter to us how you are posting your replies, so long as you are enjoying what you are doing. We do offer templates to be used and quick codes like [p1*], and members are allowed to use templates they like. But as I said, they aren't mandatory by any means. We do have a small character cap, we ask for 10 in character posts (thread replies, owls) before beginning your next application. You can, of course, start your WIP character while you meet that requirement. Otherwise, the only "cap" we have is that members cannot make immediate relatives of their current character if they are a major canon. For instance, if I played Walburga Black, I would not be able to make her brother Alphard. 


I'm terribly sorry that this got so wordy! I'm glad you missed RP and I hope you find a site that fits your needs. Below you will find my directory listing. ❤️



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