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silk & blood

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Victorian Era, Regency Era, Georgian Era, Roaring Twenties, Medieval, Renaissance, Medieval-Inspired Fantasy, Gothic Horror/Suspense, Supernatural, Family Drama

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, School & College, Science Fiction, Fandom see below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    School & College, Animals, Science Fiction, Fandom-Based


Detailed Search Information

I adore historical fiction, researching time periods is one of my principle hobbies! I'm particularly fond of the Victorian era and late medieval period to Renaissance, but I'm open-minded and enjoy having the chance to learn about new places and eras.


I also love Game of Thrones-inspired fantasy settings that have a focus on feudal politics and courtly intrigue. When it comes to invented universes, I prefer a heavy structure with detailed lore and canons over more "free-for-all" games. In general, I enjoy having a lot of established concepts within the game, and for supernatural characters or ones with magic abilities to be given a lot of explanation on the parameters they're working within. 


Although zombies and post-apocalyptic horror do not interest me, I love paranormal horror and killers, and any sort of gothic horror games are particularly wonderful. I also enjoy modern settings with a focus on darker interpersonal relationships, and a sort of "domestic thriller" plotline. Straight-forward human/modern settings interest me less.


I love writing long posts, so word count is no object for me, and I tend to prefer advanced games over looser ones. Thank you!!

User Feedback

Recommended Comments


I think you might like Give No Quarter! We're a fantasy pirate RP set in a fantasy realm called Atelus. We technically have no word count, but have lots of posters that post quite detailed posts! We have RL face claims and are a pretty friendly bunch. Thanks for checking us out 🙂

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Hello @Violette


I enjoyed reading your RP search and would like to invite you to check out my sites! Hopefully, one or more of them will suit what you are looking for.


The Chronicles of Aereth is an original concept medieval-ish, high fantasy or sword and sorcery RP. It draws its inspiration from several fandoms (everything from Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones). Once we build a decent player base, we will be emphasizing mystery, adventure, and political intrigue. We are active but slow, thanks to Covid-19.


Sagas of the Wild West is what its name sounds like! It is an American wild west RP set in a fictionalized version of Kalispell, Montana in 1875. We can offer lots of action and adventure and quite a bit of intrigue as well. We are not altering major historical events, but we are trying to keep the feel of the old western movies and TV series. 


Smuggler's Blues is a Roaring 1920s era RPG. Set in 1924 Miami, it revolves around the lives of various people and the overall issue of Prohibition and the Volstead Act. There are numerous plots being discussed and planned. This is our youngest RPG (opened last month). However, we do have a solid player base and lots of enthusiasm going for us.


All of our sites are 18+ for language and possible graphic violence. We prefer fade-to-black when it comes to romance. We have no word counts and no activity checks. All three sites offer a one account / multi-character set-up. All you need to do is create your OOC account and when you fill out your character sheets, they automagically attach to your account for ease of writing as your characters. There are no character limits either!


Please check us out! 

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Hello @Violette!


You might enjoy my site Cineri. We're a medieval-era fantasy site with an original world and lots of lore to go into it. Our guidebook is easy to peruse, and we have LOTS of plots going on right now particularly in the realm of political shifts/power-families/etc 🙂

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Hi Violette! Dulce Bellum might interest you. As far as your wants go, we'd probably fit best as a mix of paranormal and 'thriller'. We take place in a very complex small town, with old feuds and deep relationships. The Military fort is conducting strange experiments, the town itself is weird. There is tons of potential for complex, interweaving plots. No history to research I'm afraid but we've got a really great bunch of people and I think it'd be worth checking out for you!


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Hi Violette!  


Absinthe may be right up your alley!  We are a realistic historical forum set in London in 1851. Our emphasis is on the written word and the ability to tell a dramatic and engaging tale woven with intricacy to entrap the reader. Our concept is based on popular literature and musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Jekyll & Hyde, Jack the Ripper and My Cousin Rachel.

The site was originally created as a compliment to the field of historical sites catering to those who wish to step back in time and create a world around historical ancestry. We welcome dark intrigue here. As we are a 3/3/3 rating, we encourage well thought out plots that contain violence, mystery, calamity, the macabre, and the suspenseful. Those of us who write here enjoy living in the shadows and writing in blood, or the angst and intrigue of a new romance.

Some unique features to our new community: 

- User CP apps
- BBCode enabled
- Temporary "Victim" Accounts
- Site Canons
- Discord Embed
- Easily Viewable with dark and light skins

Come check us out at: https://absinthe.jcink.net
or visit our discord at: https://discord.gg/Etck2uu
Check out our trailer!



Absinthe Home |  The Plot | Site Canons | Advertising | Want ads


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On A Dream of Spring, the AU Medieval Fantasy based on Game of Thrones, there is a simple and straightforward freeform application, that is just handy as a base to begin. We like to see the stories that are told by the characters!

So, here are some reasons why we think you’re going to really love A Dream of Spring; we’re a well-established site (coming up on two years old now), with friendly staff & members who always work to make sure you’re both welcomed immediately from the get-go and are never left out of any of the action when it comes to threads, plots and the story you’re looking to write with the characters you bring to the site.

You’ll find that the lore is all contained on the site and while we recognise the inspiration and credit the ASOIAF universe, we’re less a fandom and more an original game that is set in that world. Anytime you might have a question you will find the staff willing to help out and answer and of course, the members also like to be on hand to assist and get to know you as you settle in and get established.

All of which we sincerely hope encourages you to come over and check us out!



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home || newbie guide || rules


The year is 20 BC. The last of the Ptolemies have been put down with the death of Cleopatra and her lover... the gelded, dissident, ex-patriot, Marc Antony. Rome stands in its own shadow at the zenith of its militaristic power and glory, the conqueror of the known world. Yet under the heavy yoke of strict morality laws enforced by Rome's new emperor Caesar Augustus, many citizens flee to Pompeii to escape the tyranny of sexual repression for a few weeks -- some end up staying there indefinitely, seduced by the siren song of Venus-Aphrodite, patron goddess for whom the city flourishes.


A coastal city on the shore of the Mediterranean's gleaming, turquoise and tempest waves, she is arguably much older than Rome's fabled founders, Romulus and Remus; far more steeped in traditions that beat like a heart's torrid rhythm, pounding out every step in a forbidden dance of desire.


She is Pompeii. And she is an all-devouring Mistress. Mother to all form of satyr and nymph, where the wine flows freely and the Dance of Syrtos never ends.


  • POMPEII is an original, historical fiction role play
  • Canon site; lots of characters to choose from
  • EASY application
  • NO word counts, though quality is essential
  • SKILL level is Intermediate to Advanced
  • RATING - Mature (Adult, R)









Edited by Patrick

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