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some kind of disaster

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  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human, Science Fiction
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  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, School & College
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I'm looking for a few new places and am willing to try pretty much any genre there is, with the exception of like... two... genres, which are animal-based and school/college. I barely graduated by the skin of my teeth. I don't want to put a character through a similar discomfort. Under the right circumstances, however, I could be swayed on an animal-based site. Just need to give me the right motivation. As for the rest of the genres, while I'm not keen on fandom RPs, I will take part in them, provided either the character I'm applying for has a wiki page *or* the site allows for original characters. If you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask me if your site is what I'm looking for. With everything that's going on, I'm probably not going to stop at one... And I regret nothing.

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I can offer you an RPG in two of your genres...


Chronicles of Aereth is a sword and sorcery RPG with a medieval-ish setting. It's been around for quite awhile, but we recently restarted it. Lots of lore to read!


Sagas of the Wild West is an American western/frontier RPG set in the 1870s in a fictionalized version of Kalispell, Montana. Major historical events will not be altered.


Smuggler's Blues is a brand-new, just out of the box RPG set in the Roaring 20s (1920s Prohibition era RPG). We opened on the 16th of March and are already working on IC threads!


Stop by and kick the tires!

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Then I'll recommend Metro Beyond. It is "technically" a fandom site but everything you need to know about the history is here:


We all have OCs and don't play canon characters.


The premise of it is that it's Post apocalyptic Russia after nukes hit the city and people fled into the subway system to survive. There are crazy mutants and bandits etc. Feel free to pop into our discord to chat or ask me any questions here.

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Check out Seven Pillars. Original World medievalish high magic fantasy, small community and customizable plots. Fae are meddling, the peasants are revolting, magic sometimes explodes. Fun times. 🙂

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You mention horror & supernatural in your genre list, so the Irenic Institute might be something to consider. Set in modern day London, covert agents fight supernatural threats from other realms of reality. Everything from cults of Old Ones to mad scientists mixing the occult with technology. Think Agents of Shield meets Cthulhu mythos.


Good luck in your search!

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On 10/12/2019 at 6:31 PM, Lavadakins said:

Hello there!

I don't know if you were still looking but I wanted to showcase our site, Sangre Noir! It is set in an original modern, supernatural setting where the whole story is set in a sandbox fashion!

The site is set for 3-3-3, anything that you are comfortable with you can play (with a few understandable no-no's)! We have a great many species, including humans!

We try to be as relaxed and creative as possible as this site has been around since 2013 but we recently re-opened and re-vamped the entire lore as well as species! We'd love to have you drop in on our discord or PM one of us as our Guidebook is open to everyone to peruse!


"Supernatural beings have always existed among us. 
We were just too ignorant and blind to see the truth.
It was always right in front of our eyes."

They have remained hidden in the shadows and in plain sight, ever watchful and deciding to play God, the nemesis, the friend or the lover. They have been the creators or the executioners; sinners and saints. But now that their own conflict (both in our world and in their alternate realm) has concluded, the representatives of their races have decided it is time to reveal themselves to the world of us ignorant humans. The times have finally caught up with the supernatural races and the decision to assimilate into human society is at hand. But will the others of their species just sit idly by and let it happen? Or will they do all they can to stop it? What will us humans, as a collective, do in response to this? Will we accept it or rise up against it with all of our strength?

So come and join us. 
Do you have what it takes to survive in this world of darkness? 
In this world of Black Blood?


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 On A Dream of Spring, the AU Medieval Fantasy based on Game of Thrones, there is a simple and straightforward freeform application, that is just handy as a base to begin. We like to see the stories that are told by the characters!

So, here are some reasons why we think you’re going to really love A Dream of Spring; we’re a well-established site (coming up on two years old now), with friendly staff & members who always work to make sure you’re both welcomed immediately from the get-go and are never left out of any of the action when it comes to threads, plots and the story you’re looking to write with the characters you bring to the site.

You’ll find that the lore is all contained on the site and while we recognise the inspiration and credit the ASOIAF universe, we’re less a fandom and more an original game that is set in that world. Anytime you might have a question you will find the staff willing to help out and answer and of course, the members also like to be on hand to assist and get to know you as you settle in and get established.

All of which we sincerely hope encourages you to come over and check us out!



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Hey there @Ragnar Lodbrok!


Not sure if you're looking, but I wanted to throw my site Cineri you're way. We are a medieval-era fantasy site with an original world that is sandbox style. We have a core community of veteran members, but we are always thrilled to rope someone new into our crazy shenanigans ❤️ 


Edited by Cineri

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^ My want ads, but there are factions available outside of mine. You can also make an independent not part of any of the "major" factions, or even acting on their own. You can change up stuff how you want, too, if you take one of these but I'd like to hear what you're changing if you do ^_^

There's this site. I roleplay the Emperor on it, and really want more people on the board cause I love it. It's a Star Wars site with some elements not commonly seen. It's an AU set in 400 ABY, but characters from major bloodlines aren't allowed - so there are no Skywalkers, or Palpatines. It makes use of a group of radical republican special operations soldiers called the Skytroopers that operate on a parody of Kreia's philosophy (from KOTOR/KOTOR 2), and if you don't know who that is BASICALLY they want to eradicate the Force. We have some interesting Force-sensitives on the board and being created. The Sith are operating in Hutt Space, which until recently has been controlled by the Calrissian Cartel (IE Lando Calrissian's descendants), and hail from Kesh - thus being members of the Lost Tribe of Sith.


Edited by Bluepillar

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Hi there, @Ragnar Lodbrok- I'm not sure if you're still looking for a site to write on, but if you are, might I suggest Silversteel? We're a newly opened forum looking for members, but let me give you a quick run down on why we might appeal to you:-

  • Our setting is original, but slots into a few of the categories you've specified: medieval (inspired), supernatural, human - I suppose you could call us a medieval shifter RP
  • We have fairly in-depth lore, but with aspects left purposefully undeveloped to allow people to make their own mark on the place and write the kind of character they want to. 
  • We're an easy going bunch whose focus is on writing posts and plotting with our characters. Our activity requirements are pretty loose - at least one post a week with your currently active threads. This allows people to be more (or less) active as they need. We have no activity checks and no requirement for members to do any 'busywork' posting to claims etc - we aim for our site to be a low key, friendly place where people can just come to write.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to me here on site or check us out at the link I posted above. I wish you all the best finding your new roleplay home(s) 🙂

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I have no idea if you are still looking or not but I HAVE to try no? We got you in the Medieval Magic genre at Dragon Lore! You are welcome to just visit and look around! 



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