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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Human, Science Fiction, Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Fandoms I'm in/familiar with:

    Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts- As long as there are options beyond being a student/teacher at one of the magic schools. I run a Fantastic Beasts/WW2 era site so if this is your thang definitely hit me up.

    Black Jewels Trilogy- Run one of these bad boys to so poke your girl for playtime. 

    OUaT- I've only seen the first few seasons and this is not something I think I would really enjoy but you never know.

    Dragon Age- ❤️


    I have Netflix and Hulu so could potentially pick up a new fandom if its something I don't have to binge 30 seasons of to understand. I also read sometimes and could maybe probably sort of be convinced to check out a new series if it were short. 


Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, School & College, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Not really interested in much anime/manga since I have not watched/read many. I know a tiny bit of Naruto lore, from the manga not the show. And I know some D.Grayman. Could be a possibility in the future if its something a friends was really into and could provide me with free and legal resources to get to know the material. 


    I also don't know anything about Pern. I am reading the first book now but its slow going as I don't much enjoy the writing style. 


    I am over writing Hogwarts stuff. 


    I have never seen a single word/episode of Game of Thrones stuff and I will not be going there. Not sorry. 



About Me

Grumpy mom of 3 with social anxiety issues looking for more friends. Are you won over yet? No? 


Um. Ok. So I am in my late twenties, spend too much time online, and co-admin 2 sites. So ngl, I'm really not looking to join another. It's a hard probably not though. You never know when that just right Dragon Age game will pop up or what have you. I am not the easiest person to get to know because I am reactive more than interactive. :x Or at least, I just don't reach out that much or so I am told. Also not always a completely reliable writer. I have slow periods just like everyone else. But I love to write, and I am already in a friend group with a couple of excellent writers. So if you make friends with me, or at least write great words for me, then you will get all of them also. 😁

Play Style

When I am on I am ON. I can do a couple of posts a day. I can write anywhere from 150 to 1000+ words in a post. Just depends on what the thread calls for. My favorite threads take precedence. I know that makes me a bitch. I'm not going to apologize. I write where the muse is strong because I am writing to have fun. When things are slower I can take a week or two to get a post out. Really just depends but I am always very communicative with my writing partners about this sort of thing. I allow minor instances of godmodding, to get my character moving or to progress the story forward. If you're not sure just ask, most likely its fine. I also do this to other characters so if you are a strict 'don't touch my babies' player then I am not going to make you happy. 

IC Limits

Child loss is my only 'trigger' but I require no warnings. I am a grown up so I just stop reading if its too much for me. I prefer not to write on sites that are not 18+/3-3-3 rated.

Plots I'd Like

Oh man, I could fill this section tbh. I have a ton of characters, and I don't keep on top of my want ads because I just have so many I want! Talk to me! We will figure it all out I am extremely plotty. Just don't expect me to hold your hand or create your character for you and we will be fine for plots. I am particularly interested in:

Complicated family relationships & emotionally fulfilling romances. Just because I play a super super super huge chunk of angsty stuff (and yes I will write that gritty shiz with you too) so a bit of fluff would be nice. Also, I mostly play the males in m/f relationships. Not really by choice? I feel like I write the guys better, and for a broad variety of reasons the threads/ships where I write the girl never seem to do much or go anywhere. I would like someone to help me rectify that. So if you only play girls we are just not going to be compatible. 

Writing Samples

It is important to me that our writing styles be somewhat similar. Here is a starter post I recently wrote just as an example of my normal length/wordiness.


It was likely not the way most young witches dreamed of spending their wedding night. Mittenless on a chilly spring evening in an empty apartment without so much as a blanket. There was a radiator thankfully. A clunky muggle contraption she had fought for over an hour to make work. The thing hummed unpleasantly while it heated the air. Outside a thick rain flooded the streets. Fat drops of it had fallen on the wedding party as they gathered at her stepmother’s townhouse for the ceremony and reception. A few of her schoolmates had been in attendance, and her mentor from St. Mungo’s too. But most of the attendees were Ester’s people. Ester and her nephew. Who, Marigold remember with a strange heaviness catching in her throat, was her husband now. 


As she huddled as close as she could get to the radiator in her rented room Marigold’s mind whirled. The rush of leaving had subsided. And she realized now how ridiculous she had been. But she couldn’t quite muster any remorse either. Perhaps Mister Ballard was a nice man once one got to know him. Though she had seen no signs of such in their short time together. Ester, however, was irredeemably awful. Anything Marigold could do to punish her was worthwhile. What sort of woman used an ultimatum against her own stepchild?! It made sense, of course, to the shrewd mind of a Ravenclaw. Pureblood matches were hard to come by. Why not foist her off in a way that benefited the family instead of having to support her with an allowance? Nevermind the dowery her parents had left in her will. That was a pile of knuts she would never see.


Really it was all very unfair! She was old enough to live on her own, if only she had a few galleons to get started. Toes curling in their wet stockings she wished she had been clever enough to replace the thin pantyhose with good woolies. Or at least had put on wellingtons. Instead she stood, like a fool, soaked to the bone wearing a wedding gown, in a completely empty one bedroom apartment she could only afford for two weeks. Which left no monies at all for food or clothes or a bed to sleep on. And it wasn’t even a nice place. The last residents had not been fond of cleaning it seemed. Through the thing walls the coughs and squeals of neighbors and their children made her flinch. 


So yes, it had been stupid to leave after marrying the man. And before seeing if he might offer a life less frustrating than the one she was trying to leave. Stupider still to have not prepared for running away- no, no escaping! Merlin's beard she didn’t even have a teapot. Mortification outweighed sense, however, keeping her from going back. No reason to look silly and incapable, she supposed. With a sigh she looked the dusty floor over with a skeptical eye. She would just have to tough it out. Tonight would be a long, uncomfortable and very chilly night. At least it wasn’t carpet. She would likely get some sort of muggle parasite in her hair if it had been carpet.


A firm knock on the door shook her from her self pity. With a squeak she pulled her wand from the inside of her robe, hiding it against her chest. She said not a word but the length of Alder gave a soft shudder and flashed a charm over the door. It showed her there was a wizard on the other side. Odd, for a muggle building, and probably not good news. Had Ester called the Aurors on her for stealing? Had she toed the line of the statue by potentially paying with wizarding money? Oh bother she didn’t even want to know. Maybe they had a teapot though...

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Hey there. We are looking for active writers to join our Harry Potter based site. I now you said you are over Hogwarts, but ours is based on the world and located in New York. We are also in the process of incorporating different species, such as Fae, to shake things up. 


I'm an admin there and would be happy to write with you. Our site can be found here: Witch Wicked

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