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Autistic Guys Ideas

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Preferred Genres

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    Fandom mainly

Unwanted Genres

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    Animals, Medieval Magic


About Me

Autistic, I have ideas...I find it hard to describe myself cause I'm unsure whats too much or unneeded or....yeah, I prefer to play male, I'm comfortable with that and I'd rfer any writing partners be able to at least write or play female characters.

I feel communication is important with me, if I'm messing up or doing something wrong, please tell me, I'm sure we can resolve any problems with communication.

I use discord only, yeah, feel free to add me if you're interested

Play Style

I like being able to set the scene and sometimes I may kinda take control of the other persons character but I don't intentionally set out to do that.

I'd prefer if you wanna use my character and if I use yours that we ask eachother.

I like to post a few times a day, at least once or twice, dnt like waiting days at a time for a reply

Any other questions, feel free to ask me?

Plots I'd Like

I have some relating to Fallout, one requiring someone who can play Cass from New Vegas, my ideas mainly pertain to New Vegas and 4.

I have some marvel ones, one pertaining to X-23 and Gabby and Rouge...yeah, sorry

I have others but those listed I am more comfortable and confident and have an idea of where the story will go.

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