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Box O' Monsters

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I'm currently looking for sci-fi, high fantasy, modern fantasy, or science fantasy in terms of general genres.

    I also play some fandoms-- DC and Marvel being what tend towards the most, though the Hellboy universe is something I've wanted to get involved with for a while. I've also been wanting to give Lord of the Rings a spin, but I haven't had a chance to play much in that fandom, and I'm still learning some of the lore, so you'll have to be patient with me while I catch up and flesh out the characters involved. Lastly, I'm willing to give Star Wars a go as well, though I only currently have one character for that fandom.

    As usual, I have some world walkers and dimension hopping characters, so if you'd like to try something new, ask me about them and I'll tell you more. These are usually used as panfandom or crossover characters.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Historical, School & College, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I need my worlds with a little touch of weird. The stranger the characters I'm playing against, the more interesting! That being said, that rather leaves out most 'Slice of Life' genres, schools, and real life flavors of things. I'm also not really looking to play animals (outside of my shapeshifters, of course), at the current moment.


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About Me

Hey there! You can call me Krepta, or Jabberwookie if you prefer. I'm 27, I can be shy, but I enjoy talking to my roleplay partners. It might be hard for me to initiate the conversation sometimes, but once you get me going I rarely shut up. I like to think I'm friendly and open, but I've got quiet/grumpy days just like everyone else. I started off on Neopets back when it was a roleplay hub, which was probably when I was in middle school, sometime, I think.

I'm fond of anything scaly (I grew up on things like Jurassic Park, Dragonheart, and Dinotopia), but also animals in general, and I can tell you plenty of weird facts about them. I draw and write outside of roleplay, and have a DA, though I'm a bit shy about both. I'm fond of 80's music, tea, cool socks, and Batman. I also enjoy watching movies over rabbit with my online buds, so if we get along well, expect an invitation at some point!

If you'd like to see a sample post from me, you can find on on the bottom of the page linked here.

Play Style

Do your characters control their own actions or do you have control of your characters?

My characters are pretty headstrong. They do what they're going to do, but they're all pretty good at generating and furthering plots. I don't think I have any plot-stopper personalities in my crowd. I may be willing to nudge characters in the right direction with outside influences, such as something happening in the environment or an NPC, but I won't twist their personalities for anyone, sorry.

Do you allow people to god-mode or power play your characters without permission?

Within reason, if my characters are unconscious or otherwise logically unable to react, you may move them around. In general though, it always best to ask, and please never assume my characters are going to react a certain way or write them for me.

Do you like rapid fire or to wait a few days for a post?

I can swing between rapid fire on good days, and slower posts when things get busy or energy levels are low. I typically don't go longer than two weeks though, and I'll always keep you updated on what's going on. I don't believe in ghosting people. All I ask is that you do the same for me. I'm pretty patient.

Do you stand on your head while you type?

I tried, but it didn't help. Can I stand on yours instead?


Put anything that you feel is relevant to the other person that is interested in playing with you.

Write as much or as little as you like, seriously! I can churn out a text wall if the situation calls for it, or just about a paragraph if it's a quicker, dialogue based situation. I believe in quality over quantity. All I ask is that you match my writing in terms of quality and give me something to work with in your replies. I tend to average about three paragraphs, but again, this fluctuates.  I write in third person, past tense. I'm okay if you don't.  Also! Communicate! If you're not sure about something, ask! I swear I ain't gunna bitechu.

IC Limits

I ask that scenes involving domestic violence or child abuse are avoided, as I have a personal history with those, and references to strangulation be vague. I'm not really interested in roleplays involving detailed descriptions of sexual violence, but references to or mentions of it is fine.


I'm also not really looking for grim-dark, angsty plots. I'm okay with drama, but in balance to everything else. I don't want it to be all our roleplay is comprised of.


EDIT: I wanted to clarify, because I've been getting a lot of these requests-- While I am open to romance in our roleplays if it should naturally evolve between characters, I am not looking for this to be the sole purpose or goal of our roleplay. I am also not interested in per-defined relationships between characters such as the typical character type x character type pairings. If this is what you are searching for in a roleplay, then you will likely be disappointed looking here.

Plots I'd Like

I like fish out of water plots. I enjoy seeing my characters try to adapt to new surroundings, strange individuals, or different cultures. It's hard to get too weird with me. While I'm not opposed to drama and angst in measured doses, I prefer it further a character than be the focal point of the roleplay. I lean more towards hopeful tones than grimdark. That being said, I still love spooky stuff, and 'dark but not evil' is a loved theme.

I tend to play fast and loose when it comes to plots and let the characters build off each other naturally, with plotting acting as a guide rather than a template. It's fun to throw characters into a prickly or awkward situation and see how they react. I'd be happy to come up with some more concrete plots too, but they would depend on the genre and characters involved.

Other Information

You can contact me here, on discord, or through my email! I'll roleplay through any of those three as well, though I'm most comfortable on the later two.


Discord: Krepta#5707

Email: Krepta_drake@yahoo.com

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Hey! I have a Harry Potter website I'd love to write with you on (or I'm willing to go to most others if you have one you're already part of) and that's kind of modern fantasy-ish. Hit me up if you still need partners ❤️

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