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Call me, Beep me, If you wanna plot with me :)

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:
    • The Vampire Diaries/The Originals
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • X-Men
    • Stranger Things
    • Teen Wolf
    • Split/Glass
    • Hunger Games
    • Variety of Animes
      • Diabolik Lovers
      • Vampire Knight
      • Inuyasha
      • Ouran High School Host Club
      • Maid Sama
      • Angels of Death
      • Gosick
    • These aren't as specific and are just bases for plots
      • Alice In Wonderland
      • Pokemon
      • Detective Partners
      • Supernatural/fantasy
        • Vampires, fairies, werewolves, etc.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:


About Me

Yes, hello, okay so the names Tulsa and I'm twenty-one years old which is exciting-ish.  I'm currently in my third year at University and am majoring in theatre, and yes I am a little overdramatic sometimes, but I'm not awful, I swear!  Back to the positives; I've been roleplaying for about seven years give or take a few.  I've always been more interested in fandom plots, but I could get with originals depending on the subject.  As stated on my profile, I'm really bad at talking about myself so I hope this works!

Play Style

I would definitely consider myself literate-adv. literate.  I love to write, especially if I'm heavily invested in the characters and/or plot we're pursuing.  Of course, always quality over quantity, but both is my favorite!  Oh, and I also tend to only play females which I know is a turn-off for some, but it is what it is.  

IC Limits

  • Personally, I like to believe my characters are in charge of their own actions.  I like to fully dive into them as a person and portray them correctly.  Obviously, there's a piece of me in my original characters, but I do strive for them to each be their own person.
  • Please please PLEASE do not god mod.  It just takes the fun out of it and makes it feel like a chore rather than something to look forward to.  I roleplay to escape my real life, I want to be able to enjoy the escape.
  • I loooove rapid fire!  It just revs everything up and gets me so excited to keep writing.  However, I also understand people have lives outside of roleplay so I'm totally content waiting a few days in between.
  • Unfortunately I do not stand on my head while I type, I have a nose piercing though.   (Idk I just felt boring so I wanted to add something)

Plots I'd Like

  • I love forbidden romance, no matter how cliche it is
  • Childhood friends is always fun

  • The more angst, the better

  • Canon&Oc is my favorite thing

Writing Samples

1. This was Paige’s first year teaching in her hometown of Beacon Hills, she hadn’t been back since the night of the animal attack.  Memories swiftly flooded back of that night, but doing as her therapist instructed, Paige took deep breaths and was eventually able to calm down.  She had been at the High School for about a month now, and the administration had finally approved her request to make a concert band.  The cheer she felt from the victory carried over into her classes throughout the day, and even into the first rehearsal of the new band.  There were eight students signed up, and she hoped that within the coming years the band would grow to a point where they could even have auditions!  For now though, Paige was happy with her eight-student band, and began to pass out sheet music.  

Rehearsal was running rather smoothly considering it was only their first day, and for the first time in a while, Paige was happy.  She was enforcing her knowledge of music into the young minds of her students, and even if none of them pursue a career in the arts, it’s a talent they’ll always possess.  The dark haired girl announced that the students could take a break as she found another song to teach. As the students filed out, she browsed through her songbook. They only had until four thirty, so she didn’t want something too long.  In five minutes flat, the students came back in, eager to continue. It reminded her of her own drive as a child, and the fact that so many of her students matched that passion, only made her happiness grow.  

It was four fifteen and Paige had begun her ending remarks, but when a couple of the girls’ gazes dreamily wandered to the door frame, Paige’s eyes followed.  What waited for her, was the definition of ‘tall, dark, and handsome.’ She watched the teenage girls fawn over him and smiled to herself softly, before confronting the stranger.  “Can I help you with something?” The teacher asked, setting her papers down and leaning against the piano behind her. As handsome as he was, he was also a stranger in their school, and it seemed he didn’t have a visitor’s badge. 


2.  Evelyn Dumbledore, otherwise known as Evie, had been asked to the Yule Ball by a boy from Ravenclaw.  It having been a few days until the actual dance and being without a date, Evie accepted his invitation.  Was it who she wanted to ask her? No, not exactly, but anything was better than going alone. As the date was so close she already had her dress picked out and had to explain to her date what color tie he could wear.  When the night did arrive she met him at the grand staircase in her silver gown. Her hair hung in loose curls around her face and her bangs were held back by a shimmering feather given to her by her father.  The night went by pretty quickly; there was food, dancing, and even some live music.  It was at eleven o'clock when things took a turn... Evie had left her date to go get some punch for the two of them, and when she came back she found him with his lips pressed against someone else's.  Yes the date was friendly enough, but the fact that he was kissing someone else while he was there with her was embarrassing! She sucked in her cheeks and without even thinking tossed the punch over the couple, storming out of the hall angrily. 


After pacing back and forth, the girl finally stopped in front of a window overlooking the lake Hogwarts was built on.  She sighed, why was she so upset? She barely even knew this boy and yet here she was, letting him ruin her night. Then again, how could she not?  The whole point of a date was to always have someone to dance with and talk to, and he betrayed that unspoken promise. Pulling the silver feather from her hair, she let the now loose pieces fall back into her face.  Her eyes had drifted out to the glistening water, the moon had reflected off of the water and in turn made for a beautiful view for an upset girl.  


Evie sighed as she tucked the hair back behind her ear, chewing at her bottom lip while trying to decide what to do. A voice rang through the silence, interrupting her thoughts with an accusation.  Turning to see who it was her eyes landed on Blaise Zabini. A small smirk settled onto her lips as she leaned back against the cool wall. 


 "My date ditched me for another girl, there's not much fun for me in there."  She shrugged looking him up and down, noticing his robes.


  Her eyes never left him, and they shouldn't have considering he was looking at her like she was a piece of meat.  


With a roll of her eyes she pushed away from the wall and walked closer to him, "I dunno, it depends on how well your charm worked I suppose."  


 Evie began, circling around him, "I could blow you off, laughing at your attempt,"  she started, "Or there's always the slim chance that you succeed, then the outcome could be vastly different for you.”   


3.  Everyone knew Caroline Forbes, Averie was practically invisible in comparison. Then again, her sister had gone through a lot in the last year... She was turned into a vampire, their mother died, hell their dad basically killed her, and yet here she was: strong and confident as ever. Averie knew it had been hard for her sister, and while she sympathized with her it felt like no one did with the younger Forbes. Her only real friend, Vicki, was killed by the younger Salvatore brother. Since then Averie hasn't recovered. The Forbes had been through a lot of loss, but the two sisters were determined to push forward. It just seemed to be much easier for Caroline.


Averie sat under an old oak tree to eat during her lunch hour. With her headphones in her ears she didn't even notice her sister until she was directly in front of her. She noticed the older girl's lips moving, but couldn’t hear her until she removed her ear buds.


"Ave you're going to have to take the bus, I forgot I have practice today." Caroline shrugged, a small frown on her face.


The younger girl rolled her eyes, "This is the second time this week Caroline, I have shit to do."


Her tone raised as she spoke, getting frustrated the more she thought about it. The problem wasn't that Caroline forgot, it was that it had happened way more often than it should. Not to mention, they only have one car, and Caroline refuses to let Averie drive it.


Before Caroline could speak again Averie stood, "Whatever, it's fine. I'm not taking the bus though, I'll walk."


The girl turned on her heels only to be stopped, "C'mon Ave, you know I get worried with you walking by yourself. Please take the bus, I'll take you to the music store later?" Caroline offered, biting her lower lip hopefully.


"I'm seventeen for Christ's sake, if I want to walk two miles back to the house, I'm walking two miles back to the house." Having gotten her last word in, Averie pulled from her sister's grip and walked towards the school.


There were four periods left after lunch, and luckily for Averie they went by quickly. The final bell rang and she left the music room to join the flood of students in the hall. All the teens walked outside, some splitting to go to their cars or buses, others to the practice fields, and the rest, well who knows where. Averie on the other hand did as she said and started on her two mile walk home. She pulled her phone from her pocket and got ready to put on music until a drop of water fell onto her screen. Perfect. Following the single drop, it began to pour, and with no jacket Averie had no choice but to run.


As she reached a crosswalk, cars were flying by, leaving her to wait in the pouring rain for a chance to cross. Before she could though, a car horn sounded beside her. Turning to what she thought was Caroline's car, she was surprised to see the youngest Mikaelson at the driver's seat of a 2011 mustang.


"It's a bit cold for a swim, eh Forbes?" The boy laughed.


He was charming no doubt, but she knew enough from how Caroline spoke about Klaus then to leave her guard down.


The girl turned her head back around, pretending as if she hadn't seen him. Within seconds though, she felt his presence behind her.


"I'm trying to help you out, come on." He asked, holding out his hand.


Averie looked him up and down, the two of them now both drenched.




Kol pushes his hair back and squinted at her through the rain, "Listen, my brother wants to get on your sister's good side so he sent me to pick you up. I'm not gonna stand here all day and ruin a perfectly good jacket."


He walked back to his car and pulled open the passenger door, "Do you want a ride or not?"


The blonde girl chewed at her lip and looked around, was it the smartest choice? No. But she also didn't want to get any wetter than she already was. So, reluctantly she ran into his car, nodding in thanks as he shut her in.


4.  So much had happened over the course of Leighton’s fifth year,or should she say her first year?  She was in her fifth year of classes, but it was only her first year at Hogwarts. Regardless though, it had been eventful.  She had started the year with a babysitter, Draco Malfoy, the son of one of her father’s most loyal followers. The two had known each other since they were children and now here she was, worried about the same boy who had thrown mud at her when they were toddlers.  He had changed though, and so had she; but mostly, they had changed.  Their relationship was so much different then it had been in previous months, while in the past they were bickering, the present consisted of secret meetings and stolen kisses.  Tonight was different though, tonight was the night where everything would change.  


Leighton sat in the room of requirement, anxiously waiting for the Malfoy boy to return to her.  He promised that after the deed was completed he’d come for he and the two of them would run off together, and so she waited for him there, a packed bag by her side.  It had been hours and there was still no sign of him, she began to worry. Worrying led to pacing and soon pacing led to even more worrying. Her thoughts were filled with memories of his last words before he left her in the room, “After I do this, we’ll finally be able to be together.  I’m sure of it.” Then he kissed her and raced to the Astronomy Tower, where his victim awaited. Inhaling deeply, she ran her fingers through her blonde locks and made herself stand still.  


It had been four hours when the girl heard movement in the corridors, she prayed that it was Draco; but when fifteen minutes passed and no one entered the room, her hope subsided.  The clock soon struck midnight, and with no patience, or courage, left to wait around Leighton picked up her bag and moved towards the exit. Just as she did though, Draco came rushing into the room with a strange look on his face.  “Oh thank Merlin!” The girl exhaled running towards the older boy and wrapping her arms around him. She knew that this had been hard for him, he had been dreading it, and who wouldn’t be? Her hand moved to cup his cheek as she looked up at him, “Draco,”  Leighton whispered, “Are you alright?”


5. Violet Harmon was dead. Everyone she ever loved was dead, but at least they were together. The Murder House took the Harmons’ lives as it did most of its residents, luckily for Violet’s family though, they were happy together. In life, they had their quarrels, but in death the three of them had learned how to get along. They had to.

It was five years since the sixteen year old killed herself, five years since her mother died in childbirth, and five years since her father was hung from the chandelier. So much time had passed, and yet nothing changed.  Well, almost nothing....

While she was still alive, Violet had fallen in love. His name was Tate Langdon, and he was perfectly imperfect. His faults matched hers, and where they didn’t align, the two made up where the other lacked. She could see a future with him, and wanted nothing more than a simple life where the two of them could be together. Things were soon revealed though, that would keep that from ever happening.

After all of the things Tate had done, Violet commanded him to go away and leave her alone. He did. Things were hard at first, the transition from being in love with someone to never seeing them was a hard one, but she managed; or, she had managed until now.

Things had become so routine, so plain and repetitive, and her family could only give her so much. She learned to appreciate them more, and as good to her as they were, there were some things she just couldn’t talk to them about. There were some things she wouldn’t even admit to herself, so she went down to the basement silently instead.

Violet knew he’d be down there. There was no where else for him to go, as far as she knew, he’d still be sulking in the corner. With a deep breath, she opened the door and carefully walked down the steps, her eyes scanning the room for the blonde boy. “Tate?”  She called out, death gripping the railing as she stood on the bottom step, her eyes soon falling on the spirit she was looking for.

Other Information

OOC Information:

  • Will only play against someone 18+ 
  • Please be kind


If any of these fandoms sound interesting to you, please message me and/or comment which ones specifically and I can send you the ships I'm after 🙂

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User Feedback

Recommended Comments

I am not sure if you are interested (or willing) to join any sites. But I would love to run some plots and characters with you, I have one I am working toward that involves a forbidden romance and have a rather vague romance up that involves the possibility of them being a spy against both her husband and their whole region. This would be more of a fantasy element and it has a fandom element as it is a GOT/ASOIAF so I don't know if that helps or not. 


On the supernatural side, I have a whole range of them but they are again more site based. So, I will hold off until you have a chance to answer that and consider the above. 


I am personally about to turn 38 and am married with three children and my furbaby Snarf. I write as part of my own pain management routine and so will post daily in the range of 50+ posts spread over my sites and characters but if you want dedicated back and forth I will also do that as well. I am based in GMT. 


Other than that; good luck on your search!

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Long term is something I often look for myself, and I'd say that overall, our tastes align fairly well! Cheesy as they are, forbidden romances and childhood friends can be very sweet and a lot of fun to play, and having a good mix of angst in there helps balance things out. (Finding angstier rp in general can be difficult.)


I don't know if you'd be interested in Shuichi, but I'm very dedicated to playing him to the best of my abilities, regardless of setting. Otherwise, I'm interested in a variety of different games and anime, so we could discuss something else if you'd prefer!


Thanks for reading, PM me if interested.

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