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Creating Chaos

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Preferred Genres

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    Currently looking for someone that prefers writing original Supernatural/Mythos type RPs. This can range from cryptids, supernatural creatures, various mythologies and the like.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Other See below
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    I am not currently looking for anything else at the time but this may change!


About Me

I'm 31 years young, and currently love writing a wide variety of RPs from Supernatural to Marvel. I enjoy character development and plot driven stories. I have two cats and live in the city.

Play Style

I prefer to limit plotting and just jump into things. I don't mind setting up a bit of an outline/jumping off point but I prefer to get into things and see where that leads us. I enjoy watching things develop organically. When the time permits I love a good rapid fire but don't mind getting back in a few days. Word count doesn't matter to me, as long as it's enough for me to work with. I will try my best to match length. I am capable of doing both short and sweet posts, as well as longer more descriptive ones.

IC Limits

Anything goes, but I do prefer that things stay more plot driven. I don't mind a bit of closeness between characters when it makes sense to the plot, rather than doing it for the sake of things. 

Plots I'd Like

I'm really looking for someone that enjoys writing developed antagonists/protagonists and doesn't mind jumping right into posts and seeing where things go. I have several characters that I would love to throw your way and don't mind developing all new ones. I want to create some chaos! I am looking for someone that can be fairly active (at least posting once a week) but I understand when life is hell. I want to be able to communicate openly with he or she about what might be working and might not be working. I want someone excited about the things we are writing and enjoy it just as much as I am sure I will.

Writing Samples

Warmness engulfed her. The sensation wrapping around her whole body as if it was a familiar embrace. At first she was slightly alarmed, realizing that this sensation wasn’t one in which she was used to experiencing but Lrrow’s words helped to soothe any doubts that might have begun to surface. 


With an outstretched arm, she curled her fingers inwards and outwards, noticing that she hadn’t lost complete control. It was fear of hers that she would rather not experience. Control was something that brought her comfort, but she was well aware there were elements she had no control over which seemed to be the roots of most of her worries. It was in that moment that the stranger she once observed, Teh-ra now felt strangely familiar. She could understand her now and her name now became a bit easier. Terra.


The darkness that surrounded her now radiated out into a vast blanket of illuminated stairs. She noticed that Terra was standing on the edge of a pool of clear water, which casts a reflection of the stars around. A meteor of stone and crystals were seen deep below, resembling a gorgeous geode with fine powder of crystal grains. Alexis was speechless. There was something about this moment that was so pure and beautiful. She was almost completely content to stay in that moment.


Alexis looked up noticing that there was more to the scene. The air filled with the earthy, damp scents she hadn’t smelt in a while, the trees and swampland producing a rich array of sensations. There was something comforting about the wilderness but it wasn’t a place she had been often. Her eyes lifted to the sky to see a silky white moon, resembling a large pearl. It felt so strange, but so real. It took her a moment to realize the pale skinned blonde boy. The glow of his eyes absent.

Alexis watched as Terra bent over and allowed the cold water to touch her face. She felt the sensation wash over her, the thoughts and feelings of the woman she watched suddenly flooding over, but there was a distance to all of them. The ability to know that it wasn’t completely apart of her or her own. Once she pulled herself away Alexis began to feel a ache and a burning in her throat. She had to remind herself that she herself wasn’t necessarily experiencing it but being allowed to have a deeper connection with the memory that was being played before her.



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