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Critter roleplayer needed.

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  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic
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  • Unwanted Genres: Horror & Supernatural
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    School/ teacher student relations. EW


About Me

I'm looking for anyone to rp in the Criticalrole fandom. Specifically am looking for a Shaun Gilmore, or Percival De Rolo. I had one on tumblr who I was good friends with but they disappeared when the ban happened on tumblr. Thus my predicament. I am flexible but am looking to rp an oc of mine that is about 6 years in the making. Cursed Ranger/ Warlock with a potentially long winded quest line for story development. Angsts galore. I also play Caleb Widogast, and I have a plethora of ocs.

I really am looking for someone who can go for long plot lines, slow burns, and build ups in story. Look forward to seeing where this goes. Have been hunting for close to 3 months.

Play Style

I range between one liner, and multi paragraph roleplay. I adore plotting out scenes, and seeing the reactions of the characters. Emotion is incredible to experience through their point of view. I write in third person of course, and enjoy timelines, and such. My characters control their own actions, as well as their animal companions if any. Your character controls their own actions. Of course things like spells or possession are up for discussion. Communication is key. Sorry but I don't enjoy flat out god modding. I won't do it to yours either of course. I do also enjoy rapid fire replies, and I tend to do that a lot, but i you need some time I have no issue waiting for a reply. 

IC Limits

I do not roleplay dubious concent, or non consent, I'm ok with general smut, and I am willing to discuss kink stuff if that sort of thing comes up. I will not do anything involving children, or animals as far as abuse or the like. 

Plots I'd Like

I have a long running plot with close to three dozen individual scenes I have planned out. 
Plot is for that of a cursed immortal ranger/warlock. Trapped in the service of a demon who tricked him. Now he is on a quest to find an ancient celestial ritual to break the curse and free his soul. I would like romance, bc I ship Gilmore with being happy and my ranger is a people pleaser, even if he is very much in the closet. But again romance is not required, the irony would be funny though. Yet another dark clad roguish handsome man finding his way into Gilmore's life. Long story short, there is a long and slowburn plot in mind here. One of damnation and redemption, and finally getting freedom after over two centuries in the dark. Good action, angst, fluff, and lots of other potentials here. 

Writing Samples

Vincent had to admit he didn't feel good about this. He never like being close to innocent people, seeing as crossfires tended to happen. But then again this was the last place he had to check. If the need was not so dire for this relic, he would have been glad to leave well enough alone. From what he had heard this Gilmore man, was a good person. It didn't sit right with the ex knight to steal from people like this. He would just leave some gold behind to make up for it. Surely exchanging gold or even jewels for the piece would make up for the lack of contact, right? 

He was careful in his inspection of the route to the shop. Only moving when the night patrol did, and avoiding the light as he made his way through the barren alleys and streets. Thankfully he was adept at staying out of sight. It made getting to the building itself the easy part. The more difficult task was going to be figuring out how to get inside without setting anything off. Or worse alerting the owner. He used a minor detect magic, but nothing seemed to pinged for him on the back of the building. Admittedly he was in a bit of a hurry. His anxiousness making him a bit careless. 

Coming to a window, he carefully fed one of his thinner thieves tools under the seal, to turn the lock keeping t closed.  Carful he slid the lower panel up, and slipped inside. For a moment all seemed to be going well, but as he took a step, he felt it. He set something off, and before he had time to react, or even counter the spell, he was held off the ground. Hands and legs gripped by some invisible force, that he assumed was hold person. He was definitely in trouble, and now time was a real threat. 

"Shit, shit, shit!"

He fidgeted to try and reach anything to help release him but the spell was too strong. So he whistled ligtly for his Pseudodragon Bastien. Who was sadly asleep in his pocket, and of no use at all.

"You have GOT to be kidding me..." Well this would not go over well.

Other Information

Only rules are plz be over 18. I am an adult. 
Be friendly, and I'll do the same. Have fun with me and let me know your ideas. :3
I am on tumblr and discord.
Discord: peepadore#2428
Tumblr: x-muse-collective-x

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