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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Human, School & College, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Fandoms I'm really familiar with


    *Harry Potter

    *Vampire Diaries/Originals
    *Marvel (though I should say majority of my knowledge is movie based)


    Real Life

    * Mafia


    I like original Supernatural plots too.  I can usually adapt to most original plots. 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Historical
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:


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About Me

Hey, I'm Liz. Or as I'm known here and most resource forums The Crossroads Demon.


I am 26 years old I have been writing in RPG forums since I was 13.


Writing is my idea of fun so I devote most of my free time to it. Also, I work at a computer all day so when it's not too busy I can usually work on posts. 


I'm a quick replier and the length of my posts generally depends on what I've given to respond to. I can write 300-word replies or 1500 word replies. 


Sample: Most Recent Reply 



Sammi should have been relieved or something like it when he confessed that he cared about her, a little too much. It was the same fear in him that she was feeling in herself, except that she wasn’t afraid of losing him to this stupid, dangerous life they had both chosen to live. She should have said as much. She should have told him as much. Instead, she followed his words with the ever eloquent,

”Are you fucking kidding me?”

He was worried about her dying, about him dying? That had to be a joke.

“We’re all dead in the end Gabriel.” She hadn’t meant to say his name like that, so…she didn’t even know. It wasn’t even a tone that she recognized in her own voice.

“That’s how life works. We’re born, we live, we die, sometimes a hell of a lot sooner than we’d like.” Especially if they made a job, or even a hobby out of hunting.

“You think you’ve pull me into some kind of chaotic world. I LIVE in a chaotic world. You’re only a part of that.” She felt like she shouldn’t have been yelling this. It seemed more real, more emotional but she couldn’t keep her anger in check.

“I’m a goddamn Winchester! I could die on a hunt tomorrow…or ten years from now…or maybe I’ll be really fucking lucky and make it to fifty.” Which they both knew most hunters did not. She had a real life, a real job, but she also hunted, regularly. Even if she didn’t hunt, she could have walked across the road in New York and been hit by a taxi or a freaking bus.

“There are no guarantees, there’s no certain future…” For her, for him, for anyone. It didn’t matter if you were a lawyer, a ballerina, a goddamn King. She could die in her sleep tonight for all she knew.

When he stepped back holding his hands up in what she could only describe as surrender she scoffed, shaking her head in utter disbelief.

“You think I’m mad at you?” She laughed, the best angry, laugh that she could manage in the midst of her rage. Sure, she was angry at him now because he’d thrown her only salvation down the fucking drain!

“This is such typical male ego bullshit!” She told him. Because she simply wasn’t mad at him, not even close. She was mad at herself. This had started so casually and easy like everything else and when had it turned around and turned into… this. Whatever this feeling was that she was trying to deny to herself. She was angry because she had slipped up. Somewhere along the line, she had let herself begin to care and unconsciously surrendered her heart.

“The only one that’s getting any hatred in this room is me.” For being so goddamn stupid.



Play Style

Do your characters control their own actions or do you have control of your characters? HAH. I like to pretend that I have control of my character actions, but sometimes they do things that shock even me. 
Do you allow people to god-mode or power play your characters without permission? No. Generally not without permission. That being said, I do have one writing partner that I allow a little bit of leniency with because they only ever choose a natural progression and it's never anything that goes against what I'd do. So if I grew comfortable enough with a partner I may allow it a little bit, I'm pretty easy going but I do prefer someone check with me first. 
Do you like rapid fire or to wait a few days for a post? Well I prefer rapid fire but I don't mind waiting a few days either. I do responses so quickly that everything is rapid-fire with me but most of my counterparts take a while to finish their replies. 

IC Limits

I will, within reason play most anything. 


It's been a while since I've written more than fade to black scenes just because my site wasn't premium before. (it is now) so I definitely need practice. 

I believe as a writer it is my job to consistently challenge myself so I try not to make anything off limits as long as it makes sense with the characters. 

Plots I'd Like

It could be anything. More often than not I like to see how two characters play together before I make any promises/permanent plans. If someone wanted to give it a shot even via e-mail first that'd be cool too but I prefer a forum setting where the characters are all part of a bigger story. 


I can play males and generally I keep a gender ratio balance, but being a female myself I  do prefer to play them.


Every player is different. You might never know what's going to come out of something until you start writing. 


i.e I Might be looking for an ex for a character and depending on how the person plays them they may or may not develop back into a relationship etc. Anything can happen.


I could potentially do a character exchange if someone had a wanted character etc. Or even just you pitch your character ideas and I could come up with something/someone to inject into that story. 

Other Information

You can respond here or Message me. 

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Hey! I have a Harry Potter website I'd love to write with you on (or I'm willing to go to most others if you have one you're already part of). Hit me up if you still need partners ❤️

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