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Demands for the Qunari

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Dragon age 2 and Dragon ge: Inquisition


    The plot is FxM, with my character being the female.


    Link to MC!


Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres:
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:


About Me

A young  entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to writing and art, you'll rarely find me doing anything besides it.


I am not necessarily a person who talks about themselves online, but I'm fairly busy and only get to indulge in my hobbies instead of sleeping or when I decide its time for me to procrastinate. I will dedicate myself to writing each week, sometimes I can reply few times a day, sometimes I barely manage to do in two weeks - but I do it.


When it comes to roleplays, I quite literally know what I want and what type of storylines I wish to do, so I usually leave a request thread and hope someone bites!


I do complex characters who are not necessarily good nor are they bad. They are flawed and imperfect, they come with unsolved issues and perhaps those issues never truly are solved.


I am a fan of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (and entire World of Darkness universe), Dragon Age, Type o Negative and "hereticism" in all forms.


I should also note that I am from Europe and English is not my first language, so I apologize if my grammar is wonky or something 😄

Play Style


1. Don't ask me specifically about smut.

Honestly, I love smut. I never avoid it, I never fade to black, I go through all nitty-gritty, juicy and dirty details that could make anyone hot and bothered. I'm into all sorts of fetishes, my limits go further than with most people. HOWEVER, if you come to seek out specifically about smut from me, I'll have to refuse. I want a story with smut scenes, because smut is just a one big meh for me without a proper buildup and a story. I want more than that.

2. Let's write a story.

I consider myself a writer, because when I don't roleplay, I write stories of my own. And when I say stories, I mean content with elements such as these: NPCs and side characters, friends, rivals and enemies, hardships, heartbreak, loss, battles, bittersweet victories and unlimited drama. I don't like it when our characters have it easy and very easy-going life. I'll get bored very VERY easily and will probably drop it. When I don't roleplay, I write my own stuff. I am obsessed with details, character development and struggles. While I don't expect from people to be into this as much as I am, I want someone to try it out with me. Also, I hate working on my own. People tend to drop me because I left space in plots for them to help me out to build a story. Roleplaying is two people telling a story together.

3. Buildup is everything.

Rushing into romance is anticlimactic. Early smut is anticlimactic. Quick solution to problems are anticlimactic. Revealing everything too soon is anticlimactic. Build with me, brick by brick, and with well-thought out building such as this, you'll get an amazing creation. Chemistry between characters needs to be organic, whether its built up slowly or its immediate.

4. Detailed posts.

Detailed posts do not necessarily fall into long posts. While you'd think that it would, from my experiences, it certainly is not the case. Posts can be long and filled with unnecessary stuff and can even be too tiring to read. Sometimes the wall of text does not apply to the situation, and a post of two paragraphs that has depth in it will be more than enough. I do love long posts, but I dislike posts that are not consistent and unnecessarily long. Two paragraphs minimum is all I ask.

5. Complex characters

I am not entirely a fan of easy-going characters who, not only seem like an empty canvas, but they kind of are. I don't mind the first image of having about someone else's character as someone very simple, everything laid up in front of you, but getting a massive curveball as the story progresses, but I'm a type of writer that would want to raise some questions about my own character as soon as possible and not give all the answers so soon. Characters that are complicated on their own and complicated to be with, those with issues, unhappy characters, you name it, those are the stuff that grip me. An issue that needs to be solved and even when we think its solved, something happens that brings us back to square one. Give me complicated characters and situation, and I'm hooked. And if you don't like extremely tangled background stories, characters that either conflict with themselves or others, characters that don't necessarily have one defining description of them and if you don't like when you can't get through characters easily, I'm not a partner for you.

For now, this is all I ask. I am currently looking for what I mentioned below. I usually took on roleplays that others suggested, but it did not work for me. So I stick to my own ideas, which is how it went well for me. I seek an active to semi-active partners. One post a week is the least I'm looking for.

IC Limits

Usually I'm the one asking for the limits of other people, but I'll state my less desirable content.


- Cheating

- Non-con

- Overpowering characters (you can master some things, but you can't be a ninja with a buster sword that sways and seduces everyone while smelling alcohol ten miles away)

- First Person narrative

- Lack of OOC communication

Plots I'd Like

Human Assassin (Frances) x Male Qunari



My girl Frances is currently involved in two factions: One is that she's the head of the underground and independent assassin organization known as the Serpents of the Rocks, who've had their hideout underneath the entirety of the Hinterlands. Due to some unfortunate events that led Frances into becoming the Head of the Serpent, the felt the need to expand. However, during the Blight, they had to force themselves to leave Hinterlands, but also to expand their unknowing influence. The other organization is the original idea I had for Orlesian pirates. They're legendary masked pirates who have been managing to slip away from the law, the Phantasms, as they're called in Orlais, inspire intrigue. They're like a darker version of bards, the masked pirates that dress in rich and dark clothes who have been behind the gruesome murders of nobles and were the match that started many fires in Orlais regarding the politics, yet they never paid for it. It is led by a terrifying pirate known as The Demon's Grin - Florian Bechard who has a dark story behind the becoming of the Phantasms. Frances is sometimes seen among the Phantasms and represents herself as her alter ego, Julienne Bechard, daughter of Florian. Orlesian bards have sung about Julienne's cold-hearted murders and traitorous acts. She's not treated as a legend - many Orlesians had the honor to witness the cruel acts of Julienne herself. Nobody knows Julienne's true identity, nor is Frances truly like Julienne - its an alter ego, someone who Frances is not. She's not a femme fatale of Orlais who kills for diamonds and fun. Frances is a fearful and damaged individual who seeks escape. Julienne was one of those many escapes.


In this version of the plot, the Qunari came to seek out the Tome of Kolsun which was stolen and their journey led them to Kirkwall. It was Isabela who got to steal their Tome. Upon finding out that the Qunari arrived at Kirkwall, she was quick to leave it, only to be hit by the Phantasms and take everything she had on the ship. On that ship were also the Serpents, who stepped out of the ship with their share of the loot - the Tome itself. Eventually Frances learns the danger of possessing the Tome, and actually planned to return it to them, but then there's a shitstorm - few members of the Serpents decided to turn on Frances, killed some of those who supported her as the Head before running off with the loot - of course, the took the Tome.


Frances somehow needed to figure out the way to speak with the Qunari. YC is one of them who has a position that Frances could recognize and tell him. However, that may not go so smoothly.  I would prefer a bit more traditional approach to the Qunari that can change in the meantime. So him being the man by the book in the Qun standards would be ideal, so their personalities can clash, but they eventually form a sort of relationship. Slow burn is the key word, here.


On their quest in retrieving the Tome and Hawke with his allies in the meantime go through the whole templar and mage fiasco, only for Arishok to decide and attack the people, Frances decides that this is the best opportunity to book it and leave YC behind as she sails away with some of her men... Only for one day, shortly after the opening of the Breach, YC's ship to be raided by masked pirates, and a woman holding her knife at YC's throat with a knowing smile.

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@Queen of Hell


I don't have a character specifically for this, but TTAM http://ttam.jcink.net/index.php? allows you to submit member lore that can then become canon and there might be someone already part of the member base that might be interested in the plot! 🙂 Staff might have to talk about where and who had the Tome of Koslun (I can't make that decision right now without hearing more) but I'm sure something can be worked out. Good luck on your search!

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