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Fantasy Site Partners!

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Specifically looking for someone to write with me on a sandbox/slice-of-life fantasy site called It Begins In Antalas! ❤️ 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres:
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Anything outside of what I've specified above, sorry!


About Me

Hey there! I'm Momo! ❤️  I'm 26, art teacher, cat lady, and rp addict. 


I'm admin on Antalas and I really want more connections for my characters on my site! So I'm looking for a few buddies that want to stick around and write with me in the long term, as well as the others there if you want. I have so much muse for soooo many things right now. I love creating really detailed plots and connections and I'm looking for some more people to do that with! 


My characters right now include: 

  • Cecil Summerguard: a good boi paladin that works in the City Watch.
  • Firyn Hevorn: a tavern owner that gets really into her brewing and baking.
  • Ialas Fortuna: a halfling guidebook writer and the city's lead gossip.
  • Veetha Er'Kalen: a half-orc/half-merfolk cheerful healer!


Outside of rping, I love chatting about shared interests and daily things too! I'm super friendly, promise!

Play Style

I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to posting. Usually I try to match on word count, but it doesn't bother me if you like to post long or short, every day or once a week! If I'm not swamped with work, I'm posting multiple times a week. Even if I get slow, I'm here for the long-term and I understand when real life gets busy for you too. You can count on me to be here for plots though. 😄


Normally, I just have a basic idea and go with the flow of the thread. We can sit down and plot however much you want, I'm absolutely cool with that. I'm on Discord usually every day and I'm totes willing to throw around headcanons or ideas! 


I really love a good mixture of funny and serious threads, so you might find me throwing in some silliness from time to time. 

IC Limits

Antalas is only rated 2-2-2, so there's not much worry on my end about triggers or ratings. The only things I probably won't write are super abusive situations of any kind. 

Plots I'd Like

I love 'ships of any kind: familial, platonic, romantic, antagonistic, whatever! I also love weaving together different things going on in the world and multiple different characters into stories. 


My most wanteds are: 

  • Cecil's brother and sister. Sibling antics gooooo! 
  • The daughter of my city socialite/writer, Ialas Fortuna. Embarrassing dad jokes ftw!


But really, I'm open for any kind of character plotting, even if you don't want to take my want ads! Any partners are more than welcome to create their own characters, or multiple characters. I'm more than willing to make characters for you if you want to make characters for me! Let's do all the things! ❤️  

Writing Samples

Here are some of my current threads, if it helps to see my play style. 


Where Cecil bothers a "friend" at work.

Where Veetha helps a rather clumsy baker.

Where Cecil is looking for smugglers.

Other Information

Hmm... I'm really just looking for laid back and fun partners to fulfill muses and have lots of plots. I really love my characters and expanding on them, and helping friends with their characters! 


Please feel free to PM me for my Discord! 

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