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About Me

I've been roleplaying since I was thirteen and I turn twenty-six this year, so you do the math. I'm just looking for someone who I can write with on forums who will (hopefully) understand that I have a lot of mental problems and am a no lifer. Aside from that, I just want somebody I can write with who is chill and won't bail. I've made a few friends through RP that I've known for years and I'm looking to bolster that number. 

Play Style

I like to believe I have some control over what my characters say and do but then again, they tend to do whatever they damned well please (which is usually the first response that pops into my head). I allow people to godmod within reason (minor things to move the plot along, for example). Aside from that, if you're uncertain, feel free to ask. When it comes to my response times, I typically respond ASAP, but there is absolutely no pressure for you to respond in the same time frame. Respond at your own pace and don't feel rushed on my account. 

IC Limits

None, go wild.

Plots I'd Like

Military and law enforcement plots are a total weakness of mine. I've also been known to play medical personnel and people who work behind the scenes of local law enforcement agencies. I also like anything with angst or fluff annnnnd, honestly, I enjoy torturing my characters and embarrassing the hell out of them. Slave plots? Hell yeah. Post-apocalyptic plots? Sign me up. Dystopian plots? I'm there. I also do slice of life things, family plots, etc.

Writing Samples

There were times she wished she could take back the past twenty-three years of her life, so she could settle down and potentially even have had a family by now. By the time her late husband had gotten through with her, she was a shadow of her former self and that same, unfamiliar shadow was so terrified of being hurt or taken advantage of that, when it boiled down to it, she pushed away anyone and everyone who tried to get close to her. Insofar, the people that had stuck around were few and far in-between... And, sadly, that number was dwindling. She tried hard not to dwell on it, but how could she not? She led such a lonely existence and friendship, alone, seemed like a pipe dream. As much as she tried to shake off the encroaching thoughts, it felt to her like it might just be mission impossible. After all, at home and when she was by herself (which was more often than she cared to admit), she was with her thoughts and her thoughts alone.

Her head was a scary, fucked up place and she often wondered where she would be now if her husband was still alive. Would she have gotten up the courage to divorce him, would she have found him the help he needed, or would she have kept things the way they were while trying to fool herself into believing she loved him? Regardless, it was too late to change back the clock and because of her inaction, her brother would spend the rest of his natural life in prison, all because she had been trying to protect her husband's image. She felt so guilty and ashamed that she hadn't even attempted to contact her parents. They had one child in prison and another who wouldn't speak to them. Maybe they had even gone back to Ireland, where they would be able to better cope with everything that had gone wrong. How would she be any the wiser?


It wasn't like she had seen heads or tails of her family since the incident eleven years ago. Her mind often played tricks on her in the sense that, if she was out and about away from the hospital, there were honestly times when she thought she heard her husband in the whisper of the wind. The only good thing to come from his demise was the fact that he was no longer suffering through whatever had driven him to drink in the first place. What he had done was forgivable because she knew he couldn't help it. Her brother, on the other hand... His actions were inexcusable. It was hard to think they'd gone from being inseparable to them never even speaking to each other and the reason for it, perhaps, baffled her the most. The bastard had tried to pin a murder on her, just because he thought she might only get a slap on the wrist, given the circumstances.


She leaned her head back and sighed, letting the sunshine bathe her in its warm glow. She was tired, yes, but napping could wait. Even if it was chilly outside, she had the sun and to her, that was really all that mattered. There were times she wondered if that made her awful and other times, she just didn't care. She lifted a hand to rub the back of her neck, closing her eyes. She was in such a state of... Well, something that she didn't even seem to notice when someone approached. Though she didn't trust people as a whole, she trusted them enough to leave her alone when she seemingly had nothing.

Other Information

Love me. Feed me. Give me belly rubs... I mean, wot?

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Would enjoy hashing out something if you're up for it. I'm always looking for a long term partner.

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Shiza! I'm  glad you're out, the hospital is def not a place I wanna be in this day 😞 I hope you are feeling better. Better place to hash something out? 

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