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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Human
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Historical, School & College
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    FANDOMS. Fantasy. Very picky about Supernatural. Furries, animals or anything space related. I'm good with just humans, where no one has powers and still everyone manages to fck things up~


About Me

Hey ^-^ You can call me Kitty, Eulass, K, whatever.

I'm still in high school, and I've been roleplaying for 4 years now, more or less. I'm a fan of rock music, DC comics (Ivy x Harley ♥ ), angs & drama plots. English is not my first language (Romanian is), but I do try my best! I only RP humans, with small exceptions. I'll just sum up a few things to spare you of scrolling too much.


My stuff:

Rating:  L3 - V3 - S2 (I fade to black when it comes to sex, as I dont write smut. I'm all about them make outs tho >:D )


Triggers: None, if you have any, please please let me know <33 and I will respect them <3  .


Posting style: 3rd person, past tense, posting usually varies from 200-2000 words. Quality over quantity.


Activity: Online daily. I'll post several times a day if desired, or several times a week, it really depends on your activity tbh.


Do your characters control their own actions or do you have control of your characters? My characters do IC things. I wont make them do OOC stuff just for a plot/laugh. IC and OOC are very different things.

Do you allow people to god-mode or power play your characters without permission? No, they're my characters and you dont know how they may react. I dont control yours, you dont control me, I think it's a respect thing? Common courtesy really.

Do you like rapid fire or to wait a few days for a post? I can do both, as long as you let me know you'll be busy, and I'll do the same! Again, it's a respect-related thing.

Do you stand on your head while you type? hhhI write to have fun and get away from the real world, so no, I dont exactly "worry" about much when typing. You have nothing to be concerned about when writing with me <3 I dont judge typos, IC actions, the quality of a post; as long as we're having fun, it's great :D

Plots I'd Like

Romantic: (warning, i dont do 'finals'. if the relationship evolves and gets to that point, yay, but i dont like planned endings xc )

MOST WANTED! > (1) (FxF) Ex 'A' coming back into character 'B''s life while 'B' already struggles with her feelings for someone else. This one can go many ways, and i'll most likely take suggestions ♥:

                                         x. The two have a love-hate relationship; (they hate they got separated and they still ask themselves what ifs)

                                         x. Become good/best friends (again).

                                         x. Conflicts with the other characters involved arise? (jealousy, over protective, aggressive etc)

                                         x. Char A (yours) wants to get back with Char B (mine);

Note: More on the wanted char's persona: 'A' = a dominant, possessive and manipulative ex here. A 'take no shit' and 'take what's mine' kind of woman, but who tricks 'B' into thinking she's only protecting her and that she's what's good for her. Both being hot-headed, stubborn and prideful would make for such conflict that I'd love u forever c: Gimme a good hateship that always ends in angry makeouts. PS: i use a margot robbie fc, so due to lots of gifs for muse, i'd like if your char wasnt also a blonde.



(2) Goodie two shoes male, family oriented, falls in love with B who's involved with the mafia, a challenge to love and who's an adrenaline enthusiast with a superiority complex and a tendency to get bored by goodie two shoes; He can attempt to tone her down, maybe drag her out of the crime life slowly and they can both see how their friendship/relationship evolves <3




(1) Looking for someone to play an orphaned girl, possibly trying to be a thief or some sort, for a mother-daughter like plot. Long term rp partner only. Gimme both of them learning to cope with the other and help each other, then your char can spread her wings and live her life <3

Note: --

Other Information

Do feel free to contact me here, or on skype at ioana.maria.09 ♥ Just tell me who you are and what's your purpose if you contact me on Skype, so I dont think you're a spam bot.


Additionally, I'm willing to trade characters. You pick up a plot or more, I pick up something from you and we all live in harmony xP Just note that I dont rp as a duty, so if you drop my plot for some reason, and i like yours though, i might stick around for IC purposes. If i drop yours, it would be greatly appreciated if you didnt ditch me if we've built some good character development or plotted a lot v.v


Here, have a muffin ♥

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