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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human, Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Stranger Things

    American Horror Story





Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:



    Harry Potter  - literally know nothing about it


About Me

I've been roleplaying for a very long time, so I most definitely consider myself a veteran.

I'm in a UK timezone - that's an important thing to know as I know some people prefer partners to be around in the same timezone as them. While it's a huge bonus, it's not a deal breaker for me. So long as we do get plenty of time for back and forths etc.


I love IN CHARACTER discord banter. Love, love, love it.   Not so much  a fan of a lot of ooc chat (outside of plotting beautiful painful things that is)



Play Style

I write long as well as short posts, I can err on the side of longer,  but my only expectation for my fellow player is that they write however much they feel would best represent what their character would realistically do in that given moment.   Though when it comes to moving things a long, I do enjoy shorter posts these days.  But I tend to go with the flow and match whatever my partner gives.


My character's tend to control themselves. I get so invested in them that they basically take over and take on a life of their own.  Must be the actor in me.

God-mode and power play, I am not a fan of. Unless it is something pre-discussed and it fits a plot.


My preferred pace of roleplay/receiving a reply would be at least every few days. I totally understand when there's situations where life gets in the way.  But yes. Preferred pace, at least every few days, as I myself usually write at that pace too, if not every day or every other day. Definitely every day if they are shorter replies.   Sometimes, multiple replies a day if it is rapid fire. As I am fine with that too. - particularly if it is situated on discord. As already stated I do love to back and forth with characters on discord.




I'm pretty open to most things in all honesty.  So long as my writing partner is 21+.

I've always been fine with darker themes. And characters that have trigger warnings, as my characters usually tend to come with them.

my whole sex violence and language rating is most definitely 3/3/3.   And if it is backstory or plot related, rape and near rape is something I am okay with happening to my character.  But I will not have my character do it to yours.


I don't do sex-only roleplays.  I'm very okay writing explicit sex though. So long as it has meaning, and is within the story we are building.  Then I enjoy it.  I tend to gravitate towards m/m pairings though, and prefer to be the bottom/power bottom, or switch - I'm all for sharing.   I don't do top only.


Plots I'd Like

I think the title pretty much sums up what I'd like. I'd like to play Billy Hargrove from the Stranger Things universe, and pair him with Steve Harrington, so my partner would write as Steve.  This could either be done on a site somewhere, if a place exists. Or over discord on a private server I may have lowkey already set up a server ready for this.

It would all be AU of course, where Billy actually survives, but with a lot of complications, and has gained certain abilities from the Mind Flayer, and being connected to The Upside Down.  Or even having become an experiment himself after the 'clean up' post The Battle of Starcourt.  I just love this pairing so much, and there's endless things I'd love to explore with them.  Which I'd be happy to discuss further. Steve though, ultimately being the one to piece this broken boy back together.



Alternatively, if you are looking to join a site, I would also be good with playing out this vibe over on a site  somewhere.  But am lowkey working on an actual Stranger  Things site.  Just trying to currently work out how best to work it...

Writing Samples

Plenty I can give on request. Not a problem at all.

Other Information

Can't think of anything to add here really. Other than get in touch with me here if any of this interests you ❤️

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