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Head in the Clouds

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Preferred Genres

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    Horror & Supernatural


    Medieval Magic


Unwanted Genres

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    School & College




About Me


I'm Eulogy, and i've been writing for about 21 years now. I'm currently 33 and trying to live my 'best life', just like everyone else. I've got a lot of time on my hands lately and i'm looking to get hyped and creative. I live for open world scenarios set in originality with a flair for imagination. I usually go for darker themes with a supernatural twist or stories with penchant for gritty undertones,  crime ridden cities and mafia strife. Romance is a general mood, but I am not opposed to platonic context. 





Play Style


► Upright, Slobbery, Bipedal Werewolves. Mmmmkay?!?!

► I can give 1-3 replies a week.  ( Maybe more, if you've got my muse going ).

► Descriptive style.

► Multiple paragraphs. ( 3+ )

► Discord, email, forum, etc.

► No God-mode BS.

► I give what I get. 

► 21+.

► I roleplay as mostly females. 

► I can write males, but they don't play nice.





IC Limits

► 3/3/3.

► Fade to black sex scenes.

► IC is different from OOC.


Plots I'd Like

I'm kind of (low key) searching for that cliche bad girl meets good boy plot.  I.E. Mafia girl moves to island paradise, ready to get away from it all. Meets good boy, but all those good vibes are soon to change as trouble, violence and murder are soon to follow. 


Other than that ! I'm pretty much open to anything. Just ask.

Writing Samples

✘|Two Years Ago|Prelude to Instability


She awoke just as the last bit of sun had been swallowed by pregnant clouds and the first kiss of rain had fallen from a leaden sky. The taste of copper was still fresh upon her pink tongue as it ran it's course across full lips. Madness was as frequent as the change. Desperately hungry and yet, no single morsel could quench such pain. Humanity was a distant memory, slightly speckled with the scent of opium and a longing to belong. Each day the beast crawled more frequently to the surface and each night, her descent into oblivion crept ever near. It was a dark cage in which she lived, taunted by a life outside. Lien Hue had felt wet sand beneath her pale exterior as watchful eyes had finally come to. The surroundings all too familiar, the scent of the storm upon her nostrils. A breeze carried the rain, just as blue waves had crashed upon the shore and her recollections once again carried sharp edges.


She frequently recalled such instances where fear was pleasure and death was attainable.

A she-wolf in doll's clothing, engulfed in the luxury of a human's frail world.


A world in which she often tampered with, murdered within and feasted upon. The ages had been kind to her, but the secret was fast unraveling. The food source more privy, the vampires more controlling. Earth would spin on for eons more but how long before it fell upon it's own axis? An icy gaze had been ripped from the void of deep waters before she had pulled herself from where she lay. Better to seek cover now, then find herself in trouble again. The beach had been desolate with not one soul in sight. Likely, the unstable weather was more of a threat to those who took to this place for leisure. Even as the woman silently walked away from where she had found herself, she could not help but look back once and again. Feeling as though she were just as the storm was. A threat. Bare feet had carried Lien towards the streets. She was careful to find the alley ways and short cuts to a little place one might call home. A small apartment in Rio. Expensive, a little lavish and it was right in the middle of where a predator might reside. Closest to life, closest to the fray.

Other Information

Feel free to hit me up through the site. 

We can discuss contact details and plots from there. 


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If human-centric Victorian era could be your thing? Our forum might be, too.


You caught my attention with the word 'mafia', and held it with 'bad girl meets good boy' and 'they don't play nice'.


If you're specifically interested in playing historical Chinese influences, China has had recorded immigrants in the UK since the 1600s and was starting to get notable districts in London and Liverpool in the 1880s (about a decade before our year).Additionally, Whitby is a port city and sees plenty of sailors from all over the world (including a Korean pirate in play).

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I would absolutely be interested in this ! I'm currently at work, though. Will expound even more when I get home!!!

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