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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Horror & Supernatural, Human, Science Fiction, Crime, Harry Potter, Umbrella Academy, CAOS, AHS 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals
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About Me

Hey, everyone. My name is Rosa. I'm 27 yo femme from Chicago. I've been roleplaying since I was 12 on neopets, later upgrading to different forums and tumblr until eventually I found the forum I currently write on. The current site I use allows multiple roleplays/forums within it, so I've been using it exclusively since 2012. In recent years it's sort of dwindled to about 200 active users, so a lot of us end up writing together a lot. I'm interested in trying out new sites, I'm not super familiar so I'd appreciate someone who wouldn't mind helping out a noob like me. I work from home so I'm on my computer a lot and am very friendly, so feel free to reach out!

Play Style

I adjust my pace/word count according to who I am writing with. Because I don't have a ton of free time, I do prefer finding pockets of time to write on something together. I prefer using shared google docs, it helps with the flow a lot more. What my current writing partner and I do is use discord to "ping" the other when we think is a good moment for the other person to pop in. This ranges from 1k+ to one liners. My focus is accelerating the story, and sometimes that requires providing context through inner monologue and/or a little purple prose. 


I mostly write in forums, though I also do 1x1. I like making multiple characters even in 1x1, though not always. It depends on the plot. 


I love creating a scene and ambiance, not just focusing on characters/plot but also providing a "vibe". I do like to make edits and create playlists for roleplays and ships, it helps me when I'm writing to help get me in the frame of mind. 


I never godmod, and expect the same. I don't mind minor things, like if your character opens a car door and we've established beforehand that my character plans on getting in said car, you don't have to wait for me to say the character got in the car to close the door if it helps accelerate your post. 


I won't write any underage character beyond NPC's, beyond the fact that I have mature themes in most of my rps I'm also not very good at it longterm.



Violence I prefer to write in some detail. Many of the characters I write have violent tendencies, so it's usually for reasons related to plot - either overall or character development. Many of my characters use drugs or alcohol to at least some extent. 


I don't necessarily like to FTB for all sexual scenarios. I am comfortable with mature 3/3/3 sites. I don't necessarily like to get down to pure smut, but I think sex scenes can be tastefully done in a couple of paragraphs and can reveal a lot about character dynamics. That being said, I don't think every sex scene provides the opportunity to do this and in those scenarios I prefer to fade to black. 


Plots I'd Like

I love any modern human roleplay set is "weird wide world" with supernatural, theological or mythological themes. That is my sweet spot. For example I am currently in a roleplay that is set in alternate timeline of The Umbrella Academy with original characters and storylines. We kept the millionaire adopts super power babies part, but built our own storyline from there. I also have done original roleplays within this vein, such as 'Seven Deadly Sins' where each characters are the sins' incarnate. I'm open to any new plots as well.


I love dark themes and deeply dysfunctional characters within plot-driven storylines. 


Some examples of some rp plots I like to write within:

1. Bank Heist - Pushed to the edge, a group of misfits decide to live their life on the run. Robbing banks, stealing cars and speeding past state lines - it seems like they're invincible. But good things never last. Every attempt to dig themselves out only buries them deeper. With the feds closing in and their options limited, how long until their games catch up with them?

2. Organized Crime - A family or a network of individuals, made of grit and opulence. Suddenly one by one, members start dying. Shattering security and trust, people begin turning against one another rippling out throughout their crime family and creating chaos.

3. Seven Deadly Sins - After a cult of occultists attempted to summon a demon from hell, it attached itself to a young girl. The day of her dark baptism awoke this demon inside of her, possessing her to attempt a ritual to summon the seven deadly sins so that they may open the gates of hell.



Some dynamics I like to write:

1. Ranking officer and subordinate - This can be in either informal setting like some dystopian setting where ranks don't exist, or some sort of supernatural faction, or even just outright military roles. I like creating interesting power dynamics between characters.

2. Adversaries - I love writing action/angst, so this is a fun one for me. 

3. Star-crossed lovers - I'll admit, I'm a sucker for forbidden love. 

4. OTP - Contrary to most people who enjoy writing OTPs, I prefer not to keep a romantic focus on this dynamic. Most of the time I like to use this as a way to create characters who bring out the worst in each other, rather than the best. For example, I have a character who was a witch who's true pair was her friend who she had done a ceremony with to tie the threads of their fate together. Their bond at times was sexual in nature but not romantic in any way. Just an example.

5. Estranged family - Old emotions resurfacing, rehashing age-old arguments. Oh man, writing this is better than therapy. 

6. Shared trauma - Maybe they were raised together in the foster system, or lost a mutual friend as a kid in some tragic way. It fosters co-dependent relationships that often blurs boundaries between them. 

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