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I want to see thirst in the syllables

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I dislike "genre" in relation to my RP endeavors. I feel like the best, most satisfying ones mash together a variety of standard genres to create something less than generic.  Hit me with a combination of suspense, horror, drama, thriller, romance, fantasy, tragedy, all of it.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, School & College, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:
    • Any fandoms
    • Hard science fiction
    • High fantasy


About Me

Step 1: Determine your unique value proposition

As the owner of an English degree from a fine Midwestern ivory tower, I can offer you the exciting opportunity to participate in the only activity other than reading in which my overpriced education has ever had any ostensible benefit: writing.

In my 9-5 life, I am a typical office lady who answers phones, sets appointments, pays bills, and makes the occasional origami animal to thrill and astonish.  My non-work time is spent on a combination of drinking, trying to find good restaurants, going to concerts and stupid festivals, taking photos, and binging Netflix sitcoms – and I will be more than happy to regale you with stories of all of these activities, a fact which may or may not add even more value to my proposition.


Step 2: Find out how others see you

Results from a poll taken of gist’s associates old and new (the results of this survey are accurate at the 95% confidence level plus or minus 95 percentage points):



If you could use one word to describe gist, what would that word be?


  1. Intimidating
  2. Delightful
  3. Who?


Play Style

Points not touched on in steps 1-4



  • Settings: Reality-based 99.9% of the time.  You have to do some heavy-duty convincing to get me to agree to dabble in high fantasy, hard science fiction, or otherwise imaginary universes.  That said, I prefer a smidgen to a dollop of weirdness to keep things out of that straight-up slice-of-life category: surrealism, fantasy, supernatural, horror, _____-punk, whatever feels right.  Historical timeframes between ~1700 and today are always appreciated for extra flavor.
  • Mode: Third person, highly limited perspective, past or present tense, no splicing.
  • Response length: My posts run 3 paragraphs on average, which I believe to be more words than necessary in more cases than not and a habit worthy of trying to break at some point.
  • Response time: I’m not the fastest writer, and I don’t do marathon sessions.  You’ll rarely get more than one post within 24 hours, and it’s not unusual for me to take a few days to write something up.  I have a personal 7-days-max rule that I do my damnedest not to break, though, and I like to think I make up for my tortoise speeds with my staying power.  Please pass me by if you know you can’t wait this long.
  • Communication:  Communication is fundamental!  I find that exchanging PMs or emails work fine for RP purposes (I have been known to write some mammoth emails).  Messengers aren’t my cup of tea, but if we develop the kind of friendly/conversational rapport that leads me to want to talk to you all the time, I can be found on Hangouts or Discord.

IC Limits

I have no limits that I've been able to determine.  I've tried.  But I'm excellent at separating fiction from reality, and I enjoy crossing the line of good taste from time to time by touching on subject matter that might bother people more sensitive than myself.  It's essential that I know where my writing partners' limits are up front, so I don't start unintentionally plotting details that make them uncomfortable.

Plots I'd Like

Step 3: Identify your goals, be specific and objective


Many details discussed at length beforehand.  Long-term expectations.  Carefully-characterized backdrops.  Dickensian casts of interesting, complex people with histories and desires whose interactions help move the story toward an ultimate goal -- ideally some level of cataclysm.  Violence, secrets, debauchery, labyrinths, anarchists, cults, betrayals.  Bad, tragic, beautiful things happening to bad, tragic, beautiful people.  Sexing certainly welcome if it works out but not positioned as the fulcrum of the story because that’s silly.


Settings: real world-grounded, max ~300 years from the present either way, and tinged with weirdness-- specifics negotiable.


Bonus: I run a forum set in spooky 1928 Hollywood and am always on the lookout for spectacular people to plot with there.


Step 4: Identify your target audience



  • Adult human beings of any gender but at least 21 years of age.  Preferential treatment given to those 25 and over, and special enthusiasm awarded to the 30+ crowd, just because it’s nice to sometimes interact with people who have trod this mortal coil or whatever for as long (or longer) than me.
  • Writers who recognize no differentiation between “writing” and “roleplaying;” who have a strong enough understanding of English grammar, structure, syntax, etc. to know when to break the rules; who reread their posts before hitting submit because it is important to them that not every sentence starts with the same word.
  • People who have noticed that I haven’t offered up any specific plots yet and are down with that because they, like I, are looking for partners who want to collaborate from start to finish, and not someone to lead them around by the nose.
  • Beautiful, assertive geniuses who can claim an encyclopedic knowledge of both American presidents and bodies of water (my weakest Jeopardy categories -- together we will make one Matt Jackson), a heart as black as La Brea tar, and an attention span of longer than two weeks.


Other Information

Writing samples -- intros, regular posts, character profiles -- available on request. 

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