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I'm new here! Let's get this started!

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Human
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Realistic fiction, drama, family, celebrity, music, and bands. Your character can be a real life celebrity, but I am selective on that.


Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever and set in the real world. Nothing mafia, or crime related. Don't give me a character you wiped off of a fandom. I most likely won't know it.


About Me

I am CG, I have been roleplaying for a little over ten years. I am a pretty choosy roleplayer after my countless experiences in the communities within the past few years. I have roleplayed on Facebook, Discord, MeWe, Roleplay.Me, Google Docs and Google+. Currently, I will always roleplay on here, MeWe, Roleplay.Me, or Google Docs. Google Docs is preferable. I will only give you my Discord for out of character chat, I do not roleplay there.

About My Character
Quite loosely based from his face claim and placed into a modern setting, Joe Perry is a troubled rockstar. His age is optional, but by default he is 31 years of age and a single father to a four year old son named Roman. Here, I will describe examples of takes on him that I will use.


Celebrity, aged 31
Joe as his present day self. Single, a father to a four year old boy, his success has finally been achieved. He's the guitarist that's been on Rolling Stone covers, has done one world tour, and is regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time in his rock band of mixed genres, The Project, an primarily instrumental group where Perry is their lead guitarist and founding member. He has it mostly good with his bandmates, and they live separately and spend their riches. But Joe finds it harder than ever to find love.


High School/College, aged 18-22
Joe may have took another route and actually attended music college. Or he's that insecure outcast in his senior year of high school.


Local musician, aged 29
Nothing famous. But his talent makes you want to ask, why hasn't this guy gotten anywhere? At the age of 29, his son is two years old and Joe does everything he can to support him while Joe himself is fresh out of an abusive relationship and quite aloof with other people. Joe's recently widowed mother keeps a close eye on the boy. Or, the option can be that Roman doesn't exist at all.


Play Style

I roleplay in past tense. Third person only. Book format. None of this:

Narration and action


or script roleplaying:

(Character name): (Dialogue) Action

I'm quite active, can typically reply once a day or more, depending on how invested I am in the roleplay. If it's super interesting my activity may become more frequent. I do not do rapid fire roleplays, I will reply as I please, so don't pester me, but you're free to bump me if I haven't replied in a few days.

I have control over my own characters, and you control yours. I will message you and discuss future ideas in the roleplay from time to time. 


My character's backstory consists of these topics. If you aren't comfortable, he isn't your guy.
- Rape
- Abuse
- Substance Abuse
- Depression
- Cheating

Unless my consent is given to you, I won't tolerate this from your main character:
- Abuse
- Neglect
- An egotistical personality. It's just a big turn off for my muse.
- A flawless character with a happy-go-lucky life. It's unrealistic to me.
- Mild smut

What I will not tolerate at all:
- Quick romance (A week sounds more plausible than a day or a few hours.)
- Godmodding
- Any sort of control of any of my characters
- Er*tica

Plots I'd Like

Anything related to real life that isn't edgy (ex: mafia, crime, FBI, etc) and fits my character, who is typically sanctioned in Boston, Massachusetts. I've done random encounters, the other character playing his photographer or being the member of a different band, and also substitute musicians for his own group, whether it be a drummer, a rhythm guitarist, or a bassist. I am not so much a sucker for pre-developed relationships. (Example: the roleplay starting with our characters reuniting, are already married or in a relationship, etc) Character development is important to me, as is the first interactions with our muses.

Slice of life plot ideas


Simple as all hell, but we can improvise things as we go along. I got these plots mostly from my mind and based on the ideas of other roleplays I never got to finish. Of course, I'm using Joe in all of these as my main character for any plot of your choosing. Most of them are romance-themed. Joe is bisexual with a stronger interest in women and since gay plots haven't worked so well for me, I'm not interested in them at the moment. The ideas can be tweaked if you want to change something as long as I agree with the change, we do not have to follow them entirely. Keep in mind these are base ideas, we can have a little fun and mix in one with the other and be creative!


Notes For any plots that are pre-developed, (#2, #8, #16) I am going to want a descriptive bio of your character for future reference. I highly suggest you read Joe's as well in Google Docs. Yours does not have to be as long as mine but at least cover the foundation and personal aspects of the character you plan to use. docs.google.com/document/d/1UaIThVVdysFHxg7VKbYlgdILi14_EDqwPynYRub8CQg/edit?usp=sharing


1. Joe and your character meet on a blind dating app and meet up in person. What will the two expect of each other in person after talking for a while, only knowing each other's first name, gender, age, and location as possibly only a few basic things about each other? Or maybe one of our characters was not what they had expected of the other? Disappointment?


2. Your character only knew Joe as this guy back in high school that she asked out to the prom. He was that introverted guitarist in the school band who got bullied often when he wasn't on stage for being a social outcast. You pitied him so much you decided to give him a good night at prom just to cheer him up, maybe even try to develop a relationship with him if it worked out. But the guy never showed up on prom night as he said he would. It so turns out he moved away the night before, hence why he never showed at school the day before junior prom. You two meet up again over ten years later. No longer a shy sixteen year old teenager he is now a full grown man in his early thirties. He is almost a different person- no longer than aspiring guitarist your character once knew. He was a rockstar leading is own band climbing the ladder to success, a man gaining his riches and struggling to raise a four year old son on his own. His dark past after he exchanged schools still haunts him, refusing to much discuss it. Who your character developed into in that time gap is up to you.


3. Our characters meet at a coffee shop as a random encounter with each other. Looking at each other, interest sparked between one, the other, or both. Beginning to communicate with each other, they have the potential to develop something between each other. Friendship, or maybe even a romance...


4. Joe is at a precipice. He had just had enough with women. After dating so many other the years, very few were serious, thoughtful relationships. Almost every single one of them ended in heartbreak whether it be cheating, ditching, or getting replaced by another person they felt suited them more. With his experience, he felt women were too fussy about what man they were going to potentially spend the rest of their lives with. He was that nice guy that often got taken advantage of and got his heart toyed. As a bisexual man who has a sexual and romantic preference for females over males, Joe did not think to give men another good shot. Joe lacks experience in homosexual relationships, and maybe, just maybe, your female character could change his mind.


5. Joe, like your character, was a struggling single parent trying to find a partner to lean on for both parenting support and a romantic relationship. How ever they meet could be up to us! 


6. Random encounter to start things off. From the mall to the beach, nearly anywhere can work out!


7. Our characters meet at a bar specifically for celebrities to freely enjoy themselves and things hit off from there. Of course, your character has to be a celebrity, whether they be real-life or fictitious.


8. Your character is a photographer, and it turns out they had gotten the opportunity to photograph my character (or him and his band) for a magazine of your choice. Maybe something can spark there?


9. Your character is in a marriage/relationship they're having a difficult time escaping. Their spouse/partner just is not what they used to be, or it was a forced marriage. (Determinant) When your character meets mine and gets to know him over time, just maybe they believe they deserve better and need to escape their marriage for their sake and be with someone they truly love.


10. Well, great. Joe's rhythm guitarist (Or bassist) quit. In search of a replacement, He comes across your character in any way we plan. Some people find it unprofessional to hook up with one of our bandmates, but why would Joe and your character listen to other people's opinions anyway?


11. Who knew. Years ago, Joe was this guy in one of your previous bands ten years back (or a band you knew) that you had a massive crush on. Before you knew it, he moved on with his life and you wouldn't see him again for years to come. Joe was only twenty years old then, and ten years later, you somehow encountered him yet again. Was it meant to happen? or just a coincidence?


12. Your character is the kindergarten teacher for Joe's son, Roman at a private school in Boston where the children of rich people attended. Your character formed an admiration with the boy and became one of, if not their top favorite student. Despite being shy and quite introverted, the boy was intelligent and only picked on for his speech impediment. or maybe the other kids were just jealous of him. Curious as to who his parents are, it turns out he's only being raised by his father, who was single as a pringle. Possibly, your character forms a relationship with that single parent


13. Joe and your character had nothing special between each other. It all began as a one time fling at (determinant place). You two never planned on seeing each other again after that. While Joe himself disliked one night stands, this was that particular occasion that he craved some way to kill his dry spell. A month after that steamy night, your character realized she was pregnant. And father could have been none other than Joe, thanks to that reckless night. Will the two ever reunite? If they do, will they fall in love along the way?


14. What's less cliche than falling for your sperm donor? Whether your husband or partner is infertile, you're single, or you're in a same sex marriage, you had to get sperm from somewhere. After his belief that he would never marry solidated, the idea of having more children through this process became his desire. (It could be artificial or natural) But he wasn't truly prepared for the lesser-known emotional part of it.

Writing Samples

"It can't just keep up like this."


It was the first sentence to come out of Joe's mouth when he thought of all of this bullshit. Sure in the beginning she was hard on him, but for some reason he did not think twice about it. At the age of twenty-one, he thought he was being an idiot. A dumbass. He fell for this girl, she swiped his virginity away this very night, that was never coming back. He wanted to believe it would bring them a step up in their relationship. His mom always taught him to save it for someone special. What did he see in this girl? 


Leaning forward with his hands folded and his long black bangs draping over his eyes, the strong smell of alcohol had filled the posh house of Elissa's parents. She had been drinking again, and it definitely changed her mood even worse than it had been. Even when she was sober, she was a stone cold broad. It was when a random song hit Joe's mind, "She's So Cold". The Rolling Stones were always one of his favorite bands. This dark night, it was quite fitting for this girl he had known for about a month. It took him awhile to open up and want to have his first sexual experience, coming from how insecure he had been feeling about it all. His train of thought was disrupted when his cellphone rang and buzzed in his left-hand pocket. Drawing it out, he flipped it open and answered.




"Jesus, Joseph, it's eleven! Where in God's name are you?" Joe's mother's thick and rough Italian accent blared out of the receiver. It was something she always called her son when she was displeased with him. His full name, she was aware how much he loathed it since as far back as Joe could remember. When he was a child, he always went by Joe, or Joey because Joseph just sounded too formal for the stage of the rocker's youth. But even in the young man's late teenage years the name Joseph was dreaded because he continued to perceive it as hideous. And the origin of his name was just as bad to him. His mother named him after the son of the Biblical chieftain Jacob in the book of Genesis. Perry's parents were both devout Catholics, and if they suspected his bi-curious behavior, it would be a beating, with their vocabulary. Possibly some Bible thumping into the mix.


"Look mom, I'm sorry, I'll be home in half an hour. I promise." Nodding once she replied with approval and calmed down, Joe had closed his phone and jammed it back into his pocket. Across from the loveseat he had been sitting in was Elissa. Her eyes pierced through her boyfriend like bullets as she lied there on her side with her hand rested in front of her face on the cushion. Her parents were asleep in the luxurious master bedroom upstairs, and after what had gone on in Elissa's bedroom tonight, her mask had been ripped off. She fooled him as the nice girl. She was a bitch.


"You're such a fucking momma's boy," she opened up her mouth finally, "Mommy this, and mommy that, when are you going to fucking grow up and be a man?" At times, she would only open it when she had something negative to say. If it was not about how lousy she thought he was in bed, it was about that the man in front of her was still occasionally depending on his mother. So what? Was all he could muster up in his head. He was not prepared to finally leave the nest of his mother and father just yet.


"So?" Joe shrugged when he leaned back in the seat, letting out a deep breath. He should have never listened to his guy friends who bragged about how exciting sex would be. Tonight was not how he anticipated. Or it was just he was in the sack with a woman who was just luring him in so she could beat him up with her words. "It was my first time, I can get better with experience, it's like judging a man's first dance. It's not going to be perfect. Don't fucking be like that. Be glad I fucked you at all..." Rising up, he knew it was his time to disappear. He was young, arrogant, and rebellious. Hiking to the front door, he had grabbed his leather jacket off of the hook. Behind his ears, the shuffling of the couch was heard, and thumping heels. When he turned, a hand smacked across his face with such force his back nearly collided with the door at his rear. Standing there, he did not even stop to rub his cheek that was gradually fading to red. Recalling the words he had spoken out of aggravation, they were unlike him. Vulgar, and rude. Alright, I deserved that one…


"You were pathetic, and you know it," Elissa hissed with a sneer as their eye contact was made. And just a half hour before, they had done so lustfully. "Don't ever fucking come around here again or I'll kick you in the dick, you prick." Her words were like venom in his veins. At this point in Joe's early adult years, words pinched hard than he should have allowed them to. He just wanted to go home and lay in bed, forget about the world for the remainder of the night. And that is just what he was going to do. Leaving out the door, he had pulled it closed causing a loud slam to shake through his ears. That was over between him and the spoiled rich girl. Or so he hoped.



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