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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:
    • Fantasy
    • Romance
    • Action

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Currently, I'm not looking for a horror or a historical time type of roleplay.


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About Me

I've been roleplaying since 2014, and have mostly done so on platforms like Discord (to which I have stopped doing) and games. I am not new to forum roleplay, however I have recently got back up to it after my period of lazing about. I generally do fine with most plots, however there are some genres I'm not as good in as others. For example, most of the roleplays I've ever done involve fantasy, romance, and action. I have done (and enjoyed) a horror roleplay, and I loved it, though only once.


I'm a semi-literate writer, but I could definitely go to literate if I have enough passion to. I usually have my responses 1-2 paragraphs when I'm in a rush.


I'm perfectly fine with LGBTQ+ pairings! So, don't be afraid if you like those or happen to prefer those. I can play as female, male, or other. I'm rather indecisive about my roleplay plots unless I'm truly invested in one. Have a great day/night! 🤗

Play Style

I typically don't like it when people god-mod the roleplay, and also dislike it when people powerplay. HOWEVER, in certain circumstances if it is requested that my character/s have a change in their course of action, I will consider it.


I'm a chill person when it comes to roleplay. I very much understand that life happens and there are times where you can't type for a while or so. By letting you know this, I hope that possible partners will understand that as well.


For me, it's fine if you don't capitalize your "I"s or don't put in the apostrophe in between shortened words. As long as I can understand your writing, I should be fine. If there are times where I don't understand, I'll ask you about it.


Adding on, I would appreciate it if my partner would use "this" or ``this`` for speaking, but if you use something else to indicate speech, please let me know. This also goes for thinking. If it's different from 'this', this, or 'this', please let me know.

IC Limits

I don't have particular limits, though you can suggest things for me to react to.

Plots I'd Like

My ideal (and sort of typical) roleplay is a fantasy roleplay with a healthy mix of action and romance in it.


I could do a full romance roleplay if it's desired.


I can do a fantasy and action roleplay without the romance.


I'm not so sure if I could do a full action-only roleplay, though I've done one in an apocalyptic roleplay.


A full fantasy roleplay is cool, but I'm not currently in the mood for it.


If you have any plots, feel free to message me about it!

Other Information

Here's an example of my writing taken from a draft I'm working on:


        The female's footsteps were silent as she walked to the chief's office. Her strides were graceful and silent, earning up to her title as 0. She passed by others, their Aura making rainbows as the crowd swept by her. She continued for a few more steps until she reached Door 483. She knocked lightly on the door.
        "Come in, Maeve," the chief demanded softly as the sound of flipping pages reached her ears. She followed his orders immediately, opening the door swiftly and closing it softly behind her in a calm manner. She looked around quickly, as trained, and let her eyes land on the chief himself. With a stern expression on his face, Chief Bex did not look any younger. His hair was grey at its roots, and the wrinkles seemed to be increasing by the month.
        "What is it that you need, chief?" Maeve asked with a formal tone. The chief looked up from his papers and set them all down, placing his elbows on the pristine white desk and his chin on his knuckles.
        "You'll be transferred to the highest group, 0. As you've earned your rank in battle, you may now join their team as the newest member," he looked directly into her steel eyes. "You'll be transferring tonight, promptly after dinner."
        "Thank you, chief." she replied shortly, bowing her head slightly to show her respect and understanding. She looked straight ahead once more into his eyes.
        "Dismissed," she listened to the voice of the chief before leaving the room. She locked the door behind her and headed down the white hallways back to her room to tidy up for the day.


(the writing was taken from a draft of a future book I'm writing, please don't take it)


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