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It's midnight o'clock

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Historical, Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Victorian era



    Modern supernatural


Unwanted Genres

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    I'm not looking to join any forums right now. 


About Me

i have one brain cell and it's usually dedicated to avoiding as much human contact as possible, so i can continue to fool other humans into thinking i'm a well-adjusted adult.  Am I successful?  No.  Am I going to stop?  Also no, because the primary adult I'm trying to fool is myself.  Unfortunately, no one knows me as well as I do, so that's kinda a losing battle. 


I'm 32, queer, and ready to write some good ol' fashioned LGBTQ+ stories with someone.  I adore modern fantasy games but lately I've had a borderline obsession with the Victorian era.  The social mores of the time are just absolutely fascinating, so I'd love to write a non-supernatural Victorian London game.  Something Sherlock-y maybe, because mysteries are my OTHER great obsession that never really changes.  I'm open to a few other historical periods, so hit me up and we'll see what sticks.

Play Style

I guess it's a mix?  I can't try and write a character OOCly----if I did that, what would be the point?--- but I can certainly manipulate circumstances so they have a REASON to be a bit OOC.  I think this is where open communication between writers is really important, so we're both aware of things like 'hey, heads up; this action your character is taking is... not going to end well, let's talk about how we can mitigate this'.  I love doing some heavy plotting.  Give me back plots, give me side plots, give me plots of land. 


I allow minor god moding (like dragging a character somewhere) to further the plot.  But I always appreciate a courtesy heads up of 'hey, I gotta do this to move the plot'.


I don't like rapid-fire.  My posts are usually 400-500 words because ya boy here loves descriptions

IC Limits


No pregnancy plots, no rape plots.

Large age gaps make me extremely uncomfortable

I'm not terribly keen on writing sex scenes for the sake of a sex scene, but I'm definitely open to writing them.


Plots I'd Like

honestly, I want some good gay romance.  I'm not interested in writing FxM or FxF as a primary couple.


I really want to write something about old childhood friends returning to their small town as adults and digging into the history and realizing, "...wait, not EVERY small town has a spooky festival with extremely oblique references to sacrifices?  Weird". 

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