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Jabberwookin' up some plots!

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Lookin' for the Fandoms detailed in the plot area ( Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, The Shadow ). Also plenty of original content for Modern Supernatural, Science Fiction, Superheroes, and Panfandom. I'm pretty flexible as far as genres and fandoms go, and there are more general interests listed on the character sheets.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I'm not against any genres in specific if they work for the plots. However, please note that I need a splash of weird in my roleplays, and that vanilla humans with no exposure to the strange are not usually able to keep up with my characters, who would rather put them somewhere where they'd be safe (and not freak out) than travel or interact with them. Also-- while I'm open to settings in different eras other than modern, please don't expect 100% historical accuracy from me. My own historical interests are pretty niche. I'll do my best though. My other limits and unwanteds are on the site. Please be sure to read it before contacting me, please and thank you.


About Me

I'm 28, female, and fandom scum. ❤️ Crossovers are my jam. I have a lot of original concepts too, but they do best in the worlds that they were inspired by. I tend to play characters that I've made up prior to the roleplay than creating new ones for each new game-- each has it's own history, and I love seeing them grow and change through their roleplays. I also play a couple of canons, which are listed on the character sheets in case you're wanting to double.

Also: Never forget that you're beautiful. Keep on creating, lovelies!

Play Style

Gimme something to work with, and decent writing, and I don't care how long or short you post. I tend to do multi-para myself, but it depends on what the situation at hand demands. Sometime shorter posts are needed, sometimes longer ones. Some characters are more or less talkative than others, so to speak. I do ask for good grammar, spelling, and the ability to know when to show and when to tell, however.

Everyone controls their own characters, including NPCs pls. My NPCs aren't always NPCs.

In terms of timing, I can swing between rapid fire when I'm not busy, and up to, but no longer than, two weeks between posts. If I'm ever going to be longer than that, I'll let you know. I also promise that I'll never ghost you. If I'm not feeling the rp, or we're not clicking, I'll let you know. I know being ghosted sucks. So if I've got quiet, feel free to poke me. I've probably just forgotten it was my turn. I'm a little bit of a mad professor sometimes.

IC Limits

No domestic abuse, no strangulation. I have personal history here.

I can deal with vomit, but I'd really, really rather not. It grosses me out.

I'd like to avoid real world hate speech and slurs.

Other than that, I'm good with most other mature content. Some of my characters swear a lot. Lemme know if you're not good with that before we start.

Plots I'd Like

Platform - Discord or Email, but open to others.
Preferred Length - None. Quality over quantity.
Genres of Interest - Multiple Fandom Possibilities, See Plots

r7VUUN.png r7VXfO.png r7VtE8.png r7VM8q.png

I've got a couple of characters I'm seeking plots for. There are both original and fandom plots on each of their linked pages, as well as their character info. I've listed the plots and characters that I'm looking for the most right now, but there are others available as well. Please read the attached links before contacting me. Thank you!

chico-82552-1536375100.png  Viro - Vampire
I'm most looking for players for his, "No Moon at All" & "Milk Cartons" plots right now.
In terms of potential Fandom Plots, I'm looking for Charles Xavier, Wolverine, & Lois Lane.

Character Sheet - Fandom Plots - Original Plots

chico-1429909-1569354187.png  Casper & Grem - Human & Alien
I'm most looking for players for his, "The Last Bus Home" & "Sudden Feedback" plots right now.
In terms of potential Fandom Plots, I'm looking for Canons & OCs from both Star Wars and Star
Trek, as well as Tony Stark.

Character Sheet - Fandom Plots - Original Plots

chico-79544-1489155663.png Krepta Draconis - World Walker
I'm most looking for players for his, "Repo Detail", "Jupiter Drift", & "Learning the Ropes" plots right now.
In terms of potential Fandom Plots, I'm looking for Vulcans ( Star Trek, OCs or Canons), Black Panther, Swamp Thing, & The Shadow.

Character Sheet - Fandom Plots - Original Plots

Writing Samples

"Hey Ted, remember me? From high-school? Yeah, we were chemistry partners in-- Yeah, Mrs. Henkle's class. I was scared you wouldn't remember me for a minute there. Man, wouldn't that be awkward." The laugh that followed bordered on a growl.

The short red head thumbed the picture of one 'Teddy Franklin' and smirked into the receiver. It was a well worn picture in a well worn yearbook, but it wasn't his. Viro had never attended any place called, 'Warner High'. Not in this century anyway.

"So hey, listen," he said, his voice thick with the easy attitude of Brookyln, and beneath that, something like a soft, lazy drawl that was hard to put one's finger on, but brought to mind heat and alligators. "I got me a pizza place runnin', and I heard you grow some pretty good peppers now. I thought about goin' elsewhere, somewhere cheaper mebby, but--"

His rumbling voice hesitated over the line, but it was a false pause of sympathy. The man's sanguine eyes were focused on the flickering screen of the television wedged just above the well loved kitchen counter. They rolled faintly as text scrolled beneath the fuzzy figure of the news anchor-- Something about another mutant attack.

"Y'know, I figured, this guy was cool way back. He could use a break, and I bet his goods are worth the price--"
There was a hurried babbling on the other side of the line, and the red head's smirk crooked up just a few inches, exposing the pearly sheen of a canine just a little too sharp in his smile. "Oh hey-- no need to play favorites. It's good to know we're still close though-- I guess if you're alright with that-- Great, I'll put my order in in a few days. Oh eh, I'm going by another name these days... It's a long story. I'll have to catch you up some time."

There was a moment of confused hesitation on the other line, then an an answer in what sounded like a small voice.

"Viro Serut," said Viro. He grinned into the phone, and it wasn't a nice smile.

Then he caught the faint tinkle of the entry bell from the front door, and the red-head's smile faded a little at the edges.

"Man, you know I'd love to talk all night, but costumers. Duty calls and all that." He chuckled a bit. The voice on the other end sounded almost relieved, and didn't protest at all when Viro hung up.
Brushing some flour off the sleeve of his leather jacket, he wandered towards the front. It was nearly ten. Vampire or not, he had things to do, and the kids he usually let run the place in his absence had school work, be that college or otherwise, and Viro imposed a strict schedule on that. He was one of their teachers sometimes, after all.


So ten thirty sharp was closing time, early for the neighborhood, but no one good came prowling around after ten in these parts. He thought he had locked the door, but honestly, it had probably slipped his mind.


"You got thirty minutes," he growled, prowling his way around the door to the front counter. "Make your order an--"


But the sight that met him was not at all what he expected.

Other Information

Hit me up on
discord - krepta#5707 or my email - thejabberwookie@yahoo.com

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