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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I'm really looking for people who want to play in my sandboxy environment Secrets of the Sands. In it, supernaturals exist but there are also 'new' supernaturals created by a series of incidents that have occurred over the past five years. Supernaturals find themselves drawn to Las Vegas, and the city is eager to accept them. Some existing supernaturals try to mentor the new ones, etc. Unlike a lot of other genre settings, there is no Kiss running things or all the wolves aligned under one pack. There may be several smaller groups, loners, etc...but plenty of space for people to carve out their own niches. 


    Lore wise, it's pretty free range. You want a witch who developed lycan powers, go for it! A vampire who can walk in the daytime? Why not?? Perhaps the 'incidents' changed existing powers you already had, either taking them away or giving new ones.  That being said, I'm not looking for the new Thanos to come in and do his thing.  Nothing godlike or unkillable please. 


    Site discord is here if you'd like to check it out!


Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Historical, Human, School & College
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:


About Me

I'm old, have been roleplaying over 20 years at this point. I work during the day, but can usually be reached on Discord. Up for almost anything, but will usually ftb on sex scenes . 



Play Style

I don't care much for word counts, though I always try to give my partner something good to work with. I can be a bit of a slower tagger though. Rapid fire or phone calls/social media stuff is aok with me but I probably won't be able to tag much during the day. 

IC Limits

Ususally ftb during sex scenes, but negotiable. 


No beastiality, or bathroom sex stuff.

Plots I'd Like


--I'd really like a best friend or good romance (or both) plot for Apryl - She's my technokinetic, played by Aubrey Plaza who's a bit snarky but good hearted though she doesn't like admitting it.  Existing bf or new one are both ok. I'd like a romance to be slow build though...not boom we're in love. 


At the moment, I have a LVPD detective confused about her ability to see auras, an asst district attorney who can tell lies by touch, a classy vampire who owns an art gallery and sponsors locals, and a witch who runs a magic/antique shop and sells enchanted items. 

Other Information

Hope to see you there...


If the sandbox doesn't work for you, I'm open to discuss other options but I"m picky for various reasons. 🙂

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