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Just wanna chill and roleplay (1x1, Email or Private Site)

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I really like Alternate History (if you offer me Victorian or Great Depression Era you'll have a piece of my heart);

    Love supernatural themes, especially haunted houses or haunted people/cursed families;

    Enjoy a good ol' slice of life, with an extra serving of drama - really craving a story revolving around a polyamorous family living in a conservative area;

    I have a few beloved fandoms, though most of the time I write original characters - see below;

    I'm also open to hearing whatever you have been craving and working with you - if it's a fandom, though, I may decline if I don't know the source material.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Science Fiction
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Sci Fi based fandoms are off the table;

    (Not a genre, but) Smut for the sake of it is also off, I need a juicy story to sink my teeth into.


About Me

I'm 36, Brazilian - meaning that English is my second language, but I strive to write it properly - and a full-time worker. I'm single and child free by choice, and believe in mutual respect, both IC (limits, asking your partner to stop or change something) and OOC (I'll respect you as a human being, and that's all I ask of you as well). I enjoy writing nearly all kinds of stories, though there are a few themes that are near and dear to my heart. Read below to find some of them, and rest assured that I will be updating this request quite often, as I'm always having new ideas, and ideas that have been snagged might be dropped from the list of plots I'm looking for. Thank you for reading in advance.

Play Style

My style is pretty simple:


1- I roleplay through email or a private site - I have a Discord for plot discussions, but I'm hesitant at sharing it at first because it usually results on the person trying to roleplay via Discord, and it's just not my jam. I'm not interested in joining a traditional site, in which I'd have to write an app and get it approved;

2- I reply once a day or every other day, and I'd like someone with similar activity levels, though if you can do once a week, I can wait;

3- I like at least a couple paragraphs, and decent (doesn't need to be perfect) grammar;

4- I'm ditch-friendly, I just ask that you ditch instead of ghosting so I can reopen whatever request we were doing. I'll do the same if we are incompatible for whatever reason;

5- I tend to roleplay mostly female characters, so assume that's what I'm writing unless otherwise specified.

IC Limits

None. Everything is open for discussion. Please tell me yours so we can have a respectful and pleasant experience. Please understand that I'm 100% on IC and OOC separation. If you can't separate those, I'm not the partner for you. 

Plots I'd Like

Right now, I'm really looking to sink my teeth into a polyamory plot. No drama, just a happy poly family living their life. External drama is okay, though. 

Writing Samples

Note that this one was a starter - not all of my posts are this long, I usually stay at a couple not overly long paragraphs per post unless I have a lot to say.



As always, Margareth Reynolds, Maggie for friends and family and Aunt Maggie for the kids in the daycare she worked part-time for, didn't wake up with John's alarm. Her brain was so used to it by now it barely registered in her radar anymore. She would be more disturbed by him leaving bed than the actual alarm. Right now, she had just stirred a bit in bed when he had gotten up, and grabbed his pillow to go on sleeping for a while longer. She would be up soon, as she liked having breakfast with her husband and seeing him out the door before preparing to go to work, but it was good to enjoy a few lazy moments.


As he was getting started with his day - shower, getting breakfast going and getting the newspaper, she was in bed dreaming about pleasant things. They were on a beach with a little girl who looked like both of them, and just enjoying life as it felt blissful and perfect. The smell of coffee called Maggie out of the dream, though, and she stretched for a long moment before sitting up, her strawberry-blonde hair falling over her green eyes until she pushed it away, yawning and finally getting off the bed. As usual, Maggie was wearing one of John's older T-shirts for bed, the piece not covering much more than halfway down her thighs. Going to the bathroom, she simply brushed her teeth, as she could wait to take a shower after seeing John off. Tying her hair on a ponytail, Maggie made her way down the stairs, her mind now working on her plans for the day. Basically, breakfast, seeing John off, then work, then running a few errands - she had to go to their bank, pick up some stationery for their home office, and go to the store for some fresh vegetables and fruit, since they were always cheaper on Wednesday, and, despite the fact that they weren't hurting for money, Maggie loved a good deal. She needed to call mom too, she reminded herself. She was an only child, and her parents were divorced, so she called each of them in different days of the week to make sure nobody would feel neglected.


By the time the day's plans were made in her mind, Maggie was in the kitchen, taking a deep breath so she could smell the warm scent of the coffee and walking up behind her husband so she could greet him with the usual kiss on his neck, or a nibble on his left ear if she was feeling more playful. This morning, he got the nibble, as she was in a good mood. "Good morning, baby", she greeted, before moving around to steal a kiss from his lips - one of her other every-morning rituals Maggie liked to do before making some toast or scrambled eggs for her own breakfast, usually preferring something hot over a cold one like cereal.


Other Information

I'd love to hear from you!

My preferred method of contact for this initial moment is a message here through the site. From there we can exchange contact information and start plotting.


Thanks for dropping by!

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I would like to rp with you, partially because I, too, am Brazilian (you might recognise my nickname's reference). We could even try writing in Portuguese. I'll send a PM to you in a few hours, when I'm not on mobile 🙂

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