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K-pop/Super Junior {1x1}

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    x Slice of life

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About Me

21+ | Female | CST


+ I write in third person and past tense, literate roleplay. I like to write long paras along with short paras. I normally try to match my partner.
+ I do write mature themes but I’m happy to keep it PG-13 if you’re not comfortable with it, fade to black works as well. 
+ I don't have triggers, but there are a few things I'm not comfortable with, so as long as we discuss them before doing anything, we're fine.
+ I can be as active as I can, but real life comes first. I normally try to reply at least twice every day, some days even more.
+ I love OOC plotting and chatting, I have Discord for that.
+ I get super excited about my plots, so I always end up making manips, gifsets, graphics, and even playlists.
+ I prefer roleplaying over Discord or Email, but I can do PMs. I won't do it here.
+ I love fluff just as much as I love angst, so a nice combination of both would be great.
+ I won't stop replying without letting you know. I don't ghost on people and I don't drop plots, I like talking it out first. Communication is the key here.

Play Style

+ Good spelling and grammar, but I don't mind the occasional typo because we're human and it just happens.
+ Third person, quality over quantity. No one lines/on paragraph, no asteriscs, no first person and present tense.
+ I ask my partner to be 18+ since I’m 21+ and I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I am not looking for smut based roleplays though.
+ Any timezone, I'm sure we can make it work somehow.
+ Open to discuss ideas and suggestions, I like having a good communication with the people I write with.
+ Someone active that can reply at least once a week, and who's open for a long term roleplay.
+ Please be as excited as I am, there's nothing like knowing your partner is enjoying the roleplay as much as you do. Let's be friends.
+ That said, I really don't mind if you decide you're no longer insterested, but please I would prefer if you tell me. There's nothing worse than people you love writing with ghosting on you. I'll understand if you're not into it anymore, so just let me know and no hard feelings.
+ I'm looking for active partners, please don't message me if you're not in for a long-term.

IC Limits

Abuse, violence, gore, horror, torture, rape, many other to discuss.

Plots I'd Like

I really want a celeb ship – She’s a popular British actress (I'd play her) from some movie saga/book based TV show, and he’s a very popular k-pop idol (you'd play him), and meet in a vacation, a party or on set, or even something cute like We Got Married, and they just click. So they start dating in secret, traveling across the world to see each other. Something super cute and sweet, a bicultural couple that learns about each other and their country and customs and they’re just very happy, literal soulmates that managed to meet. I’d love it to be long-term, like them dating then even getting married, dealing with fame and things, and being just in love. I would give you all the cookies in the world if you write Super Junior's Kyuhyun (you'd become my new best friend) against me. 

Other Information

Please PM or comment here if you're interested!

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