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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Human
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    gangs, explicit violence and mature content. Complex plots with complex character relationships, polygamous character relationships, cheating, some super sappy moments thrown in there 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Medieval Magic, Historical
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:


About Me

About Me

  • style I write in third person with full paragraphs. They're not always correctly broken up when it comes to dialogue, but this is something I can do if asked
  • literacy my ooc tends to be uncapitalized and spelled wrong because I'm on my phone or typing too fast, but my posts will have correct grammar, spelling, etc. my most common mistakes are omitting words here and there as my fingers don't always keep up
  • length 200-3000 words per post, most comfortable in the 200-800 range. Do not have interest in writing less than that, but I'm flexible within the word count range. I expect posts to fluctuate hugely as action ebbs and flows
  • frequency once a week to once every other week
  • Dom/Sub BIG pet peeve here. Unless we're planning on something involving BDSM this is NOT APPLICABLE. if your one x one request says "I only write subs" you can turn around right here. I write people with personalities that are not defined by their preferences in the bedroom and I expect the same in return. some of my characters like to top and some of them refuse to do anything but and some of them prefer to bottom and most of them are versatile. unless there's a reason for a character always topping, it's not gonna happen with me.
  • characters I take pride in my characters, most of my muse goes there instead of into well developed plots. I'd like to think they're well developed and realistic, and you will see character development throughout our writing. They have friends, families, pets... even though my character sheets are pretty bare. However, I'm pretty particular that they stay in character. I will not write my character doing or saying something just to make them fit better with your character or to move the plot in a certain way. it may be helpful to discuss the characters we'd like to use before starting to make sure they fit well together. Please express concerns you have about plot or character interactions before we start or soon after they come up so we can get them sorted out!
  • new characters typically I like to use pre-existing characters for realistic plots and have a wide variety of them, but I also do not have a problem making a new character to fit a plot.
  • coding sometimes I like to color-code my character's speech but that's about all you're going to get out of me. character sheets and threads are pretty basic.
  • communication is important. have a problem? let me know. need me to tag something on to the end of my post/I didn't give you enough to respond to? ask me to expand. need me to accommodate you in some way (post color, size, etc)? ask!! Need me to clarify something? ask!!  we're all adults, yeah? writing with someone shouldn't be stressful. I will communicate my absences and you should too
  • this blue is my favorite color




Play Style

passive vs active if you're looking for someone to constantly drive the plot forward for you or to tell you what to do with your character to move things forward, don't look at me. I prefer there to be equal effort from both parties. One post from you may have a whole bunch going on and my character can only respond without moving things forward very far, while the same thing might happen in reverse two pages later and that's fine. typically I write a post in response then advance format, which is basically what I expect in return. Although I find acceptable to move another person's character slightly to advance the scene, I'll often send a message to check first. 


333 rating. my kinks are less important considering all my characters have their own likes and dislike, but some things I enjoy having come up are dubcon/noncon, denial, sounding, edging, voyeurism/exhibitionism, multiple people, power differences, taboo aspects, manipulation, coercion, etc

I will not touch footplay, incest (step-siblings all right), pregnancy/mpreg, watersports, scat, beastiality, and a few other extreme kinks that are unlikely to come up randomly

Plots I'd Like

- multi character, multi plot gang based story 

- performance arts/circus plot in which I can use the cutest, gentlest dom out there




Writing Samples

They had been awake for what felt like ages, but the night was still young. Avery sat at the kitchen counter while Hunter lounged on the living room couch, head resting on one armrest with his feet propped on the other. His black hair was greasy, and he was lazily smoking a cigarette, reminded to extend his arm and tap it against an ashtray only when he felt the brush of hot ash down his hand. Alcohol was Avery's choice of distraction. Half a glass of whiskey sat in front of him, the glass loosely held by his curled hand.

The house was painfully quiet around them and quickly growing dark. Neither rose from their seat to turn on a light or a radio even though the silence was doing nothing to aid their wakefulness. There were two important trades being made that night, and Avery insisted on being ready to go if something went sour. Avery's hand shook as he raised the glass to his lips, and he knew he would momentarily if they didn't do something besides sitting around.

"Let's steal them," Avery suggested abruptly. It took a few moments for Hunter's head to turn so Hunter could look at him, and a few moments more before the man spoke. "I'm going to need a bit more than that," Hunter said flatly. Stealing something wasn't completely out of the question, but he was going to need a better idea of what they were stealing before he could make that decision. "The dogs."

"Oh, no." Hunter needed no other explanation or elaboration to know exactly what dogs Avery was talking about. Like Avery had his rabbits, so did their rival have his dogs. It was silly, really, what lengths those men would do for their pets, but Hunter didn't envy one bit the solitude that drove Avery to it. "I think you've had one too many of those." There were few things Hunter wouldn't have been up for stealing, but this was one of them. He would have preferred Avery suggest they perform a bank robbery. At least then the clean up would have involved just paying off some of the police force, half of which were already under their payroll. Stealing those dogs meant killing people, and clean up wouldn't stop there. Hunter didn't feel like having to watch his back at all hours of the day, especially since he would be tasked with watching Avery's too; Hunter was fairly certain by now Avery had a death wish with how well he looked out for himself.

Avery gave Hunter a sly smile then, already sliding off the chair and approaching Hunter with drink in hand. "I think you just haven't had enough," he countered. Hunter made no move to sit up so Avery settled in across his hips anyway, looking down expectantly until Hunter sighed. He reached over to stamp out the cigarette and left it in the ashtray before pushing himself into a sitting position. It was not a graceful transition since Avery was concerned about spilling, but soon Avery sat in Hunter's lap, legs hooked around his waist. Already Avery was presenting the glass to the other, pushing it into his hand.

"Avery, what are you even going to do with the dogs?" Hunter tried to reason, not that he really thought it would work. Telling Avery it was a bad idea never worked, but reasoning with him sometimes did. Tonight was not one of those times. "Oh I don't know, we could cook them into stew." This was accompanied by a wicked grin. "Or we could just give them back." This was the more likely of the scenarios and Hunter had to roll his eyes. Men would be killed only for the dogs to be given back so Hunter and Avery's lives would be spared. "Come on, it'll be fun," Avery coaxed, finally succeeding in transferring the glass from his hand to Hunter's. "You'll see. Don't tell me you're going to chicken out on me."

Hunter sighed when the full weight of the whiskey was in his hands. He stared solemnly at the dark liquid before tipping it back, draining the glass in a few gulps. With a grimace, he passed it back to a now grinning Avery. "Get me another one." He was going to need it.

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