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Life, Love and Lethargy

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Preferred fandoms:

    • Danganronpa

    • Persona

    • Steins;Gate

    • Doki Doki Literature Club!

    • Katawa Shoujo

    • Monogatari Series

    • And many more anime/visual novels/games, just give me a suggestion if you don't see your favourite!

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:


About Me

I'm Nat! 19, female. A fan of music, games, anime, and comedians. Not sure what else to say about myself, other than I can get shy easily and my sense of humour is a bit strange.


I love Shuichi Saihara with all my heart! I've been playing him for a long time and I enjoy playing him the most, and exploring all kinds of ideas and scenarios with him. Open to playing other characters as well, though!

Play Style

The characters I play are seperate from me, and so they have control over their own actions. They do things I might not do, just as I might do things they wouldn't do. Remember that the player and the character are seperate people!

I'd rather I have control over my characters and you have control over yours. That's the fun of writing!

Rapid fire is fun and all, but sometimes it can take me a while to pump out a post either due to being busy or just typing up a really long post. My schedule can be a tad unpredictable, so I might not always be up for rapid fire style posting.

My post sizes tend to vary but are often in the ballpark of para to semi para, though this can depend on the scene. I'm not too picky, as long as you're literatee and can give me something to work with!

IC Limits

While I am interested in some darker themes, gore, especially when sexualized, really grosses me out and is something I'd rather avoid.


While I'm willing to play a wide variety of characters from different series and even change them up a bit to fit different settings/crossovers, I don't want to change a character so much they become a different person. Their core values and personality should be intact. Otherwise, what's the point in playing that character instead of an OC?


Bigotry of any kind isn't cool! It upsets me. Please, don't.


Because of the darker themes I'm willing to handle, 18+ partners are preferred.


I'm not very interested in sexual content. I'm not entirely against it, but if it's the focus of the roleplay, then I'm likely to lose interested.

Plots I'd Like

Long-term play centred around characters, their inner workings, their emotions and how they react to various situations and scenarios. Characters getting to know each other inside and out, with everything from their most shameful secrets to their most shining qualities.  They could be anything from bitter rivals to star-crossed lovers. What I'm interested in most is characters experiencing life together, learning about each other and even themselves in the process.


Vague as this all sounds, I find it fits well into a variety of different genres and styles, especially if there's a mix. Slice-of-life, angst, romance, horror, I'm willing to explore a variety of subjects and preferably with partners who are interested in mixing things up every now and again!


Out of the listed fandoms above, I'm willing to play many of the characters from those series. If there's one in particular you're looking for, ask!

They can also be good settings for scenes, with everything from the mild-mannered yet sinister highschool setting of Doki Doki Literature Club! to the modern-day sci-fi setting of Steins;Gate.


However, easily my favourite character to play is Shuichi Saihara, whether it be with canons, OCs or crossovers. I find there's a lot to explore with him!

Romance is a sore topic for Shuichi, as the first woman he's ever loved has passed away. It'll be difficult to warm him up to it, and though it might hurt at first, he may be able to eventually move on and start loving someone new.

Suffering from depression and having experienced several traumatic events through his life, Shuichi has become rather isolated. I adore scenes where with the help of another, Shuichi attempts to face or overcome his traumas, trying to heal and become a better and happier person.

Writing Samples

Valentine's Day

For many, a day to celebrate love and spend time with the one who matters most to you in the whole world. For many others, a day that only emphasized and highlighted their loneliness, leaving them with nothing to celebrate.


Shuichi definitely fell into the latter category. Always the introvert and having hardly any friends, let alone romantic interests, he was more than content to fade into the background in an attempt to hide from the scrutinous eyes of people who are far happier and more social than he could ever hope to be. Was he content in his loneliness? Absolutely not. At the same time, though, it was just in his nature to keep to himself. Perhaps he could be more outgoing if he tried, but with little social experience, he had no idea where to start.


A long, wistful sigh came from the boy as his head lay on his desk, trying to look like he was napping in an attempt to evade any potential awkward encounters that Valentine's Day might bring. He was already seated in the corner at the back of the class, so he had little presence to begin with. Despite what day it was, he hadn't even checked for any gifts or chocolate. He knew what the outcome would be already, and having it confirmed would only make him feel worse. Feeling he had pretend-napped for long enough, he reached under his desk for a book to occupy his time, and--


Oh. There's something there. Curious, Shuichi grabbed a hold of the suspicious object and removed it from under his desk. A wrapped gift, and one addressed to him, no less. But, why him? And on today, of all days? Surely he wasn't popular enough to have a secret admirer, right...? Wanting to have all of the questions running around in his head answered, he opened up the gift, only to find a selection of chocolates and a note from the person who left the gift in the first place.


Ah, he knew who this was. Someone from his class. He glanced up and looked around the classroom hastily, but they were nowhere in sight. A sick day, perhaps? Or maybe, since it was lunch, they'd be back shortly. Regardless, he could already tell why he'd gotten this gift. In his mind, it wasn't a confession of a crush, but rather a thank you. Being known as a 'detective prodigy', it wasn't too surprising when his classmate asked for help in finding their missing pet. It wasn't too much trouble - at least, for Shuichi - but they seemed genuinely grateful for his help. The praise was a little embarassing, but it made him feel... Happy. Just as the humble gift before him now was making him feel.

Biting into the sugary sweet chocolates, a small but genuine smile was growing on his face. Not from the taste, but from knowing someone was thinking about him, even if the chocolates were just a simple thanks. One thing was for sure...


This Valentine's Day was a little less lonely.

Other Information

• Literacy is a must. You don't have to be super amazing at writing or anything, but if I can't understand you, it will be difficult for us to get along.

• Please be patient with me! I try my best to reply whenever I can, but rushing me is only going to make me feel bad and therefore make it harder for me to reply.

• Most of all, have fun! I wanna make sure it's enjoyable for both of us. I'll try my best to be flexible and make sure you're enjoying yourself, but if something's wrong or you're just not enjoying it, let me know!

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