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Literate Long-Term Partner(s) Wanted

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Original Fantasy

    Steampunk/ Victorian Fantasy

    Steampunk/ Victorian Canon-Only PanFandom 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Everything else.  I just don't have time to branch out right now, unless it's a random AU we discuss along the way and can play out in the AU board during our spare time while we wait for other replies.  


About Me

Hiya!  I'm a Creative Writing and Theatre Arts double-major in my junior year of uni, and I'm the creator/ administrator of my own board and a member of another, which is why I'd like to stick to my current forums.  I simply don't have the time to read up on and join another.  That said, I'm incredibly interested in collaborating with you and finding interesting ways to develop our characters through mutually beneficial plots, which may end happily or unhappily depending on IC interactions.  I love putting all my characters through hell, just to see how they develop (for better or worse, obviously). 


I'm also a novelist in my own free time (what little of it there is) so I can be quite wordy at times.  My posts are usually 300+ words, depending on what my RP Partners give me to respond to, and how connected to the character I feel while writing the reply.  I'm not able to write with people who think a one-line reply is high quality.  There's nothing wrong with that if you RP that way, and I mean no offence.  It just doesn't work with my RP style or preferences so we wouldn't have very much chemistry, in the end.  


I tend to write mostly male characters, though I have finally collected a few female characters, and a genderqueer character.  Also, the vast majority of my characters are members of the LGBTQIA community (as am I) so I'll definitely demonstrate a preference for those sorts of plots.   I'm not currently looking to create more characters, but if the situation/ plot is right, I might be persuaded to go against this plan.  Please, see below for plots I'm interested in, and we can talk.  ^-^

Play Style

Do your characters control their own actions or do you have control of your characters?

○ My characters control their own actions.  I often have little to no say in the matter.  
Do you allow people to god-mode or power play your characters without permission?

○ Only people I know and trust, and even then I will ask for edits if I feel they're needed.    
Do you like rapid fire or to wait a few days for a post?

○ Somewhere in-between.  There are certainly days that I'm caught up and can get you several replies/ day, and then there are days in the midst of the school year where I can only post once a day or once every couple of days.  Either way, you'll definitely know what's going on as it happens.  I keep my partners updated on RL stuff so they know what to expect.  
Do you stand on your head while you type?

○ The would be unhealthy... 
Put anything that you feel is relevant to the other person that is interested in playing with you.

○ I'm a uni student so RL can blow up at times, but since RP is my escape from it all, I rarely have to take hiatuses because I need the escapism to keep sane (also it's difficult to take a break when you admin the board...).  I will communicate clearly (and sometimes bluntly) what I and my characters need, and if something isn't working for me, I'm not shy about telling you.  I'd very much like for you to feel comfortable doing the same with me... if something doesn't work for both of us, then it's not going to be any fun for anyone. 


Also I'm in this for the collaboration so toss me your ideas, and let's see what sticks!  ^-^ 

IC Limits

I'm comfortable with and have written many scenes involving mature situations and violence.  I can go as far as you like or fade-to-black, if that's your preference - up to you.  Though, I will say that I prefer any in-depth sex or violence to have a point in the overall story, rather than just be gratuitous and for the sake of itself.  


Both my rp-style and my board's rating are 3-3-3, though I'm also a member of another board that is not.  And to add to the above, I'm pretty much fine with anything with the exception of threads involving rape or child abuse.  Even in these cases, I can manage, but they will take me a while to work up to so... expect a longer waits for these sorts of plots/ threads, if they're necessary to our plot.  

Plots I'd Like

○ Love-interest plots with a lot of tension and lots of character development and chances for everything to go horribly wrong - or absolutely perfectly, depending on what happens IC.  (This is not a will-they-or-won't-they plot, btw.  I find those horribly tedious, I don't mind telling you.)  

○ Opposites attract plots with the potential for an amazing outcome or a horrid one; we'll let the characters and their IC interactions decide.

○ An initiate trying to make it in the larger, already accepted group plot (somewhat like D'Artagnan in BBC's The Musketeers), and still more chances for everything to go wrong, both with the potential alliance AND in the field. 

○ Run-ins with old love interests, when someone left unexpectedly/ without saying goodbye - and now they have to work together again without having resolved their separation prior to the mission - and all the lovely tension that causes.

○ Forbidden love plots, where the two know how each other feel, but can't do anything about it because of the situation they're in.

○ Sibling and long-lost-friend plots, where their individual developing plots influence each other's because of how close they are.

○ So many more.  Seriously.  Chat with me.  I'm open for just about anything, unless it's dull.  ^_~

Other Information

Everything you need to know is listed in this ad, but I feel I should reiterate that I'm not going to join any new sites right now because I'm already at my max for sites.   Other than that, feel free to message me with your ideas or for links to the sites I'm on!  You're also more than welcome to stop by my main site (link in my signature) to get a feel for my writing/ characters/ plots.  I'm most easily reached there, but I'll certainly check here regularly now I've posted this.  ^-^ 

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I'd be interested in playing with you! ❤️ Catch me on Discord pretty much always; lightbirbs#9612 and we can chat about stuff. 

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