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Literate medieval fantasy, Tolkien & D&D!

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  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic, Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Human, Fandom see below, Other See below
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    Tolkien, Fantasy, Harry Potter, D&D.

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  • Unwanted Genres: School & College, Science Fiction
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About Me

I'm Alex and have been writing since I was 6 (or 8). She/her, 20 years old.

Play Style

No godmodding without permission. I can write long as well as short posts, and usually err on the side of longer, and my only expectation for my fellow player is that they write however much they feel would best represent what their character would realistically do in that given moment. So, if your character doesn't say/do much in a moment or situation or if there's a FIGHT that's FAST, that works! I try to adapt length to the "reality" of the IC situation.


I control my characters (when I really get into the flow of them, they just write themselves, but ultimately, without me, there's no them), and sometimes roll the dice for things that suit it.


My preferred pace of roleplay/receiving a reply would be at least every few days. I totally understand when there's situations where life just makes that hard, but yeah: Preferred pace, at least every few days, and I myself usually write at that pace too, if not every day or every second day. (I have other things, ya know.) Also - no pushing for replies. Absolutely not. Except when it's been at least week, I'm ok with you kindly inquiring about when you could expect my next reply/how things are going.


I don't really care about 1st vs 3rd person. Usually write in 3rd, happy to do either.


I'm good with almost anything IC, really. No direct/happening-to-my-character-or-nearby rape and pedophilia.


I don't do sex-only roleplays. Or roleplays where it's mostly or half sex. I'm okay writing explicit sex though, I think - never tried it.


No pushing for romance. Either the chemistry is there or not, and we can be happy with them being maybe really good friends or awkward acquaintances or bitter enemies. Likewise, if your character constantly tries to touch my character without their consent or things in that direction, that'll probably not be nice or desirable for me to roleplay in the long-term, aka, nein.

Plots I'd Like

Right now -


Medieval fantasy (with optional D&D elements):

I'd like to roleplay as the protagonist of the book I'm currently writing. There are a few different incarnations of her, and she can be adapted to suit the situation/setting. Her name is Helena von Tyre, either half-dragon/human/something similar in her 40s. Blond, shoulder-length hair, grey eyes, basically looks like Cate Blanchett, potentially partially blind with a nasty scar on her face to show for it. The D&D class that would fit most is Sorcerer.


Incarnation 1: Born into an aristocratic family in the North, married into another noble family and became Lady; now practically a peasant. Her and her husband's family was usurped, her power was taken and her, her husband and only son humiliated and made to perform as fools of the court. Was forced to learn how to breathe and juggle fire for the usurpers' amusement, resulting in burn marks around her mouth and all across her body. After escaping their former home, her son disappeared on the road through wintry mountains and her husband died in the successful effort to keep her warm. Now, Helena is out for bloody revenge, wanting to assemble a mercenary army to take back her home.



I just really want to play an Elf, dammit. Either an original creation, Galadriel or Celebrían. I know a few things about the Silmarillion, Elven culture, though not everything (I haven't read the Silmarillion myself).

Other Information

I wrote this when I was tired so this might become more extensive in the future. ❤️

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